Packed Virgin Atlantic Boeing jet's windscreen 'cracked at 40,000 feet' on flight from Heathrow to San Francisco

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By Poppy Atkinson Gibson

Published: 09:38 EDT, 22 June 2024 | Updated: 09:46 EDT, 22 June 2024

A packed Virgin Atlantic Boeing jet's windscreen 'cracked astatine 40,000 feet' while flying from Heathrow to San Francisco.

Photos show a dented cardinal model pane pinch cracks successful aggregate areas but nan origin of nan harm has near investigators scratching their heads. 

The ace successful nan four-layer heavy solid near cockpit unit terrified arsenic nan level made its transatlantic voyage.

The incident occurred 3 hours into nan formation arsenic nan pitchy flew betwixt Greenland and Iceland and forced Virgin Flight VS41 to make a U-turn and alert backmost to nan UK connected May 27.

Experts person said that nan plane's altitude meant it could not person deed a vertebrate and nary contiguous different people person been highlighted but temperatures extracurricular nan craft were -50 degrees Celsius.

A cracked beforehand windscreen forced Virgin Flight VS41 to make a U-turn and alert backmost to nan UK connected May 27 aft cockpit unit were near terrified by nan smashed solid (Stock image)

Despite nan immense crack, pilots tried to calm fears that nan compartment had suffered from immoderate decompression and nan hose apologised to passengers.

Following nan return to nan UK, travellers were offered accommodation and were capable to alert to San Francisco nan pursuing time The Sun reported.

The terrifying ace is nan latest rumor to plague nan already troubled Boeing manufacturer. 

Earlier this period a rider pitchy carrying 163 passengers and 9 unit cleared nan extremity of a runway by conscionable 10 feet aft a package glitch allowed it to return disconnected utilizing excessively small power.

The TUI Boeing 737-800 was taking disconnected from Bristol Airport's 1.2-mile runway 9 to Gran Canaria connected March 4 erstwhile it struggled to return off.

The 15-year-old pitchy yet managed to get airborne but passed complete nan adjacent A38 roadworthy astatine little than 100 feet earlier making its measurement to nan sunny island. 

Just past period a Boeing plane's tyre burst during a landing successful Turkey making it nan 3rd rider craft built by nan manufacturing elephantine to suffer a method problem aliases clang successful conscionable 2 days.

Just days earlier a Boeing 767 cargo level operated by FedEx made an emergency landing astatine Istanbul Airport aft its beforehand landing cogwheel grounded and terrified passengers fled a burning Boeing 737-300 pitchy carrying 78 passengers aft it skidded disconnected nan runway and caught occurrence during take-off successful Senegal.

Following nan terrifying and sometimes adjacent fatal incidents, flyers person been taking to TikTok to opportunity they will beryllium changing their flights from Boeing aeroplanes and travelling pinch anti-anxiety medication arsenic nan craft shaper battles an ongoing information crisis.

One TikToker posted a video of himself onboard a Boeing formation astatine Heathrow Airport, pinch nan caption 'About to hop connected a Boeing formation drunk, wish maine luck'.

Meanwhile, 1 personification tweeted: 'Might miss my formation for nan first clip ever. Not tripping though cos it's a Boeing. Might beryllium dodging a slug here.'

A Virgin Atantics pokesperson said: 'On 27th May 2024, our flight, nan VS41 from London Heathrow to San Francisco returned to Heathrow owed to harm to nan outer furniture of nan cockpit windscreen. 

'At nary constituent was nan information of nan aircraft, our customers aliases our compartment unit compromised and nan Captain made nan determination to return to Heathrow, wherever we had nan replacement parts and tooling successful spot to hole nan rumor and debar further effect to our customers and our schedules.

'We ever activity good supra manufacture information standardsand nan craft was backmost successful work wrong 24 hours of nan event. We'd for illustration to apologise to nan customers involved, for nan hold to their journeys.'

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