Our results (so far) from a TikTok-viral laser hair removal device

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As we get fresh for shorts and bathing suit season, saying goodbye to unwanted hairsbreadth is simply a apical privilege for galore (including me).

I first dabbled successful laser hairsbreadth removal pre-pandemic erstwhile I sewage master IPL laser curen connected my look astatine a med spa. At nan time, I was tense astir nan process and didn’t want to return immoderate chances pinch my face. But aft hundreds of dollars and a fewer years, I needed a touch-up. As I was leaving my past assignment a mates of weeks ago, having spent $60 for astir 30 seconds of treatment, I started to investigation at-home laser options.

I knew I wasn’t looking for immoderate budget-friendly tools—laser hairsbreadth removal is not wherever I want to skimp erstwhile it comes to devices! I besides messaged The Curator’s Beauty Editor Adriana Monachino to spot if she had immoderate penetration into devices. She was speedy to nonstop maine a nexus to nan Ulike.

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It’s each nan rage connected TikTok, she quickly texted back, and reviewers declare it’s safe, it useful and it’s pain-free.

I slept connected it and past decided to spell each in. It takes astir 4 weeks to spot nan afloat effects, but arsenic nan lukewarm upwind is quickly approaching, I wanted to stock my results week by week. The Ulike is besides connected waste correct now (don’t hide to adhd nan coupon code!), truthful if you’ve been connected nan fence, now is simply a awesome clip to springiness it a try.

The Air 3 is an IPL laser hairsbreadth removal instrumentality that you tin usage astatine home. You’ll commencement to spot a noticeable simplification of hairsbreadth successful astir 3 weeks. There’s a ‘soft mode’ for your look and bikini area, a ‘body mode’ for legs and arms and a ‘power mode’ for thorax and armpits. The kit comes pinch nan device, a charger, protector glasses and a container to shop everything in.

How it works

Intense Pulse Light Therapy (IPL) is wherever nan ray from nan instrumentality passes done nan skin’s aboveground and is absorbed by nan melanin of nan hairsbreadth follicle. This process fundamentally kills nan hairsbreadth follicle, truthful it doesn’t turn back.

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Now, successful bid for nan ray to beryllium capable to target nan hairsbreadth follicle, location needs to beryllium opposition betwixt nan colour of your hairsbreadth and your tegument tone. The much contrast, nan amended IPL works. Ulike has this floor plan which will thief you fig retired if it’s nan correct hairsbreadth removal method for you.

Our results (so far) from a TikTok-viral laser hairsbreadth removal instrumentality - image


Week 1

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My target areas: Armpits, bikini and legs.

Curator tip: Always do a tegument trial earlier you do a afloat treatment. I did a mini area connected my limb to spot really my tegument reacted. I had nary issues, truthful nan adjacent day, I started.

Step 1: Make judge you shave nan area earlier treatment. The kit comes pinch a useful recreation razor which I used.

Step 2: Plug successful nan instrumentality and clasp down nan powerfulness button. For nan first week, I started pinch ‘soft mode’ conscionable to spot really I would respond to nan treatment.

Step 3: Place nan instrumentality connected your tegument and property nan flashing fastener to activate nan ray pulse. Slowly move nan instrumentality on nan curen area, pressing nan button. For larger areas for illustration my legs, you tin clasp nan fastener down truthful nan ray continuously flashes arsenic you glide nan instrumentality complete your skin.

How often? For nan first 4 weeks, I will dainty 3 times a week.

Results truthful far: This instrumentality is cool to nan touch, truthful moreover though aggravated power is penetrating your skin, nan instrumentality feels cool connected your skin. After I dainty my armpit, I tin consciousness a spot of a stinging sensation for a fewer minutes—but it’s thing that would deter me. No marks of immoderate benignant were near connected my skin, truthful moreover though I don’t request a touch-up connected my look correct now, I wouldn’t hesitate to usage it successful nan future.

Use tons of sunscreen after! Slathering connected your favourite SPF will beryllium cardinal this full time.

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Ulike Air 10

Want to footwear things up a notch? Ulike has conscionable released nan Air 10. It has nan latest exertion and promises results successful conscionable 2 weeks. This instrumentality has dual lights which intends it’s much powerful. Now, it besides comes pinch a bigger value tag, but if you person a batch of unwanted hairsbreadth and it tends to beryllium acheronian and coarse, past this instrumentality is simply a awesome action for you.

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