Top JPMorgan Chase Shareholders

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JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) is 1 of nan world's starring financial services companies, providing user and commercialized banking and in installments services arsenic good arsenic financial plus management, finance banking, and security products. Through its wide scope of services and products, JPMorgan Chase serves consumers, mini businesses, ample corporations, governments, and galore different clients. In 2023 JPMorgan Chase brought successful a whopping $158.1 cardinal of revenue, and made an awesome $49.6 cardinal of nett income.

The apical shareholders of JPMorgan Chase arsenic of May 2024 are Vanguard Group Inc., BlackRock Inc. (BLK), and State Street Corp. (STT), Eaton Vance Management, and Geode Capital Management LLC. The institution has a marketplace capitalization of $576.37 cardinal arsenic of May 25, 2024.

Below we return a person look astatine nan apical 5 shareholders of JPMorgan Chase.

Top Five Shareholders of JPMorgan Chase

Institutional investors hold nan mostly of JPMorgan Chase shares astatine 73.56% of full shares outstanding arsenic of May 24, 2024.

Vanguard Group Inc.

Vanguard Group owns astir 271.1 cardinal shares of JPMorgan Chase, representing astir 9.4% of full shares outstanding, according to nan company's 13F filing for nan play ending March 31, 2024. The institution is chiefly a communal money and ETF guidance institution pinch $8.6 trillion successful world AUM astatine nan extremity of 2023. The Vanguard Financials ETF (VFH), which focuses connected financial stocks, owns a information of Vanguard's JPMorgan share. The slope is nan fund's largest holding astatine 8.57% of nan fund's portfolio arsenic of May 2024.

BlackRock Inc.

BlackRock owns astir 156.4 cardinal shares of JPMorgan Chase, representing 5.4% of full shares outstanding, according to nan company's 13F filing arsenic of March 31, 2024. The institution is simply a financial services institution offering communal costs and ETFs successful summation to advisory services, organization investor services, and more. In January 2024, nan institution topped $10 trillion successful assets nether management. The iShares U.S. Financial Services ETF (IYG), which invests successful a market-cap-weighted subset of U.S. financial stocks, owns JPMorgan Chase. The slope is nan second-largest holding astatine 11.41% of nan fund's portfolio.

State Street Corp.

State Street owns astir 125.8 cardinal shares of JPMorgan Chase, representing astir 4.4% of full shares outstanding, according to nan company's 13F filing arsenic of March 31, 2024. State Street manages communal funds, ETFs and different investments pinch $4.3 trillion successful AUM astatine nan extremity of 2024's first quarter. The SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust (DIA), which tracks a price-weighted scale of 30 large-cap U.S. stocks, represents 3.31% of nan fund's holdings arsenic of May 23, 2024.

Eaton Vance Management

Eaton Vance Management offers investing and wealthiness guidance solutions to financial advisors, high-net-worth individuals, and organization investors. At nan extremity of 2023, nan patient had complete $63 cardinal nether management. The institution is portion of Morgan Stanley a ample finance slope and financial services company. In nan first 4th of 2024, Eaton Vance owned complete 66.7 cardinal shares of JPMorgan, representing an ownership liking of complete 2.3%.

Geode Capital Management LLC

Geode Capital Management is an plus head providing services to organization investors. The institution was founded successful 2001 and has complete $1.3 trillion successful assets nether guidance arsenic of March 31, 2024. At nan extremity of 2024's first quarter, nan patient held complete 56.9 cardinal shares of JPMorgan Chase. This comes to owning astir 1.98% of JPMorgan.

Diversity and Inclusiveness of JPMorgan Chase

As portion of our effort to improve nan consciousness of nan value of diverseness successful companies, we connection investors a glimpse into nan transparency of much than conscionable who are nan shareholders astatine JPMorgan Chase. We item nan company's committedness to diversity, inclusiveness, and societal work arsenic a whole. Find retired really JPMorgan Chase reports nan diverseness of its guidance and workforce. The ✔ shows if JPMorgan Chase discloses its information astir nan diverseness of its committee of directors, C-Suite, wide management, and labor wide crossed a assortment of markets.

JPMorgan Diversity & Inclusiveness Reporting
  Race Gender Ability Veteran Status Sexual Orientation
Board of Directors ✔ (U.S. Only)      
✔ (U.S. Only)
General Management ✔ (U.S. Only) ✔ (U.S. Only) ✔ (U.S. Only) ✔ (U.S. Only)
Employees ✔ (U.S. Only) ✔  ✔ (U.S. Only) ✔ (U.S. Only) ✔ (U.S. Only)
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