Nina Dobrev hospitalized after e-bike accident; says a 'long road of recovery' awaits

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Nina Dobrev was hospitalized for an wounded aft riding an e-bike for nan first — and apparently last — time

“I’m good but it’s going to beryllium a agelong roadworthy of betterment ahead,” she wrote Monday connected her Instagram stories, adding successful different update, “I deliberation it’s safe to opportunity my first clip connected a ungraded motorcycle will besides beryllium my past lol.” .

The 35-year-old “The Vampire Diaries” alum besides had a “How it started vs really it’s going” post connected her main grid, showing her grinning astride an e-bike successful nan first image and grimacing successful dismay, hooked up to monitors pinch an IV successful 1 limb successful nan second. In nan latter, she was clad successful a bluish infirmary gown, pinch braces astir her cervix and 1 limb .

Dobrev didn’t opportunity wherever aliases erstwhile nan mishap occurred aliases whether nan wounded would impact her work. Her astir caller domiciled was successful nan action-thriller “The Bricklayer,” released successful January successful nan United States, alongside character Aaron Eckhart.

Dobrev’s publicists did not respond instantly Tuesday to The Times’ requests for comment.

The e-bike that Dobrev was pictured sitting connected was identified by website Autoevolution arsenic E Ride Pro’s Pro-SS, an electrical motorcycle. The 2024 exemplary tin accelerate from 0 to 30 mph successful little than 3 seconds, according to its manufacturer.

The celebrity, besides known for her roles successful nan romanticist comedies “Dog Days” and “Love Hard,” is nary alien to off-road adventures and utmost sports. Her Instagram features her riding horses and helicopters arsenic good arsenic surfing and snowboarding. Since 2020, nan character has been making love three-time Olympic gold-medal winning snowboarder Shaun White. Together they’ve ventured each complete nan world, including a travel to Antarctica successful early 2023.

Dobrev is seen successful 1 summertime 2022 Instagram station riding an ATV that’s almost perpendicular to nan crushed and casually flashing nan “hang loose” motion arsenic White runs toward her pinch a look of interest connected his face. “[H]e ever 1 ups me,” nan caption says. “it was my turn.”

White posted a changeable of Dobrev, seemingly good capable to travel, a fewer hours aft her posts went up. Her injured limb was propped up connected pillows connected what appeared to beryllium a backstage level arsenic her separator collie-Australian shepherd mix, Maverick, lounged adjacent to her.

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