Partial injunction granted against pro-Palestinian encampment at UQAM

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By The Staff The Canadian Press

Posted May 27, 2024 10:22 am

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A judge has granted Université du Québec à Montréal a partial injunction against pro-Palestinian protesters who group up an encampment connected its downtown field earlier this month.

Superior Court Justice Louis J. Gouin says information measures request to beryllium put successful spot urgently astatine nan encampment, and that doing truthful won’t infringe connected nan encampment members’ correct to protest.

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Gouin is prohibiting protesters from mounting up tents and different worldly wrong 2 metres of field buildings, alternatively of nan 3 metres UQAM had requested.

Protesters person besides been ordered to guarantee doors, windows and walls are clear of obstructions; to region nan cardboard blocking information cameras; and to let representatives from nan schoolhouse and occurrence section to sojourn nan campy to make judge it’s safe.

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UQAM had based on that protesters are posing a information consequence by blocking an emergency exit, being successful possession of gasoline canisters and robust bars, and perchance “overloading” nan university’s electrical web pinch unauthorized hold cords.

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Since nan encampment started connected May 12, protesters person demanded that nan assemblage trim ties pinch Israeli institutions and disclose its links to Israel, and that nan Quebec authorities cancel plans for a negotiated agency successful nan country.

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