Princess Charlene of Monaco cuts a glamorous figure at the principality's Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday

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Looking statuesque successful a designer jumpsuit pinch her cropped hairsbreadth impeccably style Princess Charlene of Monaco displayed nan aforesaid elegance and poise her precocious mother-in-law Grace Kelly was known for, arsenic she attended the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco connected Sunday.

It's rather nan turnaround for nan mother-of-two, 46, who attended with her hubby Prince Albert of Monaco, 66, who successful caller years has been notably absent from nationalist life for important swathes of time. 

In 2021, she alarmed fans by spending astir of nan twelvemonth successful her autochthonal South Africa, posting a bid of photos connected societal media wherever she looked worryingly frail. 

But yesterday, successful a smart navy bluish jumpsuit by Louis Vuitton and a brace of ample achromatic sunglasses by nan aforesaid French designer, elegant Charlene was each inch nan glamorous and assured European royal. 

Princess Charlene of Monaco (pictured) trim an elegant fig successful a navy bluish jumpsuit by Louis Vuitton connected Sunday

The royal, 46, sported a brace of Louis Vuitton sunglasses, only adding to nan glamourous look

Princess Charlene smiled arsenic she embraced the winner, Ferrari's Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc (left)

With a double-breasted blazer and wide-leg trousers, nan jumpsuit was a stylish replacement to nan much feminine dresses that different guests chose to wear. 

Charlene, a person of fashion, completed her outfit pinch a brace of £890 Louis Vuitton slingback pumps successful achromatic and beige and nan designer's Ombre Blossom extra-large hoops successful pinkish golden and diamonds.

With her short blond hairsbreadth brushed to 1 broadside and only subtle make-up, nan smiling mother-of-twins looked fresh-faced astatine nan event, which saw her clasp nan winner, Ferrari's Monegasque driver Charles Leclerc, arsenic he took to nan podium to declare his trophy. 

Prince Albert, meanwhile, looked typically smart successful a navy blazer and a brace of pick trousers.

Charlene is successful her autochthonal South Africa successful 2021. She infamously shaved her caput successful nan style of a punk rocker and appeared notably frail successful societal media snaps

Charlene sparked interest successful October 2021 erstwhile she was pictured looking frail during an extended enactment successful her autochthonal South Africa 

To protect himself from nan sun, he sported an arena headdress on pinch a brace of acheronian sunglasses, some of which he removed erstwhile it came to congratulate Leclerc. 

Sources person antecedently claimed that Charlene's translator is down to her expanding devotion to her Catholic faith, arsenic good arsenic nan adjacent proximity of her parents Lynette and Mike who person joined her relative successful nan principality from their autochthonal South Africa to support nan Princess. 

The mates person moved much than 8000 miles from their location successful nan suburbs of Johannesburg, to unrecorded permanently successful nan Monaco area.

So arsenic to beryllium arsenic adjacent to their girl arsenic possible, they person moved into an imposing spot successful La Turbie, a French colony adjacent doorway to nan taxation haven principality wherever their girl lives successful regal splendour betwixt a scope of properties.

'It has made nan world of difference,' said a palace root successful Monte Carlo who has known Albert and Charlene since earlier their wedding.

'The Wittstocks person moved into a location that's conscionable a fewer minutes' thrust distant from Charlene, and they meet each nan time.

'They make her consciousness safe and secure, and punctual her of nan acold much carefree life she enjoyed successful South Africa earlier becoming a Monaco princess.'

Charlene's brother, Gareth Wittstock, 42, first moved to Monaco to 'make judge his sister was being looked after' a decade ago, and her 2nd brother, 40-year-old Sean Wittstock, is 'on nan telephone each time from South Africa,' said nan source.

Yesterday's outing was a further motion that nan erstwhile Olympic swimmer, has good and genuinely put her wellness woes down her aft she spent almost a twelvemonth distant from nan Mediterranean principality successful her autochthonal South Africa, undergoing curen for an unspecified condition.

The rumour mill went into overdrive erstwhile Charlene spent astir of 2021 distant from her hubby aft returning to her autochthonal South Africa for what was expected to beryllium a month-long trip.

She wasn't pictured successful Monaco from January 2021 until March 2022, citing a sinus rumor which stopped her from flying.

She missed nan seventh day of her twins Gabriella and Jacques and her tenth wedding day pinch Albert.

In interviews astatine nan time, Albert explained he had stepped up to play a bigger domiciled successful his children's lives arsenic nan family coped pinch Charlene's ongoing wellness issues.

A tumultuous 2 years for Princess Charlene that saw her walk 10 months successful South Africa distant from her children, admitted to a curen installation successful Switzerland and onslaught a rumoured £10 cardinal a twelvemonth woody pinch Albert  


January 27 - Charlene is pictured pinch Albert for nan Sainte Devote Ceremony successful Monaco.

March 18 - Charlene is pictured astatine nan memorial for nan precocious Zulu monarch, King Goodwill Zwelithini astatine nan KwaKhethomthandayo Royal Palace successful Nongoma, South Africa

April 2 - Charlene posts an Instagram image of herself, Albert and their twins Jacques and Gabriella for Easter from an chartless locatoin. 

May 8 - Albert, Jacques and Gabriella be a Grand Prix arena successful Monaco without Charlene

May 18 - Charlene shares her first image from her conservation travel successful South Africa

June 3 - New photos look of Charlene connected her conservation trip

June 5 - Charlene puts connected a agreed beforehand arsenic she shares a photograph pinch her family to people her niece's 5th day pinch her brother's family and Albert and nan twins successful South Africa

June 24 - Charlene's instauration releases a connection saying nan royal is incapable to recreation and is undergoing procedures for an ear, chemoreceptor and pharynx infection

July 2 - Charlene and Albert people their 10th day separately. 'This twelvemonth will beryllium nan first clip that I'm not pinch my hubby connected our day successful July, which is difficult, and it saddens me,' Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene said successful a statement.

August 13 - Charlene undergoes a four-hour operation. The logic is not announced

August 25 - Charlene shares photos of Prince Albert, Gabriella and Jacques visiting her successful South Africa

September 1 - Charlene is admitted nether an othername to nan Netcare Alberlito Hospital aft abruptly 'collapsing'

September 2 - Charlene is discharged, pinch a connection from nan Palais Princier reading: 'Her Highness is intimately monitored by Her aesculapian squad who said that Her information was not worrying'

September 30 - Charlene releases a stylish video promoting her anti-poaching run from her South African bolthole

October 3 - Princess Charlene shares a photograph of herself smiling successful beforehand of a book successful her first threat since being discharged from infirmary pursuing her wellness scare

October 6 - Albert tells RMC power Charlene is 'ready to travel home'

October 8 2021 - Princess undergoes much room successful South Africa

November 8 - Charlene arrives backmost successful Monaco. Prince Albert said wrong hours it became clear she was 'unwell'

November 13 2021  - Prince Albert attends Expo 2020 successful Dubai without Princess Charlene. Following his return from nan trip, Prince Albert holds an involution pinch Charlene's brothers and a sister-in-law successful which Charlene 'confirmed' she would activity 'real medically-framed treatment' extracurricular of Monaco

November 16 - Royal family confirms Princess Charlene will not be National Day celebrations connected November 19

November 17 - Prince Albert reveals Princess Charlene has near Monaco and is recovering successful a concealed location

November 19 - Prince Albert reveals Charlene is successful a curen installation 'elsewhere successful Europe' aft a family intervention

November 25 - Sources show Page Six Princess Charlene 'almost died' aft sinus room and 'lost astir half her assemblage weight' owed to being 'unable to swallow'. They besides said it was 'unfair' to represent her arsenic struggling pinch intelligence wellness issues 

December 11 - Royal breaks her soundlessness connected Instagram to wish her twins Jacques and Gabriella a happy seventh birthday

December 24 - Princess Charlene of Monaco is still 'months from recovery' but will reunite pinch Prince Albert and their twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriela for Christmas astatine curen centre


January 25 - Princess Charlene celebrates her 44th day alone: Royal shares slideshow of snaps from happier times featuring Prince Albert, their children and her swimming profession arsenic she continues to person curen extracurricular of Monaco

March 14 - Palace announces that Charlene is backmost successful Monaco but will take clip to 'further fortify her wellness earlier gradually resuming her charismatic duties'

April 17 - Charlene is pictured for nan first clip successful a family image to observe Easter

April 30 - Charlene makes her first nationalist quality since leaving a curen installation arsenic she attends Monaco E-Prix pinch Prince Albert

May 7 - The royal makes her 2nd nationalist quality astatine nan Sainte Dévote Rugby Tournament 

May 10 - French media claims Prince Albert has agreed to salary his wife £10million a twelvemonth to make judge she fulfils her consort role 

May 25 - Princess Charlene continues her return to nationalist life astatine Monte Carlo Fashion Awards pinch girl Princess Gabriella 

May 28 - Princess Charlene continues her return to nationalist life arsenic she joins Prince Albert astatine F1 successful Monaco for nan first clip since 2019 

June 6 - Prince Albert says he was wounded by nan 'vicious' rumours astir his wife's absence from Monaco and his family 'missed nan princess a lot' 

June 16 - Princess Charlene appears sombre successful all-black ensemble for Catholic festival 

June 18 - Princess Charlene of Monaco looks glamorous successful all-green ensemble arsenic she steps retired pinch Prince Albert for nan Monte Carlo TV Festival opening ceremony 

June 23 - Albert and Charlene be a subject accumulation opening pinch their children successful Oslo - her first overseas sojourn since returning to nationalist duties

July 4 - Albert and Charlene! Monaco royals clasp hands successful caller image to people 11 years of marriage

July 5 - Charlene visits nan Princess Grace Hospital Centre successful her first solo engagement since her return to Monaco 

July 9 - Albert attends Monaco's Rose Ball without his wife, contempt it being nan item of nan societal calendar

July 18 - Royal joins Prince Albert astatine nan 73rd Red Cross Gala successful Monte Carlo 

July 20 - Couple sojourn The Vatican for a backstage assemblage pinch Pope Francis 

September 4 - Charlene joins Prince Albert and their children Gabriella and Jacques for a uncommon family quality astatine accepted picnic successful Monaco 

September 6 - Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco return their twins Jacques and Gabriella, 7, to people for their first time backmost aft nan summertime holiday

September 12 - Couple be a memorial work for nan precocious Queen Elizabeth II

September 19 - Princess Charlene attends nan Queen's ceremonial successful London alongside her hubby Prince Albert 

October 4-5 - Princess Charlene wows connected a solo astonishment sojourn to Paris Fashion Week

October 21 - Princess Charlene of Monaco makes affectional solo sojourn to an animal shelter arsenic she sends 'all her love' to fans pursuing her return to royal duties

November 8 - Royal mates be nan annual Princess Grace Awards successful New York 

November 16 - Princess Charlene attends Monaco's Red Cross Christmas gift distribution pinch Prince Albert 

November 19-20 - Princess Charlene attends Monaco National Day celebrations pinch Prince Albert and presents awards astatine 2022 World Rugby Awards ceremony

December 2 - Princess Charlene takes her seven-year-old twins to Monaco Christmas colony on pinch her exemplary niece Charlotte Casiraghi

December 13 - Attends Monaco's Red Cross Christmas gift distribution pinch her hubby Prince Albert 

December 14 - Family be Christmas character ceremonial successful Monaco 

December 15 - Princess Charlene of Monaco reveals she feels 'much better' and has 'much much energy' aft lengthy wellness situation successful an question and reply pinch Monaco Matin - nan first since returning to royal duties

December 21 - Royals merchandise a stylish family Christmas card

December 23 - 'Proud' Prince Albert praises Princess Charlene for 'turning it astir successful an unthinkable way' aft lengthy wellness crisis, saying she had a 'very reliable year' 

Upon her return to nan principality, Albert claimed she was 'overwhelmed' and 'unwell' and had to cheque into a backstage session successful Switzerland to beryllium treated for 'exhaustion'. 

Speaking to People mag astatine nan time, Albert said nan family reunion successful Monaco initially went 'pretty well' successful nan first fewer hours, but it past became 'pretty evident' that Charlene was 'unwell.'

He said nan erstwhile Olympian 'realised she needed help', adding: 'She was overwhelmed and couldn't look charismatic duties, life successful wide aliases moreover family life.'

The Monegasque royals appeared to beryllium enjoying nan arena together, pinch Charlene putting her limb astir her hubby astatine 1 constituent and leaning successful towards him arsenic he was speaking.

Whilst she was capable to disguise immoderate awkwardness, Charlene whitethorn good person been anxious astir bumping into Prince Albert's erstwhile mistress, who was besides successful attendance connected Sunday. 

Earlier successful nan day, Nicole Coste - who dated Albert successful concealed for 7 years and shares a boy pinch nan royal - posted connected her Instagram that she would beryllium attending nan event. 

The manner designer, who met nan royal while moving arsenic a formation attendant successful 1997, shared a photograph of herself dressed successful a achromatic trench overgarment and admiring the view from nan venue.

Aligning herself pinch nan Ferrari team, Nicole gushed: 'We are waiting for nan triumph of Charles Leclerc nan the country’s child. Loving this jacket!'

The Monegasque royals appeared to beryllium enjoying nan arena together pinch Charlene putting her limb astir her hubby astatine 1 point

Charlene beamed arsenic she embraced Leclerc arsenic he took to nan podium to declare his trophy 

Prince Albert, 66, looked connected arsenic his stunning wife, a erstwhile Olympian swimmer, posed for nan cameras 

Prince Albert prepared to unfastened a immense vessel of champagne to congratulate Leclerc 

Both Princess Charlene and Prince Albert were beaming arsenic Leclerc sprayed his teammates pinch nan champagne 

Albert and Nicole's liaison became nan best-kept concealed successful Monaco society. Although they some attended reddish carpet events and mixed pinch socialites and celebrities, nan mostly of Albert's subjects knew thing of nan relationship.

Ahead of her 2011 wedding to Prince Albert, Charlene reportedly fell retired pinch Nicole aft she put her step-son Alexandre up successful nan Palace's unit wing.

While she has antecedently had a frosty narration pinch Albert excessively - claiming he 'doesn't want to spot his son' - she has precocious lavished praise connected nan monarch.

On his birthday, Nicole shared a photograph pinch him. The caption read: 'Happy day Albert. The world will recognise you arsenic The Loyal, nan Dignity, nan KING'.

In November 2022, she shared different changeable of Albert pinch Alexandre and Jazmin successful New York, New York, pinch nan cheeky caption: ' Paternally king'.

Charlene leaned successful arsenic her husband, who sported acheronian sunglasses and an arena cap, was speaking 

Princess Charlene has shared a saccharine photograph pinch her twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella to people Monaco's Mother's Day

The Monaco royals were further rattled earlier this twelvemonth erstwhile Prince Albert's erstwhile accountant made a drawstring of allegations about their finances. 

He claimed that Princess Charlene hired forbidden immigrants connected little than £90-a-day while her individual spending allowance rocketed to much than £1million-a-year.

Claude Palmero, 67, was successful complaint of palace finances for much than 2 decades but stepped down successful July 2023 aft he was targeted by an anti-corruption website.

His 'secret notebooks' detailing nan spending of nan Monaco royal family person now been shared pinch French newspaper Le Monde, and it was nan 'illegal migrants' who made up overmuch of Charlene's full-time individual unit of 8 that Mr Palmero was peculiarly worried about.

'Her Serene Highness nan Princess makes group activity for her who are not compliant,' Mr Palmero warned Prince Albert, besides referring to 'a moonlighting Filipino female who ties up dogs successful nan shower.'

In a missive written successful January 2017, he said different worker from nan Philippines had been 'illegal for 5 years', contempt solely being connected a one-month tourer visa.

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