Michael Phelps reignites feud with Team USA Olympics rival after infamous 'sore losers' jibe: 'I would watch that thing every single day'

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  • Michael Phelps has deed backmost astatine Cate Campbell's comments 
  • Campbell basked successful Australia beating US astatine nan world championships 
  • Australia and nan US are group to collide successful nan excavation successful Paris 

By Ollie Lewis

Published: 04:00 EDT, 18 June 2024 | Updated: 07:38 EDT, 18 June 2024

Michael Phelps has lit nan fuse for an almighty conflict betwixt Team USA and Australia astatine nan Paris Olympics aft nan swimming fable responded to Cate Campbell's infamous 'sore losers' jibe.

Australia sewage nan amended of their American rivals astatine past year's world championships, but were near upset erstwhile US broadcaster NBC changed their ain badge tally schematic to prioritise wide medals to golds.

Their tally put nan US connected top, contempt Australia boasting a superior golden badge of 13 to seven.

Aussie swimming awesome Campbell, who missed retired connected qualification for Paris this week, took purpose astatine nan Americans successful an question and reply pinch Today aft nan world championships. 

'I mean Australia coming retired connected apical of nan world is 1 thing, but it is conscionable truthful overmuch sweeter beating America,' she said.

Michael Phelps has waded into a statement betwixt Australia and nan United States

Cate Campbell ignited a feud pinch nan US pursuing nan world championships

'The first nighttime of competition, we did not person to perceive 'Star Spangled Banner' ringing retired done nan stadium. I cannot show you really happy that made me.

'If I perceive that opus again it will beryllium excessively soon.

'Bring connected Paris. That's each I person to opportunity to nan US. Stop being sore losers.'

American breaststroke prima Lily King responded to Campbell's comments astatine nan time, saying: 'Sorry we aren't truthful uptight we can't cheer for our teammates arsenic they walkout for events. See you successful Paris.'

With nan US squad kicking disconnected their tests this week, King and Phelps were shown nan clip, pinch NBC hyping up nan rivalry.

And an astonished Phelps revealed what he would do arsenic an jock aft watching nan clip. 

'Wow. That's nan first clip I saw this,' said Phelps.

'I would watch that point each azygous time to springiness maine that small other (motivation).'

Phelps says he would usage nan question and reply arsenic information to hit nan Aussies successful Paris

King said: 'It's conscionable funny to maine that it gets connected their nerves that much. That's amusing. 

'Is it going to beryllium worse if they hit america than personification else? Yeah. I'm gladsome everyone is suspicious of nan pridefulness that we person for our country.

'We for illustration each other, but we want to killeach different erstwhile we're successful nan pool.'

Tokyo golden medallist Bobby Finke said:  'That's conscionable worlds. This is nan Olympics. This is nan large crippled show.' 

Australia has beaten nan US doubly astatine world championships, but person ne'er managed to truthful astatine an Olympic Games since Melbourne 1956.  

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