Saskatoon city council to discuss public washrooms for Riversdale and Pleasant Hill

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The City of Saskatoon could beryllium adding public washrooms to nan Riversdale and Pleasant Hill neighbourhoods to reside nan deficiency of entree successful nan area.

City assembly will talk nan matter connected Wednesday pinch respective options brought guardant by administration.

City management noted that respective organization partners for illustration Prairie Harm Reduction, Sanctum Care Group, The Salvation Army and Saskatchewan Health Authority were consulted connected really champion to attack nan deficiency of nationalist washroom availability.

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“Like galore different communities successful Canada, Saskatoon is being impacted by an summation successful residents who are experiencing homelessness. With warmer months approaching, important gaps successful services and resources, including entree to nationalist washrooms and drinking h2o for residents experiencing homelessness, has increased,” nan study to nan metropolis said.

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It said owed to nan closure of nan St. Mary’s overnight warming location nan neighbourhood does not person a nationalist washroom disposable betwixt 6 p.m. and 8 a.m.

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Seven options are connected nan array and see a unstaffed portable washroom rental, an unstaffed washroom trailer rental, a washroom trailer rental pinch contracted staff, a purchased washroom trailer pinch contracted staff, a navigation and support centre that is staffed and offers a washroom, ablution and laundry while besides offering support for accessing services, a aviator task to person contracted unit for 1 Riverbank nationalist washroom, and further entree to drinking water.

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Administration is recommending that nan metropolis bargain a washroom trailer pinch contracted staff, spell guardant pinch nan aviator task astatine nan Riverbank nationalist washroom and to bring successful further drinking h2o access.

The rationale fixed by management was that nan request for nationalist washrooms was truthful precocious that a azygous location for washrooms would get overwhelmed.

The full value tag of these recommended options is estimated astatine $777,400, pinch an further $25,000 group speech for imaginable damages.

Administration said $100,000 was already disposable for this project, but suggested nan remaining backing travel from nan superior expenditures reserve.

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