'No pizzas, no cappuccinos, no nothing': Extreme hiker treks from one side of America to the other and discovers a stunning 'parallel universe' of epic landscapes and heart-stopping wildlife encounters

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Many visitors to nan USA spell connected a roadworthy travel aliases 2 to get nether nan tegument of nan country.

Not Tim Voors. He decided to research it by stepping northbound to southbound from 1 broadside to nan different - and he discovered a 'parallel universe' on nan way.

His travel on the 3,100-mile (4,989km) Continental Divide Trail from Montana to New Mexico is charted successful a captivating caller book titled 'The Great Divide', published by Gestalten.

Voors took 4 and a half months to complete nan trek, which he says is balanced to 15 information trips of summiting Mount Everest. During this time, he went done 5 pairs of shoes, 50 hamburgers and 100 beers, and encountered 100 chipmunks, 1 grizzly bear, 3 achromatic bears, 12 wolves, 5 moose, 5 elk, 50 deer, 1 bald eagle, 5 snakes and 'one cardinal mosquitoes'.

He reveals that for periods it was a life of 'no pizzas, nary cappuccinos, nary nothing', adding: 'Living successful nan wilderness was for illustration surviving successful a parallel universe. I hadn't been disturbed by immoderate incoming telephone calls for 5 months. Sure, I had been successful sporadic interaction pinch my loved ones and clients, but only pinch very delayed sound messages aliases play emails.

'This parallel beingness had, for a short period, go my home, and it was pinch wonderment that I saw really quickly I had adapted to it.' Breathtaking photographs, useful maps and charming illustrations thief to recreate Voors' travel successful nan tome. Scroll down to spot MailOnline Travel's handpicked action of images from among its pages...

Tim Voors passes done nan South San Juan Wilderness successful Colorado while hiking The Continental Divide Trail and recalls seeing 'endless shades of yellowish stretched complete nan immense range'. He adds: 'It was a beautiful blend of color, stretching retired arsenic acold arsenic nan oculus could see, filling my bosom pinch joyousness passim nan day. Due to nan remoteness, location were nary roads, nary time hikers, nary hunters, nary internet, nary compartment reception, nary skis lifts, nary pizzas, nary cappuccinos, nary nothing. This was nan chaotic unfastened expanse I had longed for nan past 4 years'

'The Scapegoat Wilderness stretches retired successful beforehand of america pinch immoderate easy grasslands,' writes Voors arsenic he recalls reaching nan 289th mile of his journey. The area comprises 239,936 acres dispersed crossed 3 nationalist forests successful Montana. Voors continues: 'Countless outpouring flowers blossom on nan way arsenic it winds up and complete nan ridges. It's arsenic if we're stepping crossed nan backmost of a sleeping dragon arsenic it goes down nan magnitude of nan Rocky Mountains'

The way disappears nether a snowfield successful this mesmerising image taken adjacent Leadore, Idaho

'Yellowstone had a astonishment successful shop for us,' writes Voors, recalling nan infinitesimal he came crossed this steaming stream astatine Yellowstone National Park, which 'called for 1 point only: a swim'. He recalls nan 'clear creek' flowing 'gently' down done nan vale pinch 'bubbling geysers' connected some sides. 'It was a segment consecutive retired of a fairytale aliases apocalyptic sci-fi movie,' he adds. 'I couldn't rather comprehend that this full stream was truthful hot'

A image taken arsenic Voors absorbs a position of Yellowstone National Park, which 'lays acold successful nan distance', pinch nan way starring walkers down into a 'magical, magical valley'

As Voors hikes further south, he notes really everything is 'continuously successful motion' astir him and 'forever changing'. He writes: 'Days were becoming noticeably hotter, and I saw astatine slightest 3 snakes a day. The writer slow turned golden, pinch barren orangish flowers, and nan occasional character glinted gold.' Pictured: Part of nan way successful Wyoming, which 'meanders past countless magical lakes'

Voors finds 'the cleanable spot to camp', pictured, precocious successful Wyoming's Wind River Range. 'I person to extremity and return it each successful each erstwhile successful a while,' he writes. 'The chances of maine ever returning were rather slim.' Voors describes nan area arsenic 'a towering, level monolith' rising supra a 'turquoise, opaque river'. He adds: 'The way coiled done a meandering furniture of blue-mauve sage. Late summertime had dried retired each nan flowers. The saccharine smell of sage successful nan greeting ne'er disappointed'

Behold 1 of nan spots wherever Voors stops for a aquatics during a 'stunning day' hiking done nan Wind River Range, Wyoming

During his clip trekking done nan Wind River Range, pictured, Voors is woken up by a chap camper calling retired 'Moose', he writes. 'It was 6am and I quickly poked my caput retired of my shelter to spot what was going on,' he continues. 'To my astonishment, a ample antheral moose pinch its dense antlers was looking consecutive astatine me. No much than 8ft (2.5m) distant from my tent'

The roadworthy to Lordsburg, New Mexico. In his section titled 'The Final Push', Voors describes seeing 'the outstretched aureate godforsaken pinch ray mountains successful nan distance'. He adds: 'Perhaps I was fantasizing, but it felt for illustration I could spot Mexico connected nan horizon. I didn't cognize if it was physically imaginable to spot 100 miles away, but someway it felt for illustration I could spot nan extremity of my journey'

The Great Divide, by Tim Voors, is published by Gestalten and retails astatine £30 ($37)

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