Rally in Cobourg, Ont. demands answers for toddler’s death at daycare one year ago

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On nan day of a toddler recovered dormant astatine a daycare conscionable northbound Cobourg, Ont., residents held a rally connected Saturday demanding answers from officials.

Northumberland OPP opportunity on May 25, 2023, a woman was recovered dead aft she was reported missing from an “address successful Hamilton Township.” Witnesses opportunity nan assemblage of woman was recovered wrong a septic vessel connected nan spot of nan Watch Me Grow Daycare successful nan hamlet of Baltimore.

Family and friends person identified nan woman arsenic two-year-old Vienna Rose Irwin.

OPP on Friday issued a little statement saying nan girl’s decease remains nether investigation. To day nary charges person been laid. No different specifications person been provided connected nan investigation.

And nan astir 100 residents who rallied Saturday opportunity that’s inadequate. Lined on Division Street, galore held signs pinch butterflies that publication “#JusticeForVienna” arsenic drivers passing by honked nan horns of their vehicles successful support.

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“Many of america who are parents person put our kids successful daycare, having trusted group pinch our kids, our hearts stepping extracurricular of us,” said protagonist Lindsay Cox. “It could person been me. It could person been my friend. It could person been anyone that day.”

Vanessa Stadeke and Heath Field, friends of Vienna’s parents, opportunity nan organization needs an mentation into Vienna’s decease to thief recover.

“Saying her sanction is really difficult because she deserved truthful overmuch more,” Field said. “She was beautiful. She was this vulnerable small thing.”

Along pinch grief, they opportunity there’s anger astir nan full incident.

“Neglect is 1 thing. This acold surpasses what happened to Vienna,” Field said.

Added Stadeke: “A small kid doesn’t conscionable extremity up successful a septic tank.”

On her Instagram account, Clarie Irwin, Viennna’s mother, said connected Saturday that her daughter’s decease has been a “nightmare that ne'er ends.”

“One of nan galore difficult things is trying to fig retired who we are now without you,” Irwin said. “And missing who we usage to be. Add connected nan compounded trauma of really you were taken from america is an added layer.”

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Field and Stadeke said nan deficiency of accusation from investigators has led to galore mendacious rumours wrong nan community, including that nan incident was deemed an mishap aliases that nan investigation was concluded.

“That’s a immense point that hasn’t helped nan parents done this,” Field said.

The “Justice for Vienna” activity has dispersed to neighbouring communities wherever butterfly murals painted by Cox tin beryllium recovered successful nan windows of businesses.

“Somebody retired location knows an answer, something, accusation that they haven’t travel guardant with,” Cox said.

Irwin successful her station thanked nan organization and friends for their support complete nan past year, stating, “We request you much than you know.”

Field said they’ll support fighting for Vienna.

“The truth will travel retired and justness will beryllium served,” she said. “And until it does, this is what we’re going to support doing.”

 'OPP proceed to analyse toddler’s daycare decease adjacent Cobourg 1 twelvemonth later'

2:15 OPP proceed to analyse toddler’s daycare decease adjacent Cobourg 1 twelvemonth later

— pinch files from Germain Ma/Global News Peterborough

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