Tom Brady celebrates Memorial Day with action-packed day on the water with his kids... two weeks after admitting Netflix roast affected them

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NFL fable Tom Brady kicked disconnected his summertime pinch an action-packed Memorial Day pinch his children.

The seven-time Super Bowl victor played nan domiciled of doting dada Monday arsenic he took his 2 youngest children, Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11, for a rotation retired connected nan water. 

The erstwhile quarterback, 46, shared a video connected Instagram of nan trio's activities arsenic they made a splash, while Post Malone and Morgan Wallen's summertime hit, 'I had immoderate help,' plays successful nan background. 

A shirtless Brady could beryllium seen driving a speedboat astatine nan commencement of nan clip earlier he later donned a life vest to trial his watersport skills. 

However, nan beaming early Hall of Famer whitethorn want to instrumentality to nan shot section arsenic he took a topple into nan oversea while waterboarding. 

Tom Brady kicked disconnected his summertime pinch an action-packed Memorial Day pinch his children

Other parts of nan clip showed Benjamin and Vivian - who he shares pinch ex-wife Gisele Bundchen - going tubing, while nan group spent immoderate value clip together successful nan sunshine connected nan backmost of a boat. 

'You guys okay if we get summertime started? Hope everyone is having a awesome MDW!,' Brady captioned nan post.

The New England Patriots fable besides shares an older son, Jack, 16, pinch ex-girlfriend, character Bridget Moynahan, 53, but nan budding precocious schoolhouse shot subordinate didn't look to beryllium successful nan clip. 

The Memorial Day bonding convention comes 2 weeks aft Brady admitted that he had immoderate regrets complete participating successful his Netflix roast. 

Brady was roasted by a number of high-profile figures - including stand-up comedians, celebrities and ex-teammates - successful a unrecorded Netflix show earlier this month. 

A batch of nan ruthless material contained jokes astir his divorcement from Bundchen after 13 years of marriage, which he has admitted didn't spell down excessively good backmost astatine home. 

He revealed that immoderate of nan quips 'affected' his kids during an section of 'The Pivot' with Fred Taylor, Ryan Clark and Channing Crowder. 

'I loved erstwhile nan jokes were astir me. I thought they were truthful fun,' he said. 'I didn't for illustration nan measurement they affected my kids.

The seven-time Super Bowl victor took his children retired for a rotation connected nan water 

The erstwhile backmost tested retired his watersports skills arsenic he took a move astatine waterboarding 

In different parts of nan clip, nan doting dada spent immoderate value clip pinch his son, Benjamin

Benjamin and Vivian - who he shares pinch ex-wife Gisele Bundchen - are seen tubing successful nan clip 

'It was nan bittersweet facet of erstwhile you're doing thing you deliberation is 1 measurement and past you recognize I wouldn't do that again because of nan measurement it affected nan group I attraction astir nan astir successful nan world. 

'It makes you successful immoderate ways a amended genitor going done it because sometimes you're naïve.' 

The erstwhile quarterback's children weren't nan only ones upset pinch nan roast pinch Bundchen said to beryllium furious astir being nan root of nan relentless taunting. 

According to People, Bundchen was near fuming astatine nan jokes astir her and Brady's erstwhile matrimony during nan special, saying she 'was profoundly disappointed by nan disrespectful portrayal of her family connected Sunday evening's roast show'.

'As always, [Bundchen's] privilege is to support her children who were affected by nan irresponsible contented that was broadcasted,' nan insider went on.

Brady and Gisele Bundchen stock Benjamin, 14, and Vivian, 11, while Brady is besides begetter to Jack, 16, who he shares pinch his ex-girlfriend, character Bridget Moynahan

The erstwhile backmost revealed that his Netflix roast had affected his children - Vivian, 11, Benjamin, 14, and Jack, 16 (L-R)

Bundchen is said to beryllium little than impressed astir her divorcement pinch Brady, and her consequent caller narration pinch jiu jitsu trainer Joaquim Valente, being utilized arsenic nan butt of jokes.

Brady and Bundchen divorced connected October 28, 2022, aft 13 years of marriage.

Meanwhile, Moynahan shared respective cryptic societal media messages after Brady was roasted for infamously dumping her while she was pregnant pinch Jack.

'Loyal group return s**t much individual because they ne'er would've did that s**t to you,' 1 quote read. She added, 'so true,' successful nan caption.

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