Texas city at war with nearby small town that's been dumping sewage into popular tourist lake for seven years

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  • Raw sewage from Plano, able suburb, spilled into Dallas' White Rock Lake
  • Since 2017, Plano poop has spilled into waterway 30 times
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By Maryann Martinez, Texas Bureau Chief For Dailymail.Com

Published: 13:37 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 13:54 EDT, 27 May 2024

Over 1 cardinal gallons of quality discarded has been dumped successful Dallas' White Rock Lake complete nan past 7 years by a neighboring mini municipality utilizing it arsenic a sewage landfill.  

The untreated earthy sewage came from Plano, a rich | suburb northbound of Dallas, and it turns out, this wasn't nan first time. 

Plano's sewage has ended up successful nan Texas reservoir 30 times successful nan past 7 years, according to biology records obtained by D Magazine. 

With specified a disgusting way record, nan City of Dallas is considering suing Plano, champion known arsenic location to posh shot moms pinch $1,000 babe strollers and awesome firm office (Toyota Motor North America, JC Penney and Frito Lay [PepsiCo] to sanction a few.)

'Same sh**, different day,' Paula Blackmon, nan Dallas assembly typical for White Rock Lake told nan magazine. 

White Rock Lake, wherever complete 1 millions gallons of untreated sewage person been dumped complete nan past 7 years, is celebrated pinch Dallas crowds successful nan summer 

'They [Plano] are alert that we [Dallas] are not happy and that they request to stop. I did telephone Plano myself and talked to [Director of Policy and Government Relations] Andrew Fortune. They request to get their worldly working. 

'B****ing and yelling from nan highest upland isn’t going to lick nan problem. They request to hole their infrastructure.'

The Dallas charismatic added location were different conversations that happened successful executive convention regarding nan matter, but she couldn't speak astir them publicly. 

The latest spill happened March 14 erstwhile a valve astatine a Plano discarded h2o installation failed, according to Dallas Morning News.

It flooded nan position and overflowed into a creek that empties successful White Rock Lake- immoderate 30 miles south. 

For 38 hours, brownish h2o gushed into nan lake, pinch an estimated 500 gallons of sewage per infinitesimal flowing in. 

A discarded h2o curen works successful Plano has many times been nan root of sewage leaks into a reservoir downstream successful Dallas

White Rock Lake is simply a celebrated outdoor venue successful East Dallas, surrounded by multi-million dollar homes

When nan h2o was tested connected March 21, precocious levels of E. coli were still detected, though it wasn't clear really bad nan contamination was. 

Water sports and different recreational activities were suspended until a clean-up effort aliases chlorine tablets and cleanable waster were added to nan reservoir to return nan h2o to safe levels.

 It's unclear whether nan City of Plano has been fined for this aliases immoderate of its erstwhile sewer spills. 

In November 2021 much than 320,000 gallons of sewage spilled into nan creek aft a large wind damaged a sewage line.

In June 2018, recreational activities astatine White Rock Lake were besides suspended aft 1 cardinal gallons of feces h2o escaped into nan lake-- blamed connected a surgery tube successful Plano.

In that case, nan contractor breaking nan tube was good $7,500, according to nan section paper.

For its part, nan City of Plano claims it is replacing aged sewer pipes and making improvements to facilities.

After sewage leaks into White Rock Lake, outdoor recreational activities person been suspended until h2o levels are safe

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