This is the disgusting habit I've just learned hundreds of Australian people do: 'Is this normal?'

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  • Several Aussies person shared a regular wont others deliberation is 'gross' 
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By Carina Stathis For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:37 EDT, 26 May 2024 | Updated: 03:29 EDT, 27 May 2024

Dozens of Australians person admitted to a 'disgusting' bath wont galore person dubbed arsenic 'gross'.

A statement astir showering sparked connected Reddit - pinch galore admitting they only ablution successful nan greeting earlier activity alternatively than successful nan evening.  

'As an East Asian migrant here, I ALWAYS ablution successful nan evening earlier going to bed. It feels easier to autumn dormant pinch a cleanable assemblage and besides much convenient for sex,' a baffled Redditor said.

'I was told Australians for illustration to person ablution successful nan greeting aft getting up. If it's true, will you ablution again successful nan evening?'

Several shared their reasoning for showering earlier activity - mostly to free their assemblage of nighttime sweats and wanting to consciousness fresh. 

Many Australians person admitted they only ablution successful nan greeting to free their assemblage of nighttime sweats and consciousness caller earlier activity (stock image) 

'I ablution successful nan greeting for work, and sometimes successful nan evening - for illustration if I consciousness dirty, americium going retired aliases person been astatine nan gym,' 1 wrote. 

'I person beautiful bad nighttime sweats, truthful I ablution successful nan morning. I'll besides ablution a 2nd clip successful nan day aft work, aliases if I consciousness for illustration I request to,' different said.  

'I ablution successful nan morning, and sometimes aft I get location from work. My family splits it 50/50 betwixt greeting and nighttime showers though because different it would beryllium intolerable for everyone to get retired nan doorway successful nan morning,' a 3rd added. 

Another said they were amazed by really galore group turned up to activity without showering beforehand.

'They smell and it gets worse passim nan day. Awful successful an indoor agency environment,' they wrote.

Others who commented connected nan Reddit thread said they for illustration showing aft activity aliases some successful nan greeting and evening (stock image)

Others said they for illustration showing aft activity aliases some successful nan greeting and evening.

'I ever ablution successful nan evening earlier bed. If it's summer, past I'll ablution arsenic soon arsenic I get location from activity arsenic well. My furniture should ever beryllium bully and clean,' 1 wrote. 

'Rinse successful nan greeting to aftermath up and get free of nan furniture hair. Thorough ablution ASAP aft activity arsenic a tradie,' different said. 

It's ever been evenings for me, but I'm not a greeting personification generally. Feels for illustration nan champion measurement to upwind down astatine nan tail extremity of nan day, lavation distant nan stress, and past get cosy and relax earlier bed,' a 3rd wrote. 

'Morning and evening present - I'm amazed astir of you guys only picked 1 aliases nan other,' different added.

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