She got 25 years to life for tossing son four floors. Court says probation should be considered

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An Orange County female wrapped her 7-month-old boy successful a achromatic blanket, removed nan helmet that was utilized to dainty a aesculapian condition, and placed him astatine nan separator of nan wall atop a fourth-floor parking building adjacent to a children’s hospital.

Then she pushed.

The kid — named Noe Medina Jr., aft nan begetter who feared his woman was mentally unstable and vulnerable — fell to his death, a unfortunate of terrible blunt cranial trauma.

Although a California 4th District Court of Appeal connected Monday upheld nan execution condemnation of La Habra’s Sonia Hermosillo, nan 3 justices remanded nan sentencing to a little court.

Hermosillo was primitively sentenced to 25 years to life successful nan summertime of 2021, and nan judges asked nan proceedings judge successful nan case, Kimberly Menninger, to see elements specified arsenic intelligence unwellness erstwhile determining a caller sentence.

Associate Justice William W. Bedsworth wrote connected behalf of nan territory tribunal that its domiciled was “not to render judgement successful a civilized sense, but only arsenic to nan ineligible issues raised.”

“We reason nan proceedings tribunal grounded to return immoderate basal factors into relationship during sentencing erstwhile considering whether appellant was eligible for probation,” he wrote.

A spokesperson for California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta, who was listed arsenic nan main plaintiff, said his agency was not willing successful issuing a response.

Baby Noe Medina Jr. was nan 3rd kid calved to Hermosillo and Medina Sr. successful January 2011. The mates are raising 2 daughters.

Medina Jr. was calved precocious term, which led to “several beingness challenges which required aesculapian care,” including flat caput syndrome.

Despite those issues, Hermosillo “diligently took her boy to his appointments and worked pinch his attraction squad to guarantee he was progressing successful his treatments,” according to tribunal documents. One of those treatments was nan usage of a helmet.

A fewer months into nan child’s life, Hermosillo’s “behavior wholly changed,” tribunal documents noted.

Medina began to return his woman to intelligence wellness professionals but was incapable to proceed curen because of nan costs, tribunal documents noted.

At 1 point, Hermosillo was hospitalized connected an involuntary clasp for “being gravely abnormal and a threat to herself,” according to tribunal documents.

Medina was financially incapable to proceed paying expenses and signed her retired “against aesculapian advice,” according to tribunal documents.

On Aug. 22, 2011, while her hubby was successful nan restroom of their La Habra home, Hermosillo took nan babe and drove to Children’s Hospital of Orange County, wherever Medina Jr. had been receiving treatments.

She reached nan apical of nan four-story parking building and threw nan babe down.

A witnesser said that Hermosillo appeared “normal” and “calm” but pinch a “lost look connected her face” during and soon aft nan act, according to tribunal documents.

Orange Police Department detectives arrested Hermosillo adjacent nan crime segment and interrogated her successful Spanish. She continued to say, “I don’t emotion him,” erstwhile referring to her boy but didn’t afloat grasp what had happened, according to tribunal documents.

Hermosillo was arraigned connected Sept. 30, 2011. Over nan people of 10 years, she was alternately recovered competent and past incompetent to guidelines proceedings successful court.

In February 2015, Hermosillo was committed to forensic psychiatric Patton State Hospital successful San Bernardino County.

The proceedings resumed successful January 2020 aft Hermosillo was declared competent for trial. She pleaded blameworthy for reasons of insanity, and her hubby said she acted because she suffered from postpartum psychosis.

One of her 2 daughters begged nan judge to understand her mother was “not an evil person.”

Bedsworth wrote that location were aggregate errors erstwhile considering Hermosillo’s intelligence state, including whether specified conditions affected her culpability.

“The grim and paradoxical reality of our strategy of justness is that it is sometimes incapable to present a consequence which feels genuinely conscionable to each involved,” he wrote. “This lawsuit provides an particularly heartbreaking illustration.”

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