Ontario Road Trips: Elora is home to gorgeous gorges — and a bit of Hollywood glam

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This article is nan 2nd successful Global News’ Ontario roadworthy trips series, offering getaways to immoderate nosy locales crossed nan province. Out first escapade took america to Paris, Ont.

Has it been astir 3 years since you updated your Facebook floor plan pic? Or are you a large instrumentality of Instagram?

If you answered, “yes” to either mobility and are looking to get outta municipality for a time aliases two. Perhaps a sojourn picture-perfect to Elora, Ont., is successful order.

The colony is champion known for nan Elora Gorge and nan Grand River Raceway but it has plentifulness of different absorbing spots to explore.

Chevrolet Canada named Elora nan Most Road Trippable Town successful Canada successful 2019. Kevin Nielsen / Global News

Elora was voted nan Most Road Trippable Town successful Canada successful 2019 but you tin make nan telephone yourself connected whether it lives up to that billing.

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Quiet connected nan Set

The scenic municipality connected nan banks of nan Grand River has besides caught nan oculus of Hollywood. An arm’s magnitude database of movie and TV productions person been changeable successful Elora complete nan decades.

While nan Elora Gorge is simply a beautiful conservation area to visit, nan Elora Quarry Conservation Area has seen its adjacent stock of movie cameras.

The Elora Quarry Conservation Area has proven to beryllium a celebrated spot for filmmakers and swimmers alike. Garrett Klassen

Two decades ago, scenes from Angel Eyes featuring Jennifer Lopez were changeable location arsenic was portion of nan 2017 scary movie It, which featured an evil comedian whose look continues to haunt group to this day.

More recently, Adam Sandler’s Netflix “comedy” You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah! was partially changeable astatine nan site. And erstwhile a mild-mannered newsman from Global News paid a sojourn to Elora a mates of weeks back, entree was denied arsenic an unnamed TV bid was being filmed astatine nan location. (Internet chatter says it was a caller Apple bid based connected nan Murderbot Diaries and starring Alexander Skargard.)

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A mates of weeks anterior to nan reporter’s visit, chins were wagging arsenic Arnold Schwarzenneger was successful municipality to movie scenes for FUBAR.

These are conscionable a fewer of nan dozens of productions that person taken spot successful Elora and successful adjacent Fergus.

What to do successful Elora!

There are plentifulness of awesome options successful nan area but nan apical drafting paper for galore would beryllium nan Elora Gorge Conservation Area.

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If you are a large instrumentality of nan outdoors, nan Gorge has plentifulness to connection pinch scenic views arsenic you locomotion on nan thousands of feet of trails connected nan banks of nan Grand River.

The elephantine limestone walls on nan stream tin beryllium viewed from nan lookout aliases travelled done successful nan Hole-in-the-Rock.

If hiking is not your thing, you tin rent a paddleboard, do immoderate fishing, return your kids to nan splashpad aliases moreover person a picnic connected nan conservation area, which besides offers camping.

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In summation to nan three-kilometre way that runs done nan tract and precocious supra nan river, Elora besides boasts portion of nan Elora Cataract Trailway, which is simply a 47-kilomotre way that follows an aged railway statement linking nan Grand and Credit watersheds.

As mentioned earlier, astatine nan different extremity of Elora is nan Elora Quarry, pinch nan conservation area offering a chance to spell for a aquatics from a formation surrounded by nan scenic cliffs of limestone.

The Wellington County Museum began its life arsenic a poorhouse.

If you request to spell wrong for a spell, conscionable down nan roadworthy from nan quarry is nan Wellington County Museum.

The beautiful building that houses nan depository has rather a communicative arsenic it was primitively built arsenic a mediocre location backmost successful nan 1800s.

It housed hundreds of bum and destitute group betwixt 1877 and 1947 and was past turned into a senior’s home. Thirty years later, nan depository was calved erstwhile nan senior’s location was moved.

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After a sojourn to nan museum, it mightiness beryllium clip to caput towards municipality pinch a extremity on nan measurement astatine nan Elora Centre for nan Arts, which is besides located successful different historical building.

Built successful 1856, nan three-story limestone building was primitively constructed arsenic a schoolhouse but now serves arsenic nan location to galleries and an artisan shop.

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Heading into downtown, it’s recommended you return Metcalfe Street. The aged Truss span has been replaced, butthere are still spectacular views successful each guidance arsenic you caput crossed nan caller bridge.

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In 1 guidance is nan Elora Mill Hotel, different gives 1 a look astatine nan beautiful downtown, while a 3rd offers a spectacular position of nan Grand River.

Once you park, you tin rotation astir dozens of shops, cafes and restaurants while enjoying a position of nan aged limestone buildings successful nan historical community.

A spectacular position of nan Grand River tin beryllium had from nan eating room astatine nan Elora Mill Hotel & Spa.

Perhaps a wound to eat astatine nan Elora Mill Hotel & Spa, wherever nan edifice sits almost correct connected apical of a cascading waterfall.

If that is not for you, rotation up nan roadworthy to Victoria Park wherever you’ll find Lover’s Leap, a spot that offers’ much beautiful views from acold supra nan Grand River.

The parkland besides offers stairs to nan Gorge below, offering views to nan apical aliases a person look astatine nan river.

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If you person littles pinch you, possibly you should caput backmost crossed nan span to nan Nora Carlaw Splash Pad successful O’Brien Park for a speedy soak aft a basking time of wandering.

Races tally 3 days a week astatine nan Grand River Raceway.

If you are looking for much big fare, nan Grand River Raceway sits conscionable crossed nan thoroughfare from nan Elora Gorge Conservation Area.

In summation to unrecorded racing 3 days a week, location are rooms afloat of slot machines wrong of Elements Casino.

How to get to Elora

The hamlet is located astir a 30-minute thrust northbound of Guelph. If you are coming from Toronto aliases Windsor, you could return Highway 401 to Guelph and caput north. Or you could return a much scenic route.

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If you are looking to make a detour on nan way, see a pit extremity astatine nan St. Jacobs Market to prime up supplies for a picnic successful 1 of Elora’s conservation areas.

An replacement stopfor movie buffs and Instagrammers is West Montrose Covered Bridge.

Also known arsenic nan Kissing Bridge, nan 140-year-old reddish covered span was besides featured successful nan movie It and is famed for its insta-worthy pics.

The West Montrose Covered Bridge. @Woolwichupdates / Twitter
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