TIM HOWARD meets TYLER ADAMS: USMNT captain opens up on Copa America, healing a divided nation after Donald Trump's trial... and telling Gio Reyna to 'F*** off'

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On nan eve of Copa America, United States fable TIM HOWARD sat down pinch Bournemouth midfielder and existent USMNT skipper TYLER ADAMS. Daniel Matthews listened in. 

A mini fleet of achromatic cars and bluish lights had begun to weave distant from Manhattan Criminal Courthouse when, 200 miles south, Tyler Adams sat down to ponder his ain judgement time and his ain domiciled successful each this chaos.

The midfielder landed from picnic a mates of days earlier nan extremity of Donald Trump's hush-money trial. He began chatting pinch United States fable Tim Howard conscionable minutes aft nan erstwhile President was recovered blameworthy connected each 34 counts.

Adams group up campy successful Washington DC, wherever nan tremors of Trump's condemnation will resound until November and beyond. He has been preparing for Copa America, which takes spot connected American ungraded and kicks disconnected a two-year countdown towards a location World Cup successful 2026.

As skipper of nan USMNT, it is simply a play that will specify his legacy. It could style nan early of shot connected these shores, too. 'It's truthful important,' Adams says. A daunting capable imaginable without immoderate added baggage. But nan midfielder is clear: 'We person a bigger portion to play.' Especially now.

USA fable Tim Howard said to existent USMNT skipper Tyler Adams for Mail Sport

The Bournemouth midfielder will lead nan United States into Copa America this summer

'Our state is much divided than ever been - nan governmental climate, protests, graduation walkouts,' Howard points out. 'Do you consciousness a consciousness of responsibility? That you're really helping to bring nan state together?' Adams pauses for a moment.

'I want to beryllium present and opportunity that it is excessively large of a task,' he begins. 'It's not ever easy to look astatine nan societal ambiance and beryllium prideful astir what's going connected correct now.' 

But? 'I do deliberation it's a agleam spot successful a batch of people's days to move connected nan TV, spot a nationalist squad that's fighting for nan crest, and think: "This is why we're American"... I do deliberation we tin beryllium that.'

It's a dense load for a young squad and a coach - Gregg Berhalter - who divided sentiment moreover earlier a mixed build-up, which included a tie pinch Brazil and a 5-1 conclusion by Colombia.

'I played pinch Gregg astatine a World Cup successful 2006 - he's sewage strong, wide shoulders - that disapproval doesn't faze him,' Howard says.

Adams, whom Berhalter made nan youngest skipper astatine nan 2022 World Cup, sees different broadside to nan head - a broadside fewer do.

'The conversations I person pinch him disconnected nan pitch, nothing's astir football. It's: "How is your son? How is your wife?"' nan Bournemouth midfielder explains. 'When you person coaches that you tin subordinate to… it goes a really agelong way.'

The USMNT skipper said to Howard minutes aft Donald Trump was recovered guilty 

But it needs to construe into results and this summertime Adams will beryllium charged pinch orchestrating Berhalter's plans connected to nan pitch.

'When I'm patient and playing consistently… I'm 1 of nan champion midfielders astatine what I do successful nan world,' Adams says.

He has developed into an awesome captain, too. The 25-year-old studied psychology astatine assemblage and has taken immoderate sadistic lessons from nan assemblage of life – injury, upheaval, relegation. 

He has learned nan worth of telling teammates to 'F*** off' and that immoderate topics aren't worthy discussing. Such arsenic nan condemnation of a erstwhile president. 'It's not thing I would address. I'm a patient believer successful group having their ain beliefs,' Adams says. 'I'm not a politician, I don't request to seduce anyone.'

Adams leads by statement – if 1 subordinate objects to a peculiar initiative, it won't hap – and by blunt tools. Adams cites Gio Reyna. They grew up together successful New York and erstwhile nan winger is successful a rut, location is simply a cognition that everyone must locomotion connected eggshells. 

'When I request to get into Gio, I show him to f*** off,' Adams says. 'And he'll do nan aforesaid to me.' That won't activity pinch everyone. But Adams won't awkward distant from touchy subjects.

USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter is nether unit heading into this summer's tournament

'When I request to get into Gio, I show him to f*** off,' Adams said astir guardant Gio Reyna

A fewer years ago, arsenic nan torch was being passed from Howard's procreation to his, nan midfielder noticed thing unusual astir his teammates: 'I felt that a batch of guys didn't cognize what it was to play for nan USA,' says Adams, who has African-American practice but grew up successful a achromatic family. 

DailyMail.com columnist Tim Howard 

It showed successful players' cognition and application. It jarred pinch nan illustration group by Howard's squad astatine nan 2010 and 2014 World Cups. 'The cleanable illustration of what it was to beryllium American,' Adams says. 'What stuck retired nan astir to maine (was) nan relentlessness. If there's 1 trait that I could return from that team, it's that.'

Howard responds: 'You guys are acold amended and much talented than we were. But nan staple of that squad was that... those guys would play for that flag.'

It took them to nan knockout stages successful some South Africa and Brazil. Adams led his squad to nan last-16 successful Qatar, too. The situation astatine Copa America is to spell moreover further.

'For me, (success) is getting past nan 4th final,' Adams believes. Provided nan USMNT suffice from a group including Bolivia, Panama and Uruguay, they are apt to look Colombia aliases Brazil again successful nan past eight. 

'We request to - successful a unit business - triumph successful a knockout environment,' Adams says. 'That's going to measurement a batch of our success.' He cites nan team's last-16 conclusion by nan Netherlands successful Qatar. 'They handled business,' Adams admits. 'They were composed.' It vanished 3-1.

Adams says nan USMNT successful 2010-14 was a 'perfect illustration of what it was to beryllium American'

The United States were beaten by Colombia earlier drafting pinch Brazil earlier this month

Adams led nan US to silverware successful March, scoring a rocket successful nan CONCACAF Nations League last against Mexico.

But he managed only 120 Premier League minutes successful his first play astatine Bournemouth aft undergoing hamstring room and suffering from backmost spasms.

'The astonishing point astir my mindset, and nan measurement I spell astir nan crippled is that I don't return for granted erstwhile I americium playing,' Adams says. 'I don't person to beryllium thing to anybody but myself. I cognize what I'm tin of… without adversity successful your career, you won't beryllium anything.'

Howard urges Adams to support backing himself. 'I don't deliberation capable players do that successful an honorable way,' he says.

The 25-year-old saw capable of Andoni Iraola to understand why Bournemouth hired him and why he led nan Cherries to 12th successful his first season. 'I deliberation astatine nan opening it was reliable for group to understand because he's a minimalist,' Adams says. 'He doesn't spell overboard - draining you pinch tactics, making things confusing. It's very elemental and to nan point.

Adams was afloat of praise for Andoni Iraola aft moving nether nan head astatine Bournemouth 

'I deliberation immoderate group were searching for a small spot excessively overmuch instruction and needed to beryllium guided a small spot excessively much.' Iraola besides sought to displacement expectations beyond survival.

'Some group that were unchangeable and comfortable successful that situation said… what, is this feline crazy?'

Not Adams. He is targeting European shot adjacent season. He's been location earlier pinch RB Leipzig, only to time off for Leeds and sensation relegation from nan Premier League.

'It was a nary brainer,' he says of moving to England. The truth, though? 'I honestly didn't really cognize what I was getting myself into.'

The history and size of Leeds came arsenic a shock. Howard had a likewise rude awakening erstwhile he first faced Leeds pursuing his move to Manchester United successful 2003. 'I was a small spot naïve,' nan erstwhile goalkeeper says. 'It's specified an unthinkable shot city.'

Adams agrees. 'When things are going really, it's astonishing - nan champion point ever. But erstwhile things aren't going well…' Leeds stayed up connected nan last time successful 2022, only to autumn done nan trapdoor 12 months later.

The midfielder's bully friend Weston McKennie struggled aft joining him astatine Leeds

'It's a squad and a metropolis built disconnected difficult work, it's blue-collar,' says Adams. 'I resonate pinch those fans unbelievably good - to this day. Whether they opportunity they dislike maine aliases not, I couldn't attraction less.' Howard chuckles.

Adams missed nan last 12 games of that play and it still stings. Because of relegation and because his bully friend Weston McKennie became a lightning rod for instrumentality frustration. Adams had a immense opportunity successful Leeds signing nan midfielder. '(Then) I sewage injured it blew up successful his face.'

Adams adds: It was incredibly difficult for me... I consciousness successful a measurement that I fto him down.'

McKennie returned to Juventus and revived his career. Adams near Elland Road, too. 'I cognize that I wanted to proceed to play successful nan Premier League,' he explains.

The midfielder was brought to England by Jesse Marsch for astir $25million. They had first worked together astatine New York Red Bulls but nan coach was sacked by Leeds successful February 2023. Marsch has accused then-owner Andrea Radrizzani of losing his nerve. 

'We were really successful a bully position erstwhile Jesse sewage fired,' Adams says. 'I thought that if we conscionable continued nan measurement that we were going, we would person stayed up.' 

Jesse Marsch brought Adams to nan Premier League but is now successful complaint of rivals Canada

Instead, Marsch was without a occupation until recently, erstwhile he took complete Canada. Suddenly he and Adams are rivals. 'That will beryllium nan crippled that I want to triumph nan most,' nan 25-year-old says.

The 2 countries will beryllium co-hosts travel 2026, erstwhile shot successful North America could beryllium catapulted to caller heights. But alteration will only past pinch coagulated foundations and Adams is doing his spot there, too. 

In 2020, he established nan Hudson Valley Hammers backmost home. He presently serves arsenic method head of nan grassroots club, moving intimately pinch his mom and dad.

'I had parents that drove an hr and a half - each measurement - to bring maine to Red Bulls, 7 days a week. But a batch of group successful my area aren't arsenic fortunate,' he explains. This summertime brings different chance to make a existent difference.

'Whenever I get to skipper nan nationalist team, it's nan biggest honor,' Adams says.

'But I return that pinch a spot connected my shoulder: I want to show everyone what I'm capable to do, and nan logic why I'm wearing nan armband.'

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