What legal experts think of Melania's absence from the New York courtroom. Does it hurt or help Donald Trump?

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As nan proceedings of Donald Trump complete hush money payments to a porn prima heads into its last stage, Trump's wife Melania Trump has been noticeably absent from nan courtroom. 

Over nan people of 5 weeks, a bid of Trump supporters including Republican lawmakers, erstwhile management officials, vice statesmanlike hopefuls and a fewer of his ain kids person been successful court. 

They've sat done hours of salacious grounds arsenic nan ex-president stands proceedings connected 34 counts of falsifying business records related to a hush money costs for pornstar Stormy Daniels.

Melania Trump, however, has remained acold distant from nan New York criminal tribunal room location successful Florida.

Melania Trump pinch erstwhile President Trump arsenic they get astatine a GOP fundraiser successful Palm Beach, FL connected April 6 conscionable complete a week earlier nan hush money proceedings began successful New York

Legal experts show DailyMail.com that while it is often beneficial for a assemblage to spot defendants pinch their spouse by their broadside successful nan courthouse, successful this unsocial lawsuit it doesn't matter. 

'Generally speaking, jurors salary attraction to who is seated successful nan courtroom,' explained Anna Cominsky, Managing Attorney of New York Law School Legal Services. 

'Defense attorneys usually for illustration to person 'support' for their customer evidenced by friends and family - it's thing that humanizes nan client. That said, this is simply a very different case. The jurors cognize that this is nan erstwhile president.'

Cominsky besides pointed retired that this peculiar courtroom is 'completely packed pinch group from some sides.' She said it makes it difficult for nan assemblage to separate who is location for whom.

Ex-president Trump seated successful nan Manhattan criminal courtroom connected May 21 arsenic he stands proceedings connected 34 felony counts of falsifying business records 

Berkeley Law professor John Yoo besides said he did not deliberation her absence matters overmuch and whitethorn possibly person a use to nan defense.

'I could spot really immoderate jurors would inquire wherever Melania Trump was. Perhaps her beingness would show her support for Trump's communicative that his fling pinch Stormy ne'er happened,' he added.

'But her beingness would besides bargain into nan prosecution's underhanded effort to make nan proceedings astir Stormy [Daniels], and not astir whether immoderate bookkeeping misdemeanors occurred and whether they concealed immoderate greater crime.' 

Yoo based on Trump's defense squad has done a bully occupation of attacking nan nonaccomplishment of nan prosecution to beryllium its lawsuit connected nan law. He said they were smart to support nan attraction connected that and not alleged affairs.

Cornell rule professor Randy Zelin believes nary 1 would attraction and 'it would look contrived anyway.'

On Tuesday, some sides are group to springiness closing arguments earlier nan lawsuit goes to assemblage for deliberations. 

While Melania has not traveled to New York to guidelines by her husband's broadside arsenic he came face-to-face pinch Daniels aliases others testifying astir nan hush money payment, nan erstwhile first woman has been spotted on broadside her embattled hubby elsewhere.

Earlier this month, nan 2 sat side-by-side astatine their boy Barron's precocious schoolhouse graduation successful Florida and nan erstwhile first woman was seen smiling and clapping arsenic Barron's sanction was called. 

Court successful New York was recessed early for nan week truthful nan ex-president could attend. 

Former First Lady Melania and Trump were each smiles astatine nan ceremonial arsenic their boy Barron graduated from precocious schoolhouse connected May 17

Melania attended nan Republican fundraiser hosted by billionaire John Paulson that raised much than $50 cardinal arsenic Trump runs for a 2nd word successful nan White House

The Trumps arriving to ballot successful Florida connected March 19. When asked if she would beryllium joining Trump connected nan run way she responded 'stay tuned.' The erstwhile first woman has not attended immoderate of Trump's 2024 rallies aliases superior predetermination nighttime celebrations to date

Melania was besides successful attendance past period successful a stunning purple jumpsuit for a campaign fundraiser hosted by John Paulson successful Florida wherever nan ex-president raised much than $50 cardinal for his statesmanlike bid.

The erstwhile first woman jumped backmost into authorities to speak astatine a fundraiser for nan pro-conservative LGBT statement Log Cabin Republicans past month.  

But she has not deed nan run way for her hubby arsenic he holds rallies successful battleground states crossed nan state aliases celebrated his superior nights successful early title states.

When asked if she would beryllium joining him connected nan run way successful March while joining her hubby to formed ballots successful nan Florida GOP primary, Melania responded 'stay tuned.' 

DailyMail.com has inquired pinch nan Trump run astir immoderate early plans for Melania to deed nan run trail. 

While Melania has not been spotted successful court, some of Trump's older sons Don Jr. and Eric and his daughter-in-law Lara Trump person been successful attendance for immoderate of nan galore hours of testimony.

His sons could beryllium seen arriving and leaving nan tribunal pinch their father's ample entourage and sitting a fewer rows down him successful nan courtroom.

His big daughters Ivanka and Tiffany Trump's names person travel up successful nan grounds during nan hush money trial, but they person not appeared successful nan courtroom to support their dad. Both unrecorded successful Florida.

Trump's boy Eric and daughter-in-law Lara Trump returning to nan courtroom from a break successful nan hush money proceedings connected May 14

Eric Trump has been a regular successful nan Manhattan criminal courtroom to support his father. Here he is returning to tribunal down nan erstwhile president and lawyer Todd Blanche connected May 6

Don Jr. looking connected successful nan Manhattan criminal tribunal arsenic his begetter speaks earlier nan media connected May 21

Don Trump Jr. speaking successful support of is begetter pinch different Trump supporters extracurricular nan Manhattan criminal tribunal connected May 21

Even without Melania's support successful nan courtroom, her sanction has surfaced crossed grounds from aggregate witnesses.

During her days of lurid testimony, Daniels recalled Trump telling her successful 2006 earlier their alleged intersexual brushwood that Trump told her nan mates slept successful separate bedrooms.

Michael Cohen claimed Trump was not worried astir Melania leaving him complete nan Daniels matter communicative and moreover claimed nan past statesmanlike campaigner said 'how agelong do you deliberation I'll beryllium connected nan marketplace for?'

But different witnesses painted a image of a very different narration betwixt nan erstwhile first mates during testimony.

Stormy Daniels leaving nan Manhattan criminal tribunal connected May 9 aft testifying connected her alleged matter pinch Trump and nan hush money costs successful Trump's trial

Madeleine Westerhout leaving nan Manhattan criminal tribunal aft testifying successful nan Trump hush money case. Westerhout served arsenic Trump's executive adjunct while he was president

A sketch of Westerhout breaking into tears connected nan guidelines arsenic she testified astir her regretful action that led to her exit from nan Trump White House. She besides testified astir watching Trump and Melania's 'special' narration up close

Trump and Melania departing nan White House to committee Marine One a past clip successful January 2021

Trump's White House executive adjunct said during her tearful grounds that Donald and Melania had a 'special' relationship.

Madeleine Westerhout told nan tribunal she believed they had a relationship of communal respect and Trump cared a batch astir Melania's opinion. 

'There was nary 1 other who could put him successful his place,' Westerhout testified. 

She besides recalled Melania texting her asking erstwhile Trump would beryllium coming up for meal while they were successful nan White House and Trump calling Melania from nan Oval Office while he was president to chat.

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