The priceless gift King Frederik gave wife Mary on HIS 56th birthday - after rumoured marriage troubles

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King Frederik has honoured his woman Queen Mary pinch a uncommon and priceless gift connected nan greeting of his 56th day - amid rumours their narration is successful trouble.

The King honoured his Australian-born Queen pinch the Grand Commander's Cross of nan Order of nan Dane.

The honour has been fixed sparingly passim history - pinch conscionable 7 title holders live coming including Queen Margrethe and Prince Joachim.

King Frederik and his brother, Prince Joachim were nan past recipients of nan uncommon prize, and were awarded it successful 2004. 

Only 8 group are admitted to nan bid astatine immoderate 1 clip - now Queen Mary has been fixed nan honours conscionable 1 spot remains. 

The Order of nan Dannebrog honours nan religious servants of nan modern Danish authorities for meritorious civilian aliases subject service, for a peculiar publication to nan arts, sciences aliases business life, aliases for moving for Danish interests.

Once known arsenic nan 'White Knights', nan bid was initially constricted to royal and noble men - earlier Christian nan 8th collapsed nan contented successful 1840 by awarding it to his aunt Queen Marie Sophie Frederikke.

King Frederik has honoured his woman Queen Mary pinch a uncommon and priceless gift connected nan greeting of his 56th day - amid rumours their narration is successful trouble

The King's mother, Queen Margrethe and his children Crown Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine appeared alongside nan royal couple

The royal mates appeared to beryllium astatine easiness arsenic they appeared connected nan pavilion of Amalienborg castle together successful hounour of Frederik's first day arsenic King.

Queen Mary stunned connected nan pavilion successful a pinkish puff-sleeved dress by numero ventuno, (Number 21), she wore her hairsbreadth down and wore a elemental golden watch, necklace and earrings for nan occasion.

Her daughters Princess Isabella and Princess Josephine some wore hand-me-downs courtesy of their very fashionable mother.

Princess Isabella wore nan ‘Aliane’ Wrap Midi Dress by Zimmermann, worthy $1100.

While Princess Josephine opted for the Belted Burnout Viscose Linen Dress by Paul and Joe Paris.

The mates appeared much acquainted than they person successful months, arsenic they waved from nan balcony

The King's 56th day is his first since taking nan apical job 

Both Princesses opted to support their accessories light, and their hairsbreadth retired mimicking their mum's relaxed look.

Royal watchers appeared pleased to spot nan celebrated royal mates hand-in-hand arsenic they smiled astatine nan crowd below.

They jittered successful excitement erstwhile nan Queen brushed past her hubby mildly and successful their erstwhile signature 'tactile and care-free' style.

'Congratulations connected your birthday, beautiful to spot nan full family connected nan balcony,' 1 female said.

The King honoured his Australian-born Queen pinch nan Grand Commander's Cross of nan Order of nan Dane

'They consciousness lukewarm again,' said another.

The couple's narration has been nether nan microscope since Last November erstwhile nan past Crown Prince was pictured connected a nighttime retired successful Madrid pinch socialite Genoveva Casanova.

Lecturas reported that, during their nighttime out, Prince Frederik and Ms Casanova visited a Pablo Picasso exhibition, walked done El Retiro Park and later went retired for dinner.

At astir 7pm, Lecturas claimed some Frederik and Genoveva went to her flat building separately, and some re-emerged astatine astir 9pm, 2 hours later, some having changed their apparel into evening wear.

In nan photos, Genoveva had ditched her chic camel overgarment pinch a necktie loop successful favour of a achromatic shirt, achromatic wide-leg trousers and a achromatic overgarment worn connected her shoulders.

Meanwhile Frederik appeared to person changed from a navy overgarment and brownish trousers into a achromatic garment and acheronian trousers pinch a smart acheronian jacket. Again, they were reported to person emerged from nan building separately, but sewage into nan aforesaid achromatic car.

The mag claimed nan brace watched a flamenco capacity astatine a Spanish restaurant, El Corral de la Moreria, which vanished astatine midnight.

It besides claimed they remained astatine their table, which had been flanked by 2 of nan Danish Prince's bodyguards, while different customers left, waiters vanished up their shifts and nan lights were being switched off.

Lecturas claimed nan brace did not look from nan edifice until 1am, erstwhile they walked retired onto nan thoroughfare and sewage successful a car. In a 'gesture of courtesy', Lecturas reports Prince Frederik opened nan car doorway for his meal companion.

Next day, nan mag claims nan heir to nan Danish throne was taken to nan airdrome via car wherever he flew location to Denmark.

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