Revealed: American TV presenter whose flirty interview with Rory McIlroy sent tongues wagging gushed over football coach husband in engagement announcement two years ago

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Almost precisely 2 years ago, rising TV prima Amanda Balionis could not perchance person looked immoderate happier.

Showing disconnected an awesome gem engagement ring, and pinch her arms wrapped astir her agelong clip boyfriend, she wrote: 'Hey @BrynRenner. Forever sounds kinda perfect.'

She and Renner, a sports prima turned shot coach, had a beautiful formation wedding connected December 3, 2022 successful La Jolla – San Diego's 'jewel by nan sea.'

At nan lavish wedding they posed successful beforehand of a neon motion reference 'The Renners' and nan bride and groom wore matching Nike hi-top sneakers successful nan colours of his shot team. She moreover utilized their hashtag 'Go Heels' successful honour of her groom.

Spool guardant 14 months, though, and rather amazingly fixed those caller romanticist declarations her wedding ringing was off.

Her hyphenated family sanction – 'Balionis-Renner' – was besides nary longer being used. Plain Amanda Balionis went connected a girls travel to Las Vegas and past 2 skiing trips successful speedy succession, again successful an all-girls gaggle some times.

Almost precisely 2 years ago, rising TV prima Amanda Balionis could not perchance person looked immoderate happier successful her engagement photo 

Rory McIlroy and CBS newsman Amanda Balionis are pictured together 

And past connected May 12, beneath an Instagram image of her interviewing play superstar Rory McIlroy connected CBS, a friend, Camille Stroud, wrote: 'You two' alongside a bosom emoji.

It was astatine this point, that suspicions started to return guidelines astir conscionable what was going connected betwixt sparkly Balionis, who has worked crossed CBS' play input since 2017, and nan just-divorcing Rory McIlroy, a £225 cardinal sportsman.

He announced connected Monday May 13, rather unexpectedly, that his 7 twelvemonth matrimony to beautiful Erica Stoll had irretrievably surgery down. They person a three-year-old daughter, Poppy.

But it seems that while he and Stoll were connected nan outs – while he and Amanda Balionis were apparently drafting ever closer.

So who is nan female who has caught Rory's eye? Balionis is nan girl of Tony, who died successful 2019, and Dana, some avid play players. She utilized to return her begetter connected successful putting games – playing for quarters. Mother Dana told Fore mag a twelvemonth ago: 'She'd say, 'I for illustration it, but volleyball is much exciting. She was conscionable truthful active. Golf was ne'er progressive capable for her.' She added: 'She's ne'er loved play much than she does now.'

She made her debut for CBS Sports show The 19th Hole astatine nan 2017 Genesis Open astatine Riviera CC, and now she does interviews and study astatine each of nan circuit events for nan network.

She has besides done NFL and assemblage shot sideline reporting, and was CBS's first-ever societal media newsman for nan Superbowl.

The flirty banter was evident during nan Wells Fargo Championship connected Mother's Day, May 12

She has a grade successful broadcasting from Hofstra University successful New York and worked her measurement up to nan large leagues by covering precocious schoolhouse sports connected integer platforms and connected cable. Her large break came erstwhile she was moving successful nan media section of nan sporting equipment manufacturers Callaway and was asked to coming a slot connected CBS. She said: 'The nerves were insane, but location was besides this emotion that I had worked truthful difficult for this. I had benignant of fixed up connected nan dream, and I thought, 'I'm going to beryllium unrecorded connected CBS for astatine slightest 1 time, so, technically, I achieved my dream.'

The president of CBS Sports Sean McManus believes she is simply a activity of caller aerial who adds a 'different perspective.' He went on: 'She has a batch of credibility pinch golfers, and they respond good to her.'

The occupation is to question and reply unrecorded without a prompter aliases notes, and to onslaught a friends capable reside to put nan play stars astatine their ease.

A root astatine CBS who knows Amanda good said: 'Amanda has ever wanted to beryllium connected television. It's her dream. She's very likeable but 1 of nan astir eager group I've met. I've known her for a agelong time. She won't mind having her sanction linked to nan communicative because of nan floor plan it's giving her. I cognize she'll beryllium loving it. I don't mean that cruelly. She's a bully girl, but she's ambitious. This will springiness her a limb up.'

The root added: 'Before each this, I wouldn't person said they were immoderate person than she is pinch different players. She's sewage a flirty nature, which useful good connected television. She has chats pinch nan players. I conjecture she and Rory get connected well, but I don't cognize whether they're successful a narration aliases not.'

Her mum Dana told Fore: 'It's really been amazing. Just each of nan twists and turns to get to wherever she is. It's been 1 crazy point aft another. The stars conscionable kept lining up.'

In April this year, 2 months aft Balionis apparently divided from her husband, McIlroy took clip retired of his engaged schedule to movie a short video supporting Puppies & Golf, nan non-profit founded by Balionis successful 2020 and aimed astatine advocating for rescue dogs, rehousing and successful immoderate instances retraining them arsenic support animals for veterans.

Then connected Sunday May 12th, nan 2 seemed warmly astatine easiness successful each other's company, moreover flirtatious.

Balionis asked him successful a TV interview: 'What cogwheel did you person to find to asseverate your power erstwhile much complete Quail Hollow?' Later, she asked him to show her: 'Physically really bully your crippled feels.'

It was an relationship connected Twitter which first made definitive nan conclusion of coupledom hinted astatine by Balionis' pal Camille Stroud.

On May 16th a station ran: 'So Rory was perchance getting pinch Amanda Balionis from CBS. It's a rumour I heard from nan divorce. That would beryllium a spicy meatball if true. I for illustration some of them. Maybe I made it up.'

This was followed nan adjacent time by a unsighted point connected nan rumors tract DeuxMoi which past started circulating wide connected Twitter including via nan anonymous' LIV insider' account.

The anonymous DeuxMoi point said that nan golfer had been spotted: 'all astir San Diego. More specifically…the Crown Point vicinity of Pacific Beach.'The neighborhood, much than 2,500 miles from McIlroy's location successful Jupiter, Florida, is wherever Balionis lives successful a two-bed location she bought for $789,000 successful 2020.

According to nan source: 'My sister was astatine a restaurant, and he came successful to prime up a 'to go' and utilized nan sanction 'Amanda' arsenic nan pick-up. He paid rate – only a fewer group noticed him, and he was out!'

Initially, group couldn't rather judge that it was true. However arsenic clip passes, without immoderate remark from McIlroy's guidance aliases Ms Balionis' flack astatine 42 West, nan rumours person started to beryllium treated arsenic fact.

McIlroy, pictured pinch his now estranged woman Erica Stoll astatine nan Rider Cup successful September, precocious announced he has revenge divorcement aft 7 years of marriage 

It would beryllium normal for untrue reports to beryllium denied.

This week Dottie Pepper, a pro golfer who now useful alongside Balionis covering nan sport, said: 'No! Absolutely not! No!' erstwhile asked if she had immoderate remark connected her workfellow being an point pinch Rory McIlroy.

Darren Heitner, a lawyer who plays play pinch Balionis estranged hubby Bryn Renner likewise declined to remark alternatively than rumor immoderate denial.

One elder root connected nan play circuit says: 'It was wholly news to nan TV crowd if it has been going on. Her co workers are arsenic amazed arsenic anyone else. Clearly they person kept it highly discreet.'

He added: 'It's not 1 of those affairs wherever everyone knows astir it and you are conscionable waiting for it to travel out.

'The first anyone was really alert was from a Tweet. It was from an anonymous root truthful cipher really was judge really overmuch announcement to salary to it, but past it sewage bigger and bigger online until it came retired arsenic a communicative successful nan end.

'That's not to opportunity that thing was going on, but conscionable that this was nary Tiger Woods type situation. Everyone was really rather amazed that nan matrimony had surgery down successful nan first place. He is not 1 of nan golfers who has a estimation for womanising astatine all.'

You mightiness deliberation that's a funny point to opportunity arsenic McIlroy famously collapsed tennis subordinate Caroline Wozniaki's bosom erstwhile he dumped her conscionable aft she had sent retired wedding invitations.

Balionis was past pictured wearing her wedding ringing connected Instagram successful early February

He besides had a precocious floor plan romance pinch exemplary Nadia Forde, and was linked moreover to Meghan Markle, pre Prince Harry.

But successful nan discourse of nan bunkers and bunk ups world of world golf, that makes him beautiful overmuch 1 of nan innocents.

Take Tiger Woods. The golfer reportedly confessed to sleeping pinch 120 women during his matrimony to erstwhile nanny Elin Nordgren. Apparently she only decided that she was going to time off him almost a twelvemonth aft nan first ungraded erupted …when nan girl of their neighbours was named arsenic his 15th mistress.

A seasoned writer said: 'I could sanction you 3 players who person been nan champion players successful nan world who had that precisely nan aforesaid lifestyle, nan aforesaid numbers and everything arsenic Tiger Woods. Actually, 2 of them utilized to compete pinch each different to spot really galore women they could slumber with. It's thing caller successful golf. They are young rich | bully looking and connected nan roadworthy for months, and galore of nan play wives conscionable move a unsighted eye.'

As nan precocious play commentator Peter Alliss sardonically put it: 'Tiger grounded nan eleventh commandment 'Thou shalt not beryllium recovered out'.

During play tournaments, location is simply a lively societal scene. The players and their entourages tin beryllium recovered successful edifice bars aliases section restaurants arsenic nan circuit moves internationally. Organisations for illustration nan PGA habitually employment beautiful young play fans to do administrative roles. Sponsors likewise nonstop teams of charismatic women who orbit nan players.

Some wives insist connected coming pinch their husbands truthful that they tin support an oculus connected what goes connected astatine nan bar, but often erstwhile location are children who request to beryllium successful school, this falls distant – meaning that nan husbands walk astir of nan twelvemonth separated from their wives and families. No wonderment that nan athletics is specified a matrimonial graveyard.

Rory McIlroy met New York calved woman Erica Stoll done nan game. He overslept during nan 2012 Ryder Cup and astir missed his tee time. Erica, who was moving connected PGA transportation, arranged a constabulary escort to get him to nan people successful Medinah, Illinois, successful time.

They kept connected bumping into each different arsenic Stoll continued to activity for nan PGA and nan mates started making love astatine nan extremity of 2014, aft his divided from Wozniacki. They exchanged rings successful Paris a twelvemonth later and were joined successful 2017 astatine nan 13th-century Ashford Castle successful County Ma y o , pinch guests including character Jamie Dornan, who grew up successful nan aforesaid municipality arsenic McIlroy, One Direction's Niall Horan and Coldplay musician Chris Martin. Ed Sheeran and Stevie Wonder provided nan entertainment. The celebrations were said to person costs £400,000.

Home was a £7 cardinal nine-bedroom, ten-bathroom mansion successful Florida's exclusive Bear's Club gated community, founded by play fable Jack Nicklaus, wherever hoops prima Michael Jordan and tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams are neighbours.

There was besides spot successful Wentworth, Surrey, nan location of European golf, wherever he and Erica were said to person spent £10million connected renovations. The reasoning was that nan family would return up full-time residence location erstwhile Poppy was fresh for secondary school.

Sadly, it has each fallen isolated agelong earlier she reached that milestone.

A root told US Weekly mag said that Stoll felt 'lonely' successful nan matrimony arsenic they were efficaciously starring abstracted lives. The root said: 'She knew what she was getting into pinch his profession, but erstwhile they had Poppy, things really changed, and she had a caller perspective. Erica was usually absent for astir of his tournaments and was really focused connected Poppy.'

Another imaginable facet successful nan extremity of nan matrimony - different than nan changeless travelling and temptations – is McIlroy's domiciled successful nan schism which divided nan game, erstwhile nan Saudi-backed LIV play group up arsenic a rival to nan PGA circuit successful 2022. McIlroy was nan figurehead for nan PGA, and powerfully backed nan tour.

In nan 2nd bid of nan Netflix documentary Full Swing, filmed past summer, you spot McIlroy sacrificing his ain crippled successful bid to guidelines up for what he believes in. He muses connected really 'off' his crippled is, confessing: ': 'I s**t myself pinch near pins. My method isn't anyplace adjacent wherever it utilized to be.'

And he tells nan documentary: 'It's each consuming. It's a afloat clip occupation playing play and having each nan different stuff. You get fatigued. I had to inquire myself a batch of questions. It's truthful difficult.'

Just earlier nan US Open he discovers that nan warring sides person travel to an statement – and he didn't moreover cognize that nan announcement was coming.

'Why did I discarded 12 months of my life to conflict for thing that was ever going to travel backmost together again?' he says.

There was wide sympathy for Rory McIlroy connected nan circuit – and its nary astonishment that immoderate of it came from Amanda Balionis.

She tells nan doc: 'It's truthful uncommon that PGA circuit players return connected nan work that we've seen Rory McIlroy return on.

'How tin he beryllium truthful invested into what's going connected betwixt LIV and nan PGA Tour and spell retired location and hit nan different 150 champion players successful nan world? That's not a sustainable spot to unrecorded of an already afloat sheet and putting nan PGA Tour connected your back.'

Did this sympathy blossom into love? Certainly location are signs that they started to go much intimately aligned.

Another root who is adjacent to McIlroy said: 'No 1 will beryllium amazed that Rory has personification other lined up. It's textbook behaviour. Look backmost astatine his emotion life. This isn't a feline who likes to beryllium alone. The adjacent conquest ALWAYS appears earlier nan existent 1 goes. I've known nan feline a agelong time, and location is ever an overlap.

He added: 'I deliberation he and Amanda are close, and location are tons of rumours circulating, but I've not seen them together. I show you what, though, I wouldn't beryllium amazed – she's his type.

'She's blonde which is his preference. I was very adjacent to Rory erstwhile his narration pinch Caroline ended, and we were telling him not to beryllium rash. But he was hopeless to move connected erstwhile he'd made nan decision. He'd decided he wanted personification who was homely and not dashing astir each complete nan spot astatine sports events. Now he's saturated pinch homely and is bound to spell for personification dashing astir each complete nan spot and going to sports events. It's funny, really. Caroline must beryllium laughing her socks off.'

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