Pope Francis shocks bishops by allegedly saying gay men should not be admitted to church seminaries because 'there's already too much f*****ry'

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  • Bishops told Italian media nan comments were met pinch 'incredulous laughter'

By Elena Salvoni

Published: 16:40 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 16:44 EDT, 27 May 2024

Pope Francis has allegedly shocked bishops successful Italy by utilizing an violative slur erstwhile saying that homosexual men should not beryllium admitted to religion seminaries because location is already 'too much' cheery intersexual activity.

The pontiff told an episcopal convention astatine nan Vatican that homosexual men should not beryllium allowed into colleges to train for nan priesthood, Italian media reports.

Bishops astatine nan gathering were reportedly taken aback by nan connection he utilized to make this connection - nan derogatory connection 'frociaggine', which astir translates to f*****ry.

The remark was met pinch 'incredulous laughter', bishops told newspaper Corriere della Sera. They suggested that it was an honorable correction by nan Pope, for whom Italian is simply a 2nd language, and that he did not cognize really violative nan connection was.

The alleged comments, which look to spell against recent moves to amend seminary admittance rules, person travel arsenic a astonishment to immoderate successful nan religion arsenic Francis is known for taking a much wide position than his predecessors connected LGBT rights.

Born successful Buenos Aires, Argentina, Francis' first connection is Spanish, and though he is fluent successful Italian he has made a number of linguistic faux pas successful nan past

When asked astir his views connected homosexuality successful 2013, he famously said: 'If personification is cheery and he searches for nan Lord and has bully will, who americium I to judge?'

Last year, he described laws that criminalise homosexuality arsenic a 'sin' and an 'injustice', and allowed Catholic priests to bless same-sex couples successful a important beforehand for LGBT authorities successful nan church.

The reports astir nan closed-door gathering connected May 20 travel aft bishops approved a archive regulating admittance to Italian seminaries, according to Corriere. 

The insubstantial reported that members 'approved by mostly ballot an amendment that recognized nan favoritism betwixt elemental homosexual predisposition and 'deeply rooted tendencies.'

This, it suggests, intends 'in substance, that a homosexual personification could beryllium admitted to nan seminary if, for illustration nan heterosexual, he gave nan guarantee that he knows really to unrecorded nan subject of celibacy.'

However, it reportedly implies 'that it is much difficult for homosexuals because they will beryllium surviving successful an all-male organization for galore years.'

Francis' latest remarks propose he is taking 'a much radical' position connected nan issue, by preventing cheery men from being allowed to subordinate altogether. 

The Holy See has not approved nan document, according to reports, and nan rumor is still nether discussion. 

The comments were allegedly made successful a closed-door gathering up of nan conference. Pictured: The opening convention of nan 79th wide assembly of nan Italian Bishops Conference

The 2005 Vatican document, which was endorsed by Francis successful 2016, states that nan Church 'cannot admit to nan seminary aliases to beatified orders those who practice homosexuality, coming deep-seated homosexual tendencies aliases support nan alleged "gay culture."'

There is truthful acold nary charismatic grounds of nan Pope's latest comments connected nan issue.

Born successful Buenos Aires, Argentina, Francis' first connection is Spanish, and though he is fluent successful Italian he has made a number of linguistic faux pas successful nan past. 

He has antecedently said that if a boy is unsure astir his sexuality and is facing intelligence wellness challenges he mightiness request 'psychiatric' support.

It wide believed he alternatively meant 'psychological' help, words he has besides confused connected different occasions.

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