Why Baobab Oil is Great for Hair and Skin : Benefits and How To Apply

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When you deliberation of hairsbreadth oils that thief beforehand patient hair, baobab lipid astir apt isn’t nan first 1 that comes to mind. But baobab lipid is simply a hidden gem that is slow becoming nan hairsbreadth hack you ne'er knew that you needed.

Baobab lipid doubles arsenic nan cleanable moisturizer for some your hairsbreadth and skin. Originating successful tropical Africa, it’s a plant-based lipid filled pinch patient nutrients for illustration omega fatty acids (such arsenic linoleic acid, which helps to seal successful nan moisture successful your hair), antioxidants, vitamins A, C, D, E and F. It has a plethora of benefits for your hairsbreadth including moisturizing highly barren hair, smoothing retired frizzy hairsbreadth and treatment damaged hairsbreadth and truthful overmuch more.

Intrigued? Keep reference to study why baobab lipid is simply a must-have successful your hairsbreadth merchandise stash.

What are nan benefits of baobab oil?

#1: It moisturizes barren hair

If you person highly dry, damaged hair, baobab lipid will springiness you nan burst of hydration that your hairsbreadth truthful desperately craves. It’s moisturizing properties activity its measurement done each inch of your scalp, which helps to heal your damaged hairsbreadth follicles. The lipid is composed of omega fatty acids three, six and nine, which make it 1 of nan astir hydrating oils connected nan market. Baobab lipid useful awesome for those pinch barren hairsbreadth and iis a definite must-have for those pinch type 3 aliases type 4 hairsbreadth which tends to beryllium drier than different hairsbreadth types.

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#2: It helps to detangle

Baobab lipid is besides a awesome detangling agent. It has an acerb floor plan which consists of one-third saturated fats, one-third monounsaturated fats, and one-third polyunsaturated fats. When these fats penetrate your hairsbreadth cuticles, they abstracted immoderate knots and pieces that whitethorn beryllium stuck together, leaving your hairsbreadth soft and smooth. Our wide bony Cloud Comb can thief you get free of knots and tangles. 

#3: It repairs itchy, flaky scalps

Baobab lipid is besides a awesome merchandise to repair an itchy, flaky scalp aliases dandruff. If near untreated your scalp tin go a big for harmful bacterias that will lead to excessive hairsbreadth loss, but regularly utilizing baobab lipid will thief to extremity harmful germs dormant successful its tracks. It’s anti-inflammatory properties besides thief to combat an irritated scalp. Baobab lipid is simply a cleanable fresh for those who whitethorn person tegument conditions specified arsenic eczema and psoriasis, which tin often inflame nan scalp.

It protects your hairsbreadth (and skin) from contamination and Ultraviolet rays
Let’s look it - astir of our environments are successful full-on situation mode. But baobab lipid provides your hairsbreadth pinch an other furniture of protection for some your hairsbreadth and skin. It besides has insulation properties that thief protect your hairsbreadth from highly acold aliases lukewarm temperatures.

baobab lipid hairsbreadth treatment

#4: It doesn’t measurement down your hair

Have you ever applied lipid to your hairsbreadth only to recognize that it made your hairsbreadth look greasy and weighed down? Baobab lipid does nan complete opposite. It provides a blast of moisture to your hair, leaving you pinch a soft and silky decorativeness that looks lightweight and natural.

#5: It’s awesome for promoting hairsbreadth growth

Baobab lipid contains an bonzer magnitude of collagen, which helps to build up keratin proteins successful your hairsbreadth which is nan cardinal to hairsbreadth growth. Whether you can’t look to turn your hairsbreadth past a definite magnitude aliases you’ve precocious undergone a “big chop,” baobab lipid will turn retired your tresses successful nary time. If you’re looking to expedite nan maturation process, usage a magnitude repairing hairsbreadth disguise astatine slightest erstwhile a week.

#6: It helps to fortify your hair

If you person anemic and brittle hairsbreadth strands, particularly owed to chemic damage, baobab lipid tin thief fortify and rejuvenate your hairsbreadth strands. Because it’s truthful rich | successful vitamins and nutrients, it helps to replenish your hairsbreadth cells and will not only fortify your hair, but arsenic we mentioned earlier, will besides beforehand hairsbreadth growth.

#7: It’s awesome for your skin

Because it’s truthful rich | successful collagen, baobab lipid has awesome anti-aging properties that tin thief trim nan quality of good lines and wrinkles. Not only is nan vitamin C it contains awesome for your hair, but it besides is awesome for your skin. It helps to trim acheronian spots and hyperpigmentation that is often caused by acne scars. It besides helps to equilibrium nan accumulation of nan earthy oils that your tegument produces. This is simply a awesome use because excessively oily tegument tin often lead to terrible acne breakouts.

#8: It’s nan cleanable serum for your eyes

Whether it’s hereditary aliases caused by a deficiency of sleep, galore of america suffer from acheronian undereye circles, puffy eyes and bags. Baobab lipid helps to brighten and depuff your nether oculus area.

#9: It strengthens your immune system
Because our bodies can’t people nutrient Vitamin C, eating baobab consequence tin thief to fulfill one-third of nan recommended Vitamin C intake.

How do you use baobab lipid to hair?

Baobab lipid tin beryllium applied to your hairsbreadth successful a number of different ways either arsenic a pre-shampoo treatment, pinch different hairsbreadth oils, a conditioning curen aliases a leave-in cream.

hair lipid treatment

Pre-Shampoo Treatment

You tin usage baobab lipid arsenic a pre-shampoo (also known arsenic pre-poo) curen to your hair. Those who person curly hairsbreadth textures cognize that a bully pre-shampoo curen tin thief to trim your hairsbreadth lavation clip successful half.

We loved this constituent truthful overmuch we ended up adding it to our Luminous Hair Oil Treatment which contains a blend of baobab oil, coconut lipid and kukui seed lipid to adhd immoderate other shine. 

To use baobab lipid arsenic a pre-shampoo treatment, lukewarm it up successful a vessel for astir 30 seconds successful nan microwave. Once ready, use nan warmed lipid from guidelines to tip. As you would do pinch a normal pre-shampoo treatment, you tin time off it connected your hairsbreadth for up to 30 minutes, propulsion connected a ablution headdress to adhd immoderate power to your hairsbreadth and seal successful nan merchandise past rinse it retired and proceed pinch your regular shampoo routine.

If you’re looking for utmost moisture, you tin besides time off nan lipid connected overnight, use a headwrap for protection past lavation it retired and shampoo arsenic normal successful nan morning. We urge utilizing a charcoal detox shampoo to springiness your hairsbreadth a solid, clarifying cleanse.

Baobab Oil + Coconut Oil Treatment

Coconut oil is arguably nan seasoned of each hairsbreadth and tegument oils. Together baobab lipid and coconut lipid make nan astir beautiful sparkling radiance hairsbreadth lipid that your hairsbreadth will convey you for later. To execute these astonishing results, operation one-third coconut lipid pinch one-third baobab lipid successful a vessel past lukewarm it up for astir 30 seconds conscionable arsenic we recommended for nan pre-shampoo treatment. Next you’ll want to disagreement your hairsbreadth into 4 sections (our Tortoise clips are cleanable for this!) and use nan baobab and coconut lipid substance onto your hairsbreadth from guidelines to tip. Leave nan substance connected your hairsbreadth for nary longer than 45 minutes past rinse it out, shampoo past style your hairsbreadth arsenic accustomed pinch your favourite brace of hair extensions. 

Baobab Oil Conditioner Treatment

Because of its potent moisturizing properties, baobab lipid tin besides beryllium utilized arsenic a conditioner. In lieu of your accustomed conditioner, use baobab lipid to your hair, letting it group for astir 10 minutes past rinsing it out. You tin besides operation your favourite precocious gloss smoothing conditioner pinch astir a 4th of baobab lipid for soft bouncy locks.

Baobab Oil + Leave-In Cream

So acold we’ve shown you really you tin use and rinse disconnected baobab lipid to supply a blast of moisture to your hair. But did you cognize you tin besides use baobab lipid aft washing and conditioning your hair? Baobab lipid is simply a awesome mixing supplier to adhd to leave-in conditioning treatments past applied to either damp aliases barren hair. Mix conscionable astir 1 portion baobab lipid pinch 4 parts leave-in conditioner past use nan substance to your freshly washed hairsbreadth past style arsenic accustomed for beautiful silky locks.

hydrated hair

Why do you request baobab lipid successful your hairsbreadth merchandise collection?

Hair attraction is aforesaid attraction and there’s nary amended measurement of taking attraction of your hairsbreadth than making judge it’s hydrated, patient and harm free. While you whitethorn person antecedently slept connected baobab oil, we’re happy to unfastened your eyes to a beauty merchandise we’re judge will beryllium a champion successful your hairsbreadth routine.

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Written by Ashley Inkumsah

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