Regina’s Globe Theatre announces return with four new shows

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After 4 and a half years of construction, 1 of Regina’s astir historical theatres will erstwhile again unfastened its doors to nan public.

The theatre is 1 of nan only fixed theatre-in-the-round-style theatres successful North America.

“We are truthful excited to unfastened up and really return our spot again successful downtown Regina and really show disconnected really nan arts is conscionable specified a portion of really we unrecorded our lives and really we stock and pass pinch each other,” Globe Theatre creator head Jennifer Brewin said.

Regina’s Globe Theatre is celebrating nan return of its theatre to nan information shape connected Scarth Street pinch brand-new shows.

The first show to invited audiences backmost will beryllium Peter Pan pinch shows from Nov. 27 to Dec. 22, 2024.

“This classical story, pinch a caller book reimagined by nan unthinkable Canadian squad astatine Bad Hats Theatre, invites you connected an escapade to Neverland pinch Wendy, Peter, Tinkerbell, Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and each nan beloved characters you cognize (or judge you know!),” nan Globe Theatre outlined.

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In February 2025, portion of Canada’s history will beryllium told pinch Women of nan Fur Trade.

“Mixing humanities truth and modern fiction, Women of nan Fur Trade is adjacent parts exploration and ceremony of nan brewing rebellion connected nan ‘reddish river’ and nan ‘hot-nerd’ that led it, Louis Riel, arsenic told by nan women who lived it.”

Next March, Robert Darling’s Steel Magnolias will deed nan stage.

“This classical story, inspired by life of nan playwright’s sister, invites america into a world of large hairsbreadth and large personalities arsenic we research that hindrance america together done nan lives of six Louisiana women and their section hairsbreadth salon.”

Finally, nan 2024-25 play will adjacent retired pinch Bring It On: The Musical.

“Celebrating teamwork, ambition, and thrust this razor crisp drama is nan cleanable measurement to information retired our first play backmost successful our caller (old) home.”

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Brewin said she feels incredibly excited to person audiences backmost successful nan theatre aft specified a agelong wait.

“It was specified difficult activity getting america here,” she explained. “It’s breathtaking and incredibly moving because I consciousness for illustration location are truthful fewer opportunities to observe what we are bully astatine successful this world. I consciousness for illustration this building and this renewal is specified an emblem of what we are bully at.

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Bats, deficiency of abstraction and aging infrastructure are conscionable a fewer of nan issues that sparked nan historical downtown shape to beryllium closed.

Audiences tin expect bigger aisles, bigger seats and cupholders.

But that’s conscionable adjacent your seat. The shape accumulation is besides getting a immense lift. A caller catwalk will beryllium built supra nan stage, which will let for caller and innovative lighting techniques.

The task faced aggregate delays owed to nan COVID-19 pandemic, rising building costs, and unforeseen structural challenges successful nan 117-year-old practice building.

After an original estimate of $29 cardinal successful 2019, nan project’s last measure is adjacent to $45 million.

Season subscriptions are connected waste now astatine nan Globe Theatre container agency (306-525-6400) and

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