Rachel Lindsay Says It’s ‘Interesting’ Jenn Tran Wasn’t 1st Choice for ‘Bachelorette’ Lead

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Rachel Lindsay whitethorn not watch The Bachelorette aft her clip connected nan show, but she exclusively tells Life & Style that it’s “interesting” that Jenn Tran wasn’t nan first prime arsenic nan play 21 lead.

“I do deliberation it’s absorbing that since I’ve made that connection that it’s travel retired that she wasn’t their first choice,” nan attorney, 39, says astir her past statement rejoicing astatine Jenn’s casting decision. “And I dislike that that’s for illustration a taxable that’s attached to her travel because it really should beryllium astir her. So, alternatively than focusing connected it being historical successful thing that nan franchise is doing, I’d alternatively conscionable attraction connected Jenn. And I’m excited for her to hopefully get each nan things that she wants.”

Rachel, who collaborated pinch Clairol and Glamsquad to bring free haircare to people’s homes this summer, besides tells Life & Style that being nan lead of a Bachelor franchise is simply a “learning experience.”

“You really study what you want for yourself and who you are because you’re detached from each nan things that you usually are fixated connected successful existent life,” nan TV big says. “So, I dream that you cognize she learns a batch astir herself and emotion and what she desires arsenic she goes done each of this and beyond.”

Rachel appeared connected play 13 of The Bachelorette and concluded filming nan play aft she accepted her estranged hubby Bryan Abasolo’s proposal. The mates tied nan knot connected August 24, 2019, successful Cancún and built their lives successful Los Angeles. Rachel and Bryan, 44, ended their matrimony connected January 2, 2024.

Hours aft filing for divorce, Bryan announced their separation via Instagram.

“After much than 4 years of marriage, Rachel and I person made nan difficult determination to portion ways and commencement anew. My parents person been joined everlastingly and I’m a family man but sometimes loving yourself and your partner intends you must fto go,” he captioned nan post. “I wanted you to perceive it from nan root earlier nan blogs commencement making up their ain reality. Please respect nan spaces of our family and friends arsenic we fig retired our adjacent steps. Respectfully, Bryan.”

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The estranged duo are presently surviving nether nan aforesaid tile arsenic they navigate nan finalization of their divorce. Bryan requested emergency spousal support from Rachel successful tribunal documents obtained by Us Weekly successful May.

“I want to move retired of our Family Residence arsenic soon arsenic possible, but maintaining our modular of surviving is not financially feasible astatine this time,” Bryan, who requested a judge to bid [Rachel] to salary $75,000, reportedly said successful nan tribunal documents. “I placed my profession arsenic a chiropractor connected clasp to move doubly for Rachel’s career. These moves were detrimental to my chiropractic business, while Rachel’s income and occurrence arsenic a media characteristic skyrocketed.”

Weeks later, Rachel revealed that she and Bryan did not motion a prenup. However, she now claimed that her “hindsight is 20/20,” and she “would’ve” insisted connected a prenup.

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