Scottish Cup final 2024: Celtic beat Rangers as Idah calls late goal ‘amazing’

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Adam Idah said it had been an “amazing feeling” to people nan only extremity of nan crippled successful nan 90th infinitesimal arsenic Celtic hit Rangers to adhd nan Scottish Cup to their Scottish Premiership title.

Norwich City loanee Idah pounced erstwhile Jack Butland could only parry Paulo Bernardo’s changeable into his path, giving nan Hoops triumph successful nan first Old Firm crippled to shape nan last since 2002.

“I said I’d travel present to effort and people arsenic galore goals arsenic I could,” nan guardant told BBC Scotland. “I didn’t deliberation I’d people a extremity for illustration this successful beforehand of each these fans.

“It’s an astonishing feeling. It’s difficult to put into words. Anyone present tin spot what it intends to nan fans, to nan players. I’ve ever supported Celtic, it’s amazing.”

Off nan chair and connected nan scoresheet – Adam Idah has conscionable won @CelticFC nan @scottishgas Men’s Scottish Cup 🤯#ScottishCup

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Rangers had taken a constituent from crossed their 4 convention encounters pinch Celtic successful 2023/24 but nan underdogs thought they had taken nan lead erstwhile Abdallah Sima converted astatine adjacent quarters from a area successful nan 59th minute.

A VAR cheque redeemed Celtic, referee Nick Walsh adjudging goalkeeper Joe Hart to person been pushed successful nan backmost by Nico Raskin arsenic nan transportation came in.

Walsh officiated an progressively ill-tempered crippled and Rangers will find plentifulness of reasons to judge they should person won it, though their wasteful finishing impeded their hopes.

The Gers triumphed 3-2 pinch a 90th-minute victor of their ain erstwhile nan teams past met successful nan last successful 2002.

“Rangers came successful pinch a large motivation,” said Celtic head Brendan Rodgers. “We knew location would beryllium challenges successful nan game. It’s each astir nan defining moments and we were capable to get nan winning extremity because of that.

The trophy assistance 🏆#ScottishCup

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“It’s a crippled wherever you don’t request to beryllium perfect. You conscionable request to triumph and we did that by nan end. We recovered an power and a will and desire to support pushing. Thankfully, we sewage a winner.

“It’s been a awesome season, to triumph a double. The problem is that erstwhile you triumph trophies, it becomes an expectation. That’s not a problem. You can’t return distant what nan Scottish Cup intends for this nine and our supporters.”

Republic of Ireland world Idah, who scored 9 goals successful 19 matches aft making his Rangers debut successful February, said he did not cognize whether he would make nan move imperishable from his Championship genitor club.

“Football is tricky,” he reflected. “I emotion it here. I’ve said it previously: it’s a awesome nine but I’m still contracted to Norwich. I’ll spell backmost successful nan summertime and who knows?”

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