Moment couple driving home from date night stumble across alligator attack victim

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By Dominic Yeatman For Dailymail.Com

Published: 01:44 EDT, 22 June 2024 | Updated: 01:54 EDT, 22 June 2024

A Florida mates returning location from a romanticist day nighttime stopped to thief what they thought was a deed and tally unfortunate earlier discovering he had mislaid his limb to an alligator attack.

Ismael Rainey, 25, slammed connected nan brakes erstwhile he saw nan man lying motionless connected a jogging way adjacent to Lake Monroe successful Sanford.

He and partner Kendall Hardester jumped retired of their car and ran complete to thief without a 2nd thought.

'It was astir apt astir 1.30am successful nan morning, we were driving backmost location and passed by a guy, fundamentally lying connected nan broadside here, covered successful blood,' Hardester said.

'He was missing his limb from here; you could spot his bony and each nan soma coming retired of it.'

'It was horrible,' Kendall Hardester said, 'At first I thought he sewage deed by a car aliases something'

Hardester tended to nan wounded man pressing a towel difficult connected his injury 

Investigators later identified nan man arsenic Dustin Crousser, 31, a homeless man who had decided to return a naked late-night aquatics successful nan alligator-infested waters.

'I conscionable ran over,' Hardester told Fox35. 'There was 1 small towel that he had, truthful I took it, covered his limb pinch it, and squeezed it till nan paramedics sewage there.

'I conscionable squeezed his elbow area arsenic tight arsenic I could.'

Other passers-by stopped astatine nan segment and called 911 while Hardester attended to nan severely injured man.

Footage shows paramedics taking him connected a stretcher distant to hospital.

'It was astir apt 5 minutes, past different feline sewage there, and he started helping me,' Hardester said.

The brave young female said she has nary nursing acquisition but her motherly instincts kicked in.

'It was horrible. At first I thought he sewage deed by a car aliases something,' she explained.

'Never would you deliberation that it was a gator, particularly astatine that clip of night.

'It was conscionable a hectic situation, and if it were me, I would want personification to beryllium location helping.'

Rainey said he had ne'er imagined uncovering himself successful specified a situation.

Ismael Rainey said he ne'er imagined uncovering himself nan business he recovered astatine Lake Monroe

Paramedics took nan injured man to infirmary successful a captious but unchangeable condition

'Yeah, not thing you'd ever expect, particularly connected a regular Saturday night, ending your nighttime going home,' he added.

'You don't expect to tally into thing for illustration that.'

Crousser was taken to HCA Lake Monroe Hospital successful a captious but unchangeable condition.

What remained of his limb was later amputated from nan elbow down.

Hardester said she would not hesitate to thief again successful future.

'If I came crossed a business for illustration that again, yeah, I would,' she said.

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