Star fitness influencer Kendall Toole is leaving Peloton: 'I'll see you in the next chapter'

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Peloton coach Kendall Toole is taking her past ride.

“It’s pinch awesome information and many, many, galore hours of reflection, but I’m choosing to adjacent my section astatine Peloton,” nan fittingness coach said successful an affectional video posted Thursday connected Instagram. “Thank you, Peloton, for this incredible, life-changing opportunity. I will everlastingly beryllium grateful for this life acquisition and translator and individual maturation that this has been for me.”

Toole joined nan at-home workout institution successful 2019 pinch a inheritance successful cheerleading, gymnastics, creation and boxing.

“It’s been an absolute honor, particularly to each azygous 1 of you Knockouts and NKO unit members for each of nan nosy and craziness and joy,” Toole said, referencing nan nickname for those who return her boxing classes.

Toole did not respond to a petition for remark nor bespeak her plans, but she emphasized successful her video that this wasn’t nan past fans and fittingness enthusiasts would spot of her.

“Before we get excessively emotional, I don’t want you to deliberation I’m saying goodbye,” Toole said. “I’m not, this is conscionable a shift. I’ll beryllium continuing to cheque successful connected societal media and acold beyond. This is much of a ‘I’ll spot you successful nan adjacent chapter’ benignant of an energy.”

“Stay tuned for what’s next, and I will spot you successful nan adjacent adventure,” she concluded.

Toole, who has astir 1 cardinal Instagram followers and is an ambassador for diversion apparel marque Lululemon, is 1 of galore instructors who person recovered fame via Peloton. Cody Rigsby appeared connected nan 30th play of “Dancing With nan Stars,” while Ally Love now hosts Netflix’s “Dance 100” and contributes to nan “Today” show.

Fellow Peloton instructors flooded her Instagram comments pinch praise.

“Only a fewer group successful nan world cognize this unsocial travel you’ve been on. And being 1 of those group each I tin opportunity it’s been a pleasance sharing nan thrust pinch you,” Sam Yo commented.

“We started this thrust together. It’s been an EPIC 5 years!! Sending you emotion and wishing you nan very champion successful each thats meant to beryllium next,” Tunde Oyeneyin said.

“You are a unit and a ray amiga it has genuinely been an grant to watch you build thing truthful amazing. I can’t hold to watch you soar successful immoderate you tackle next,” Camila Mariana Ramon wrote. “Love you truthful overmuch mamita.”

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