Ukrainian family flees war to Okanagan, but husband now diagnosed with cancer

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A family that fled nan warfare successful Ukraine and settled successful nan Okanagan has recovered itself successful a very difficult situation.

Ivan and Anika Kyrychenko arrived successful Canada successful November 2022.

“We were truthful happy because it was quiet present without explosions,” said Anika Kyrychenko.

The mates has 3 children: a brace of four-year-old twins and a 10-year-old son.

But their caller section precocious took an unexpected turn.

In April, Ivan Kyrychenko was diagnosed pinch soft insubstantial sarcoma. The crab has metastasized to some his lungs and spine.

“It’s very difficult for us,” Anika said. “It’s a very scary situation.”

“When nan expert said this news … it collapsed everything wrong of me.”

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Ivan, a 34-year-old carpenter, had secured a bully job. Now, though, owed to his wellness information and ongoing treatments, nan family’s sole supplier is now incapable to work.

“Now a caller life, find a bully job, activity and now stop, ” said Ivan. “It’s very difficult for me.”

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Despite chemotherapy treatments, his test is simply a very superior one.

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What’s adding to nan difficult business is that 1 of their copy girls has typical needs and is presently awaiting an Autism assessment.

“I recovered this really difficult erstwhile you are present without your adjacent friends and family, ” said Yana Pavlova, a friend and a Ukrainian newcomer herself.

“I can’t ideate really it is difficult erstwhile you are unsocial successful this situation.”

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Pavlova is hoping nan family receives much-needed support from its caller community.

“I deliberation it’s important to springiness them this knowing that nan organization is fresh to help, consenting to help, and they judge them to nan caller organization here,” Pavlova said.

While Anika says she’s doing everything successful her powerfulness to stay beardown for her children and husband, nan business is starting to return a toll.

“It’s difficult for me, for illustration emotionally difficult and financially too,” Anika said.

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been launched to astatine slightest thief nan family.

“I’m truthful thankful for each these people, it’s amazing,” Anika said.

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