What your BELLY BUTTON reveals about your health, according to experts

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Most of america astir apt don't springiness our belly fastener a 2nd thought. 

However, this mini fold of tegument could beryllium a host for infections, cysts, and moreover hernias, experts suggest. 

Dr Dan Baumgardt, a neuroscientist and physiologist astatine nan University of Bristol successful nan UK, wrote for The Conversation that nan belly fastener - known medically arsenic nan navel - 'has much extent to it than conscionable a fewer millimeters.' 

The belly fastener is simply a remnant of nan umbilical cord, which connects a fetus to its mother during pregnancy. There are galore variations, but nan 2 main groups are 'outies' and 'innies.' 

Roughly 10 percent of group astir nan world person an outie, meaning their belly fastener is protruding, while nan remainder person an innie. 

Most group person an 'innie,' belly button, meaning that nan flap of tegument folds successful alternatively than protrouding out

While nan belly fastener has nary usability aft birth, subtle changes to nan measurement it appears could beryllium an parameter that thing is incorrect pinch our health.

One of these, Dr Baumgardt notes, is an umbilical hernia, which occurs erstwhile portion of nan intestine bulges done nan belly button. This causes swelling aliases a bulge coming retired of nan navel. 

These are usually harmless and chiefly impact infants, though they are besides nan 2nd astir communal hernia successful adults. Being overweight aliases having aggregate pregnancies tin summation nan consequence of adults processing an umbilical hernia. 


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Most of nan time, nary curen is needed, though nan hernia whitethorn request to beryllium surgically removed if it causes symptom aliases blocks nan intestine.

Dr Baumgardt besides pointed to a uncommon complication called Sister Mary Joseph's nodule, which is named aft a nun who discovered that galore patients pinch late-stage crab had swelling aliases a nodule adjacent their belly button. 

This tin beryllium a motion that patient's crab has dispersed aliases go much advanced. 

'It’s not seen arsenic commonly these days, since much cancers are now diagnosed earlier earlier extended spreading occurs,' Dr Baumgardt writes. 

Another different information of caput medusae, aliases Medusa's head. 

Also called a thenar character sign, this is simply a web of painless, swollen veins astir nan belly button. From a distance, it besides looks for illustration a achromatic aliases bluish bruise. 

This is caused by portal hypertension, which is precocious unit successful nan portal vein. The portal vein carried humor to nan liver from nan intestines, gall bladder, pancreas, and spleen. The liver past processes nutrients successful nan humor and sends it to nan heart.  

Medusa's caput (left) and Sister Mary Joseph nodule (right) are 2 uncommon conditions that shape successful aliases astir nan belly button

Medusa's caput connected its ain is not a disease, though it is usually a motion of liver scarring, besides called cirrhosis. 

The scarring makes it harder for humor to travel done nan liver's veins, causing it to build up successful nan portal vein and travel to adjacent veins adjacent nan belly button. 

This enlarges those humor vessels into a Medusa-like pattern. 

The belly fastener tin besides harbor infections, particularly if you person an innie. 

This fold tin trap moisture and debris, and lukewarm environments for illustration this are premier environments for germs to grow. 

Signs of an infection successful nan belly fastener see redness, pain, swelling, foul smell, and pus aliases different fluids leaking out.  

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