Public Works Committee hears from residents on transit overhaul

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The Public Works Committee began its marathon gathering Tuesday arsenic it group to perceive from residents and different organization stakeholders connected nan projected Primary Transit Network Service Implementation Plan.

If approved by committee, and later council, it would spot Winnipeg Transit undertake a modernization erstwhile it comes to its transit routes, establishing caller accelerated transit “spines” that are supported by smaller organization “feeder” routes.

Chair of nan Public Works Committee Janice Lukes said this is simply a big, but necessary, undertaking for nan city, but says if nan scheme comes into effect, nan metropolis will request to support an oculus connected wherever adjustments tin beryllium made to amended things.

“After nan routes person been implemented successful July of adjacent year, successful 1 year’s clip nan section will travel back, they’ll stitchery feedback, ‘Do you for illustration it, don’t you for illustration it?’, past they tin make changes,” Lukes said.

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“So possibly it’s a twelvemonth of nary transit [in immoderate areas], possibly it’s a twelvemonth of transit connected nan greenway. It tin alteration aft a year.”

Opinions astir nan scheme are comparatively mixed, pinch immoderate successful favour and others opposed to nan imaginable changes. For Wolseley residents, 1 of those changes is nan removal of Route 10 from nan neighbourhood.

Residents who advocated for nan way to stay successful nan organization opportunity if nan committee removes nan route, nan added region successful bid to locomotion to Portage Avenue aliases Maryland and Sherbrook Street would make transit much difficult to entree for those pinch mobility issues.

Brian Pincott, spokesperson pinch Functional Transit Winnipeg, is successful favour of nan plan, saying it’s basal successful bid to champion support nan early of transit going forward. For him, nan biggest situation for nan metropolis is not getting bogged down pinch individual needs and wants, but focusing connected really transit tin champion service arsenic galore residents arsenic possible, noting nan metropolis will request crystal-clear connection pinch transit riders erstwhile nan changes travel into effect.

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“The level of engagement that’s required for erstwhile it’s rolled out, we request 40 summertime students astir nan metropolis arsenic ‘transit ambassadors’ helping group understand nan system.,” explained Pincott.

“That’s nan level of committedness that’s required … to make judge this is successful.”

If approved astatine committee and council, nan caller transit scheme would travel into effect June 29, 2025.

 'Winnipeg transit riders look guardant to imaginable way strategy changes'

2:01 Winnipeg transit riders look guardant to imaginable way strategy changes

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