Mother-of-three loses her life savings to crypto 'Tinder Swindler' after meeting scammer on the dating app who tricked her into giving away £6,000

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A azygous mother-of-three has mislaid her £6,000 life savings aft a crypto 'Tinder Swindler' she met connected nan making love app tricked her into handing it over.

Natalie Foster, 42, matched pinch a man who went by 'James' connected Tinder 3 weeks ago.

The brace deed if disconnected instantly earlier James began talking incessantly astir cryptocurrency.

He persuaded Natalie to get a crypto wallet - a virtual wallet which allows you to bargain and support cryptocurrency.

She was convinced to upload money and 'trade' crypto - pinch nan scammer initially making it look for illustration she had made profits of up to £67,000.

Natalie Foster, 42, matched pinch a man who went by 'James' connected Tinder 3 weeks ago

But this sum quickly dropped to zero earlier she was capable to retreat immoderate of it arsenic existent rate and she recovered herself down by £6,000.

Natalie, from Windsford, Cheshire, said: 'I consciousness stupid, I consciousness ridiculous - I can't judge I'm 1 of these women I publication astir successful magazines.'

Natalie, who is signed disconnected activity owed to her aggregate sclerosis (MS), said James was very guardant pinch her from nan infinitesimal they matched connected Tinder.

She added: 'He looked for illustration a really good-looking guy, he had bully dogs, and was being very guardant - I wasn't that into that.'

A week into their chats, James brought up that he had an uncle who had made a luck successful nan crypto world.

Natalie said: 'I'm not a gambler but he was very convincing.

'He told maine to put successful £300 and past transportation it to a trading platform. I did it and past made £80 profit.'

Natalie, from Windsford, Cheshire, said she feels 'stupid' and can't judge she is now 1 of nan women she has publication astir successful magazines who person been scammed successful nan aforesaid way

Natalie past invested different £100 connected nan trading level and made different £93 - though she would ne'er person nan money.

A fewer days later, James said  nan pursuing evening would beryllium 'a very large night'.

She said: 'He convinced maine to put successful moreover much money, truthful I put £2,000 down.

'He past said he had been successful touch pinch his uncle who had told him location was a once-in-a-century woody astir to spell down and I could make 800 per cent profit.'

Natalie past withdrew each nan money she had near from her savings and transferred it to nan crypto trading relationship - totaling £3,500.

She was past added to a WhatsApp group pinch a man purporting to beryllium her Tinder match's uncle and different person.

According to Natalie, they past did a waste and acquisition which bagged $86,000 (£67,000) profit connected her trading level account.

When she went to look astatine it herself it concisely said she had exceeded nan magnitude she could clasp successful it earlier her full costs abruptly changed to zero.

Natalie said: 'I past contacted customer services who said I owed them 20 per cent taxation to a New York slope relationship totalling £20,000.'

But past James transferred $5,000 (£4,000) into her trading level account.

Natalie said: 'At this constituent I thought it was still legit but I past talked to my ex-partner and he gave maine a reality check.

'I realised I had virtually fallen for a textbook crypto scam.'

None of nan profits from nan trades ever went backmost to her isolated from nan first £80, pinch Natalie losing £6,000 successful total.

She went backmost to James to face him astir nan scam - only for him to show her she should 'go and dice quickly'.

He past unmatched her and vanished without trace.

When Natalie went backmost to James to face him astir nan scam he told her to 'go and dice quickly'

Natalie says looking backmost location were 'all these reddish flags' including James saying he was German, but not having a German accent, and moreover getting nan names of his ain pet dogs mixed up.

And she said his pictures were 'clearly conscionable downloaded from location online'.

She has since reported what happened to her to Action Fraud and has instructed a solicitor who is hopeful Natalie will beryllium capable to get her money back.

Natalie said: 'It was my full life savings which I inherited disconnected my grandad - it's near maine wholly distraught.

'I conscionable consciousness stupid and ridiculous.

'It's truthful atrocious - I don't cognize really they tin do this to to different people'.

MailOnline has approached Tinder and Action Fraud for comment. 

At nan opening of nan month, nan unlucky unfortunate and prima of nan Netflix Tinder Swindler documentary blasted British constabulary aft figures revealed little than 1 per cent of romance scammers are ever charged.

Figures uncovered by nan Daily Mail show only 53 charges were brought pursuing 23,685 reports of romance fraud complete a three-year period.

Cecilie Fjellhøy, 34, who has lived successful London for 7 years, said nan mini prosecution rates showed nan UK remained a 'free for all' for fraudsters.

Cecilie Fjellhøy and  Tinder Swindler fraudster Simon Leviev who posed arsenic a able heir to dupe his lovers retired of mini fortunes

Ms Fjellhøy told how, contempt being conned retired of £200,000, she was 'treated arsenic a fishy not a victim' by nan Met Police while they investigated her case 

Ms Fjellhøy was scammed by nan now-infamous fraudster Simon Leviev who posed arsenic a able heir to dupe his lovers retired of mini fortunes.

The Norwegian told how, contempt being conned retired of £200,000, she was 'treated arsenic a fishy not a victim' by nan Met Police while they investigated her case.

Detectives yet fto her disconnected aft 2 years – but besides dropped each charges against Mr Leviev.

Ms Fjellhøy past nighttime revealed she has since made an charismatic title to nan Met Police complete their handling of her case, which is still ongoing.

She said: 'What does that opportunity astir constabulary erstwhile they can't moreover get nan astir celebrated romance scammer successful nan world?

'What benignant of connection are they sending nan remainder of nan fraudster community? That it's a free-for-all. They could person sent a connection but they didn't, they fto him spell free.'

The latest statistics, uncovered successful a Freedom of Information request, uncover astir 8,000 romance frauds are reported to Action Fraud each twelvemonth – yet conscionable a fraction are ever charged.

Experts said constabulary often struggled to spell aft romance scammers because nan mostly were from abroad, peculiarly West Africa, which was extracurricular their jurisdiction.

Over £92million was mislaid to romance fraudsters crossed Britain past twelvemonth leaving thousands of hopeful and trusting azygous group distressed.

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