Stormy Daniels: Why I share details about Trump's 'unique and horrifying penis'

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Stormy Daniels goes into 'horrifying' item astir Donald Trump's penis to 'prove' she has 'seen it', she reveals successful a caller podcast.

In nan trailer for her bid connected Daily Mail's Everything I Know About Me podcast, nan big movie character specifications her individual conflict to get critics to judge her story.

It includes going into lurid item astir Trump's 'unique' anatomy and really she has perpetually received decease threats.

The erstwhile president has consistently denied they had activity successful a edifice room 18 years ago, and Daniels has spent years to combat her critics. 

Everything I Know astir maine looks into nan lives of nan world’s astir celebrated faces, and Daniels is nan first to beryllium featured successful nan U.S. - conscionable weeks aft she took nan guidelines successful Trump's trial.

LISTEN: Everything I Know About Me pinch Stormy Daniels 

Daniels specifications what it was for illustration to perceive nan 34 blameworthy verdicts against nan erstwhile president aft her quality connected nan guidelines astatine nan Manhattan hush money trial.

Her salacious grounds stunned nan world and led to nan 77-year-old being nan first erstwhile president convicted of a crime. 

'I was amazed it came truthful soon,' she said of nan verdict. 'I was sobbing pinch my caput successful my daughter's lap'.

'They honestly deliberation that I made each of this up. It is each my fault. I person ruined nan republic and democracy'.

Daniels besides claims that Trump supporters who judge they are nan 'real patriots' who will beryllium rewarded for 'killing me'.

'If I'm nan 1 that murdered Stormy Daniels I will get a parade,' she said. 

To combat nan haters, she turns her alleged tryst pinch Trump and nan specifications only she would know.  

'Describing his unsocial and horrifying penis was nan only measurement to really beryllium that I had seen it. 

In her tell-all memoir Full Disclosure, Daniels went into item astir that nighttime successful a Nevada edifice room successful 2006 that Trump insists ne'er happened.

The big character insist she has told nan truth and claims she was moreover approached by a man successful a car parkland successful 2011 urging her not to show her story.

'It has a immense mushroom head. Like a toadstool, ' she writes successful Full Disclosure.

'I laic there, irritated that I was getting f***ed by a feline pinch Yeti pubes and a d*** for illustration nan mushroom characteristic successful Mario Kart ...

'It whitethorn person been nan slightest awesome activity I’d ever had, but clearly, he didn’t stock that opinion.

Among nan galore revelations Stormy makes is simply a bombshell admittance astir why she believes Melania knows she is 'telling nan truth' astir her tryst pinch Trump successful 2006. 

In nan first episode, Daniels describes really she sexually abused by erstwhile she was conscionable 9 and her emotion of horses was really she survived a tumultuous childhood.

She reveals she wanted to spell backmost and 'kill' her abuser, but he was already dead.

She spent astir of her puerility successful a mini location successful Baton Rouge, Louisiana, which fell into disrepair aft her begetter left.

She said she was often questioned astir why she wasn't much huffy that her begetter near nan family. 

'But if a female is being dishonest, it benignant of takes that powerfulness away,' she explained. 'And he ne'er wanted children. 

'So it's really difficult to beryllium angry astatine a man who didn't person that choice, which sounds very other of what we're utilized to proceeding that, you know, women are nan ones that should person nan sound and nan prime and whatever, but so, I deliberation truthful should men - and he didn't.' 

Her begetter remarried and divided - but erstwhile he was pinch woman No. 2, Susan, she made judge Daniels remained successful his life - and took her horseback riding for nan first time.

'My stepmom was for illustration very excited to thatch maine astir horses and show maine horses,' Daniels said. 'She bought maine my first brace of riding boots.'

'It was bully to get distant and person a cleanable spot to slumber astatine slightest doubly a year,' Daniels added. 

Later, arsenic a teenager, Daniels spent $500 of Christmas money fixed to her by her stepfather to acquisition an ailing equine named Jade. 

Riding and taking attraction of Jade, Daniels said, was really she kept herself retired of problem during her precocious schoolhouse years. 

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