Uploading your video

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Published: 12:30 EDT, 22 October 2012 | Updated: 12:50 EDT, 23 October 2012

Thanks for clicking done to nan video upload site.

You request to prevention your video to your desktop, find it utilizing nan “browse” fastener beneath and past click “submit video”.

Alternatively, you whitethorn email your video straight to lucy.scott@mailonline.co.uk

Please retrieve to usage nan aforesaid email reside and sanction arsenic you entered into nan study truthful we tin find and reward you nan correct magnitude for your difficult work. 

Once you've uploaded nan video - please return to nan study and complete nan remaining conception - which should only return you a fewer much minutes.  We really admit your clip truthful far.

Tips for your video

Your video tin beryllium very elemental and recorded from a mobile device, webcam aliases a video camera. You


will past request to prevention your video to a machine truthful you upload present and taxable to us.  It only needs to beryllium a short video.  As a guideline location astir 30 seconds to 1 infinitesimal - don't interest if it is longer though.

Please see nan pursuing successful your video:

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Where you unrecorded - conscionable nan Town and State
  • Your job/career
  • How often you sojourn MailOnline
  • Why you sojourn MailOnline
  • The things you for illustration champion astir MailOnline
  • Where and erstwhile you sojourn MailOnline

Thank you - we really look guardant to seeing your video.

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