Opioid deaths in Ontario shelters more than tripled during pandemic, study finds

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A caller study examining information from nan Ontario coroner’s agency and different sources indicates opioid-related deaths successful nan province’s shelters much than tripled during nan COVID-19 pandemic, erstwhile compared pinch a fewer years prior.

The study conducted by researchers from nan Ontario Drug Policy Research Network astatine Toronto’s St. Michael’s Hospital and Public Health Ontario recovered location were 210 accidental opioid deaths successful shelters betwixt January 2018 and May 2022.

It recovered 48 of those deaths took spot earlier nan COVID-19 pandemic took clasp successful mid-March 2020, and 162 were recorded after.

Dr. Tara Gomes, a lead writer of nan study and main interrogator pinch nan Ontario Drug Policy Research Network, said Ontario successful wide saw an summation successful opioid-related deaths during nan pandemic, but that summation was much accelerated successful shelters.

Many of those deaths were driven by nan illicit supplier supply, including fentanyl and benzodiazepines, which are sedatives, she said. Researchers recovered that galore overdose deaths astatine shelters were besides related to nan usage of methamphetamine, which is simply a stimulant that immoderate group usage to antagonistic sedation effects from illicit opioids.

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“It’s really rather a vulnerable business wherever nan illicit proviso has go really unpredictable, really sedating pinch nan different substances that are successful it,” Gomes said successful a telephone interview.

“So group are having to accommodate their usage and usage different drugs, for illustration stimulants specified arsenic methamphetamines, to counteract those effects. And that tin summation nan consequence of harm for this population.”

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The mostly of opioid-related deaths wrong shelters are occurring erstwhile location is cipher coming to intervene, either by utilizing naloxone aliases calling for first responders, Gomes said.

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The study recovered that personification was coming and capable to intervene successful only 1 successful 7 opioid-related deaths wrong shelters successful Ontario.

Gomes said policies that stay successful unit successful immoderate shelters coming punish group if they are recovered to beryllium utilizing illicit substances. That intends group are much apt to hide their supplier usage and usage narcotics successful stairwells aliases successful bathrooms, she said.

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“If they’re utilizing successful those spaces, location often isn’t personification location to admit if they’re successful request of thief and successful request of resuscitation aliases naloxone,” Gomes said.

“There’s a existent interest that immoderate of nan policies that person existed wrong shelters, and nan fearfulness that group person of being kicked retired of a shelter if their constituent usage is noted, is starring to group utilizing narcotics alone. And that’s expanding nan consequence of death.”

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Gomes said inadequate resources wrong shelters to grip nan rising numbers of overdoses, arsenic good arsenic nan rising harms from nan illicit supplier supply, person contributed to nan spike successful opioid-related deaths wrong shelters.

“When you spot a really potent and unpredictable proviso successful a mounting wherever location is simply a batch of usage of narcotics alone, nan harms tin summation moreover much quickly,” she said.

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People who usage narcotics often person friends aliases others who cheque successful connected them, Gomes said, but those networks of support dissolved during nan pandemic and individuals weren’t capable to entree nan aforesaid services they had before.

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The study recovered that half of those who died successful shelters from opioid overdoses during nan pandemic were betwixt 24 and 44 years old, and 3 retired of 4 were men.

The Toronto Public Health portion had nan highest number of opioid-related deaths wrong shelters during nan pandemic play studied, pinch 65 deaths, followed by Ottawa Public Health pinch 20 deaths and Hamilton Public Health pinch 10 deaths.

Gomes said shelter unit request to beryllium trained and person resources to beryllium capable to place and support group who usage drugs.

“It can’t each beryllium conscionable connected (shelter) unit to place and respond,” she said. “But we request to besides deliberation astir really to merge harm simplification and curen services wrong these settings, wherever we cognize a batch of group are astatine consequence of these harms, to thief support them safe.”

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