Russia claims NATO members’ support for Ukraine is ‘escalation’ of conflict

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The Kremlin said connected Monday that NATO was already successful nonstop confrontation pinch Russia and scolded NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for suggesting confederation members should fto Ukraine onslaught heavy into Russia pinch Western weapons.

Stoltenberg told The Economist that NATO members supplying weapons to Kyiv should extremity their prohibition connected utilizing them to onslaught subject targets successful Russia.

“NATO is expanding nan grade of escalation,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told Russian regular Izvestia erstwhile asked astir Stoltenberg’s remarks.

“NATO is flirting pinch subject rhetoric and falling into subject ecstasy,” Peskov said, adding that nan Russian subject knew what to do.

When asked if NATO was approaching a nonstop confrontation pinch Russia, Peskov said, “They are not getting close; they are successful it.”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has many times warned nan West that it is risking a world warfare complete Ukraine and that a nonstop conflict betwixt Russia and NATO would mean nan satellite was 1 measurement distant from World War Three.

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Russian officials opportunity Ukrainian attacks heavy wrong Russia, including connected civilian areas and moreover parts of Russia’s atomic defenses, are straight escalatory.

Russia’s penetration of Ukraine successful 2022 touched disconnected nan worst breakdown successful relations betwixt Russia and nan West since nan 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Russia is now advancing on nan beforehand statement successful Ukraine.

The United States has many times said that it does not promote Ukraine to onslaught wrong Russia, though Ukraine has been lobbying difficult to do so.

The Economist said that Stoltenberg’s remarks were intelligibly aimed astatine U.S. President Joe Biden, who has resisted allowing Ukraine to onslaught pinch U.S. weapons wrong Russia.

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