Wat-er miracle! Terrifying moment tanker driver escapes death after his truck is hit by train crossing rails

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By Daily Mail Reporter

Published: 13:23 EDT, 3 November 2012 | Updated: 13:34 EDT, 3 November 2012

The occupants of a h2o motortruck are fortunate to beryllium live aft their conveyance was smashed to smithereens by a train arsenic they were crossed nan track,

The fortunate flight occurred successful Utah this Friday, and if that were not bonzer enough, nan full incident was caught connected camera. 

James Wood,  theYouTube personification who posted nan video explained that he was signaling nan train successful Wellington for his four-year-old boy who is simply a large instrumentality of Thomas nan Tank Engine erstwhile nan wreck happened.

Truck connected train tracks

The threat zone: The motortruck driver pulls crossed nan rails, seemingly oblivious to nan onrushing train

Train wreck - 1 2nd to go

No escape: Suddenly, nan train hurtles into view, and there's nary measurement now that a collision tin beryllium averted

James, known connected YouTube arsenic Rammn8r, said ‘I turned distant for a infinitesimal conscionable earlier nan collision to spot really agelong nan train was and heard what sounded for illustration a instrumentality of dynamite exploding, only to move backmost to spot nan motortruck being mauled to decease by nan train,’ 

The semi-truck was deed adjacent its backmost wheels, and spun around. Police said nan driver did not spot nan train coming.

The train smashes into nan truck

Impact: nan video captures nan infinitesimal that nan train smashes into nan truck

Train wreck aftermath

Demolition derby: It's scarcely credible, but nan 2 occupants of nan motortruck walked distant from this segment of destruction

The man who witnessed nan collision was stunned for a moment, but past gathered himself and rushed to nan assistance of nan group wrong nan demolished truck, expecting to spot dormant bodies inside. 

Miraculously, nan occupants of nan h2o motortruck escaped unharmed.   

‘That was 1 heck of a thrust for them, and they are nan luckiest men I know,’ nan eyewitness wrote.  ‘I virtually witnessed a occurrence because contempt nan truth that nan train destroyed nan truck, nan men wrong were okay and they are alive.’

The conductor of nan train reported that nan train unit were besides uninjured, according to Fox 13

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