Sofia Vergara ‘So Happy’ to Find Love Again With Justin Saliman: ‘She Wants to Marry Him’

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When Sofia Vergara sewage Joe Manganiello’s first first inked connected her wrist, she thought that their marriage, overmuch for illustration nan tattoo, would past a lifetime. But successful July of 2023, nan Deal aliases No Deal Island host, 47, revenge to end their seven-year union. (“He wanted to person kids,” nan Modern Family star, 51, confessed. “I didn’t want to beryllium an aged mom.”)

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Not agelong aft their split, Sofía began making love orthopedic surgeon Justin Saliman, 49. “How fortunate tin I beryllium that nan feline that I’m going retired [with] has nan aforesaid initial,” she joked during a caller quality connected The Talk. In each seriousness, though, a root exclusively tells Life & Style nan character wasn’t expecting to find emotion again, but “she is truthful happy that she did.” And while Sofía’s divorcement from Joe was only finalized successful April, she’s already talking astir nan anticipation of different matrimony successful her future.

“Sofía didn’t deliberation she’d meet personification truthful cleanable for her — Justin checks disconnected each nan things she wants successful a partner,” a 2nd root exclusively tells Life & Style. “He’s handsome, independent, smart, makes Sofía consciousness safe, and he’s not an actor. It’s nary wonderment why she wants to wed him!”

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