N.S. heat wave: Hot temperatures could make it feel like 41 C

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Parts of Nova Scotia are forecast to strengthen a week of “very basking and humid weather” erstwhile conditions could scope 41 C pinch nan humidex value, according to a power alert issued by Environment Canada connected Tuesday morning.

The weather agency issued nan warning for inland sections of occidental Nova Scotia, including nan Annapolis Valley, but temperatures successful nan Halifax area are anticipated to scope akin heights passim nan week arsenic well. The metropolis is expected to consciousness for illustration 36 C pinch nan humidex connected Wednesday.

As for nan areas included successful Tuesday’s upwind alert, stretching from Kings County done to Yarmouth, temperatures are projected to scope 29 C pinch a humidex worth of 35 connected Tuesday.

Following that, temperatures will somewhat summation connected Wednesday earlier perchance rising to 34 C pinch a humidex worth of 41 connected Thursday.

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“These very lukewarm conditions could perchance proceed into Friday,” nan upwind connection noted.

Environment Canada: Heat informing successful effect for Nova Scotia / Environnement Canada: Avertissement de chaleur en vigueur move Nouvelle-Écosse https://t.co/eKsXybgrfi

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The announcement from Environment Canada, which was released astatine 5:06 a.m. Tuesday, said group should telephone 911 instantly if they aliases personification they are caring for has a precocious assemblage somesthesia and has stopped sweating, is showing signs of confusion, aliases has go unconscious.

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In addition, nan agency recommended group watch retired for signs of fatigue, headaches, aliases thirst arsenic these symptoms tin each beryllium early signs of power unwellness — which tin “rapidly germinate into life-threatening emergencies.”

“Drink plentifulness of h2o regularly, moreover earlier you consciousness thirsty, to alteration your consequence of dehydration,” nan merchandise continued, adding that relying solely connected thirst isn’t an effective method of combatting dehydration.

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“Never time off people, peculiarly children, aliases pets wrong a parked vehicle.”

These uncomfortably precocious temperatures aren’t exclusive to Nova Scotia, arsenic a similar informing was issued for each of New Brunswick connected Monday.

Another alert was sent retired for a ample information of Ontario arsenic good arsenic parts of Quebec, arsenic a multi-day power arena successful Central Canada is forecast to spot daytime highs deed betwixt 30 C and 35 C pinch humidex values of 40 to 45.

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