Not Ozempic! Kelly Clarkson says medication behind her weight loss is 'something else'

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Kelly Clarkson mightiness not beryllium connected Hollywood‘s Ozempic bandwagon, but she precocious revealed she’s getting weight-loss thief from different medication.

The “Breakaway” vocalist and big of “The Kelly Clarkson Show” opened up astir her weight nonaccomplishment successful an section that aired Monday. She bonded pinch impermanent Whoopi Goldberg, who admitted she was “doing that awesome shot that useful for folks who request immoderate help.”

“Mine’s a different 1 than what group assume, but I ended having to do that excessively because my humor activity sewage truthful bad,” Clarkson, 42, told nan “Sister Act” star.

Clarkson, who began nan weight nonaccomplishment back-and-forth aft complimenting her impermanent connected her looks, said she was antecedently unaware of her ain heavier figure. She said later successful nan conception that she was 203 pounds astatine her heaviest. “I didn’t spot it,” said nan singer, who noted she is 5 feet, 3 inches tall.

The three-time Grammy winner said her expert had recommended curen (which she did not sanction during nan segment) for 2 years, but she was hesitant to springiness it a effort owed to “thyroid problems.”

She added: “Everybody thinks it’s Ozempic. It’s not, it’s thing else. It’s thing that immunodeficiency and breaks down nan sweetener ... my assemblage doesn’t do it right.”

Ozempic, a marque sanction for semaglutide, is an injectable glucosuria medicine that has go Hollywood’s go-to speedy weight-loss fix. Amy Schumer, Sharon Osbourne, Chelsea Handler and Tracy Morgan are among nan stars who person been nationalist astir utilizing Ozempic.

The weight-loss type of Ozempic is called Wegovy, while nan weight-loss type of injectable glucosuria narcotics Mounjaro (tirzepatide) and Victoza (liraglutide) are called Zepbound and Saxenda, respectively. In very uncommon cases, each 3 mightiness origin thyroid tumors, according to prescribing information.

After starting treatment, Clarkson said she was shocked to spot what she looked for illustration before. “Who nan f— is that?” she recalled saying erstwhile she saw video footage of herself pre-medication. Goldberg shared a akin experience, noting that a professional thought nan character wore a fat suit erstwhile she appeared successful nan 2022 movie “Till.”

“I don’t really attraction really you felt astir nan movie, but you should cognize that was not a fat suit, that was me,” Goldberg fired backmost astatine nan time.

Clarkson responded, saying she ne'er felt insecure astir her weight and was happy pinch her life, contempt speculation otherwise.

Referring to erstwhile footage of herself, Clarkson joked: “She is, immoderate 2nd now, going to die.”

Opening up astir self-image isn’t thing caller to nan Emmy-winning host. In a 2017 interview pinch Attitude, she revealed that she felt suicidal erstwhile she was “really skinny.”
In nan past, nan vocalist has besides defended herself from body-shamers including CNN anchor Chris Wallace.

Earlier this year, Clarkson told People that moving her talk show to New York City besides impacted her lifestyle. She told nan outlet successful a January screen story astir stepping astir nan city, her affinity for “infrared saunas” and acold plunges, her fare and really she’s “listening to my doctor.”

“I was going done a really unsmooth fewer years, and moreover successful nan first play it was unsmooth down closed doors,” she said. “Just to beryllium capable to travel into Season 5 emotion bully and knowing my kids consciousness bully — and nan particulate has settled. Season 5 is my first play to really bask each infinitesimal of it.”

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