'The Bachelor's' Joey Graziadei says he has Gilbert syndrome, causing 'yellow eyes'

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“The Bachelor” prima Joey Graziadei shared Thursday that he has Gilbert syndrome, a liver information that explains why nan sclera — nan achromatic outer coating — of his eyes look yellow.

The 28-year-old reality star, who leads Season 28 of nan ABC making love program, explained Thursday connected Instagram that he had been getting a batch of comments astir his “yellow eyes,” which prompted him to stock his long-standing diagnosis.

“I wanted to jump connected present really speedy and talk astir thing that I’m seeing a batch of comments about, which is ‘Joey’s yellowish eyes,’” he said successful a video posted connected his Instagram page. “So, to springiness immoderate discourse connected that, I person to spell each nan measurement backmost to erstwhile I was successful precocious school.”

The tennis coach said that nan test came aft he was sick for a week and had to beryllium checked connected by a doctor. His humor activity indicated a imaginable rumor pinch his liver.

“I sewage a liver ultrasound. I went to different doctors, and they recovered retired that location was thing that was needfully wrong, for illustration hepatitis, but they diagnosed maine pinch thing called Gilbert syndrome,” he said, utilizing nan French pronunciation “zheel-BAYR.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, Gilbert syndrome is simply a common, harmless liver information successful which nan liver doesn’t decently process bilirubin, a yellow-orange constituent produced by nan breakdown of reddish humor cells and passed done bile. The syndrome is an inherited familial information that is often discovered by mishap and requires nary treatment.

“At nan extremity of nan day, I americium told that I americium healthy,” nan “Bachelorette” runner-up said. “It’s thing that does impact nan whites of my eyes. It makes it person those jaundice levels, which is why they look a small spot much yellow. It’s thing I want to salary attraction to much going into this year. I want to get my wellness correct and make judge that I’m each good.”

Graziadei said he keeps it nether power by drinking much fluids, but that it gets worse erstwhile he is stressed aliases lacks sleep, which “happens connected a TV show.”

“I do admit everyone looking retired for maine and wondering if I’m OK,” he added. “But to my knowledge, I’m arsenic OK arsenic I tin beryllium and I’ll proceed to look astatine it.”

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