Sag Harbor cop who didn't recognize Justin Timberlake during DWI arrest is unmasked as rookie Michael Arkinson... and he's been infuriating the Hamptons elite for months

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The Gen Z bull who didn't recognize Justin Timberlake when he pulled him complete for allegedly drunk driving successful Sag Harbor is simply a rookie serviceman who's already made a sanction for himself successful nan ritzy Hamptons municipality contempt joining nan unit conscionable 3 months ago.   

Officer Michael Arkinson, who turns 24 this month, pulled Timberlake complete connected Monday nighttime aft allegedly watching him blow a extremity motion and swerve successful nan correct lane. 

In his reports, he talked astir Timberlake being unsteady connected his feet and refusing a activity test. 

Hilariously, he's truthful young he didn't look to cognize who Timberlake was. 

Arkinson wasn't moreover calved erstwhile Timberlake became a personnel of nan boy set N'Sync successful 1995. 

By 2001, Timberlake was a rising prima owed to nan group's signature hit, 'Bye Bye Bye'; Arkinson, who is nan boy of an electrician and schoolhouse teacher, was conscionable one.

But successful nan 3 short months he's been connected nan force, he's already go known for his pull-over attempts, earning himself a nickname of 'the Sag Harbor Nazi' and a 'little red-headed dips**t' among nan Hamptons' able residents.  

Michael Arkinson, who turns 24 this month, of nan Sag Harbor Village Police Department didn't cognize who nan 43-year-old 'Sexy Back' vocalist was erstwhile he pulled him complete early Tuesday morning

Timberlake was booked into Sag Harbor Police Station

Spencer, a writer from Shelter Island, is 1 driver who claims he's had an unpleasant brushwood pinch Arkinson. He was precocious trying to find a parking spot earlier gathering a friend for meal successful Sag Harbor erstwhile he performed a speedy U-turn. 

Arkinson pounced erstwhile he spotted him make nan turn.

'I was amazed he pulled maine over,' he said. 

'It was disconnected season, and nary 1 was around. It was a d**khead move. I felt for illustration he pulled maine complete conscionable for nan liking of doing it.' 

Luckily, he said he was fixed a 'warning.'

But, nan 2nd clip Arkinson wasn't truthful nice. 

Spencer was driving adjacent nan Sag Harbor School erstwhile Arkinson pulled him complete for talking connected his compartment phone.

'I explained to him that I was connected speaker and I was conscionable holding my phone, but he told maine I should person been utilizing a Bluetooth,' he said.

He added: 'I thought he would springiness maine a break, and I was driving little than 25mph trying to get to nan Y successful East Hampton.'

Instead Arkinson deed him pinch a $145 summons that he hasn't paid.

'I only had little than 30 minutes to swim. It really interrupted my workout, and luncheon plans' he said. 

'I deliberation Justin Timberlake was a unfortunate of over-aggressive Sag Harbor police.' 

Another semipermanent Sag Harbor resident remembers erstwhile Atkinson was a postulation power serviceman and a 'brownie', aliases postulation power office, earlier he moved up into nan ranks successful nan force.

Justin Timberlake 's lawyer has surgery his soundlessness complete nan star's DWI apprehension and suggested location is much to nan story

Pictured: Arkinson arsenic a kid pinch his father

The section said while he'd has ne'er received a summons from Atkinson, everyone knew wherever nan cops would parkland connected Main Street: Outside nan windmill and Murf's Backstreet Tavern, and by nan section school.

And he wasn't amazed 24-year-old Atkinson had nary thought who Timberlake was: 'If that is not your sensation successful music, really would you know?'

He added that Arkinson's showdown pinch nan vocalist is bound to beryllium released: 'If thing came out, it's each connected bodycam.'

According to Arkinson's report, Timberlake refused a breathalyzer 3 different times

The 6-foot-4 Arkinson played lacrosse astatine South Hampton High School, earlier earning a spot connected nan Roger Williams University team.

He started arsenic a part-time postulation power serviceman erstwhile he was still successful precocious schoolhouse going backmost arsenic acold arsenic 2017 earning little than $15 an hour.

A yearly mean net for Sag Harbor PD officers is astir $70,000.

In 2022, he graduated nan constabulary academy, and successful March 2024 was promoted to full-time Sag Harbor officer.

Arkinson, who lives successful South Hampton, astir 25 minutes from nan mini municipality of Sag Harbor, didn't respond to nan's respective requests for comment.

Arkinson's parents besides chose not to remark astir their son's large arrest.

However they did telephone nan police, who warned media to enactment distant from their home.

When nan megastar was pulled over, Arkinson, noted connected nan title study that Timberlake performed 'poorly connected each standardized section sobriety tests.'

The rookie bull noted that nan prima had reeked from alcohol, was unsteady connected his feet and that his reside was slow arsenic he tried to retrieve his conveyance registration.

Timberlake said he 'only had 1 martini,' and that he 'followed his friends home'.

He besides refused to return a breathalyzer test. Arkinson publication an intoxicant power study to Timberlake astatine 12:52 am, who responded, 'No, I'm not doing a chemic test,' which Arkinson noted connected nan complaint.

When offered again astatine 1:07 am, Timberlake again responded: 'I refuse.'

A 3rd clip astatine 1:22 am, Timberlake repeated: 'I refuse.' 

He was past placed nether apprehension and transported to nan Sag Harbor Police Department Headquarters by different Sag Harbor serviceman Otis Cantrell and fronted nan Sag Harbor Village Court connected Tuesday pleading not guilty.

His lawyer, Eddie Burke, bailed him out. By Wednesday, his lawyer told that he had near nan Hamptons to hole for his Chicago performance connected Friday night.

Timberlake's lawsuit is backmost successful tribunal connected July 26, but nan prima doesn't request to beryllium present.  

In January 2000, NSYNC released 'Bye Bye Bye,' which changeable into nan apical 5 of nan Hot 100 and spent 5 weeks atop nan Hot 100 Airplay chart. Arkinson was later calved successful June 2000

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