Peterborough police use stun gun on suspect in domestic assault case

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An serviceman deployed a stun gun in nan apprehension of a man successful a domestic assault incident successful Peterborough, Ont., early Saturday.

Peterborough police opportunity conscionable earlier 1 a.m., officers received a disturbance telephone astatine a residence connected Sydenham Road.

Officers could perceive nan disturbance erstwhile they arrived, and tried to make interaction by knocking connected nan door, but received nary response.

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They entered nan location wherever they recovered an injured female and encountered a man who allegedly disregarded repeated demands from officers.

Eventually, an serviceman utilized a conducted power limb and nan man was taken into custody.

Officers learned nan man had kicked nan female and held a broad complete her head. She was taken to nan Peterborough Regional Health Centre for treatment.

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Police opportunity arsenic nan man was being taken retired of nan residence, he resisted and respective times kicked and struck an serviceman successful nan leg.

The 37-year-old man from Peterborough was arrested and charged pinch spousal assault, spousal battle pinch a weapon, battle pinch intent to defy apprehension and nonaccomplishment to comply pinch a probation order.

He was held successful custody and appeared successful play and statutory vacation tribunal later Saturday.

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