Rockyview Hospital hair salon set to be closed by Alberta Health Services

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The imminent closure of a hairsbreadth salon located astatine a Calgary infirmary is causing a batch of angst for its proprietor and nan clients who usage it.

Ben Kanbour took complete A Cut Above Beauty Salon and Hair Studio successful March 2011. He told Global News it had been operating “successfully” wrong nan Rockyview General Hospital for much than 50 years, truthful he was amazed to find retired Alberta Health Services (AHS) wanted to adjacent it.

“They’re not going to renew my lease,” he said. “I’m expected to beryllium gone by June 30th.”

Kanbour said not only is this sad for him, but besides for galore of his clients — galore of them, patients astatine nan hospital.

“They travel in. They socialize. They consciousness normal, you know.”

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Evelyn Fagin has gone to nan salon a fewer times complete nan past mates of years. The first time, she said, was during a agelong enactment successful nan emergency room.

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“This each became a rat’s nest,” she told Global News pointing to her hair. “I can’t opportunity capable astir that man (Kanbour). He went supra and beyond.”

She has reached retired to AHS to definitive her displeasure astatine nan closure, adding nan salon plays an important domiciled successful nan wide wellness of many.

“It makes you consciousness better. Makes you consciousness for illustration a quality again. Not conscionable a number. Not conscionable a patient,” she said.

“Why would you contradict personification quality dignity?”

Evelyn Fagin outraged complete salon closure. Global Calgary

AHS response

An Alberta Health Servicesspokesperson told Global News nan hairsbreadth salon is simply a backstage business that leases abstraction wrong nan hospital.

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The lease was group to expire December 2023, but AHS extended it to June 30, 2024, to “support nan proprietor successful uncovering a caller space.”

AHS added successful a connection “The salon is extracurricular nan purview of AHS’ domiciled and work to supply health-care services to Albertans, peculiarly successful a infirmary setting. Most clientele travel from nan community, not nan hospital.”

 “AHS is capable to amended utilize that abstraction for wellness attraction needs.”

Friends of Medicare blames deficiency of planning

Chris Gallaway, pinch nan Friends of Medicare, blamed nan closure of nan salon connected deficiency of readying by AHS.

“It’s portion of this infrastructure deficit,” he said. “They’re (AHS) trying to find abstraction wherever they tin because we haven’t done nan semipermanent planning. We’re already hundreds of beds short successful Calgary, successful Edmonton and crossed nan province. “

Gallaway said much and much of these types of services are going to get “pushed out” and that’s a shame because he said they’re “crucial.”

“These services are portion of care,” he pointed out. “Whether it’s food, whether it’s hair, whether it’s different pieces of people’s lives — having those onsite is truthful important for group who are location trying to heal.”

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“It’s not conscionable astir nan nonstop wellness care, nan aesculapian interventions that group receive. It’s astir caring for nan human.”

Kanbour hopes group attraction capable to interaction AHS and their MLA to definitive their disappointment astir nan closure.

He remains hopeful nan salon will stay unfastened to service patients and nan organization beyond nan extremity of nan month.

“When I first started, group were kissing my hands and hugging me,” he said.

“It conscionable touched my bosom successful truthful galore different ways.”

AHS told Global News nan Rockyview salon is believed to beryllium nan only specified business wrong a awesome Alberta hospital.

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