Megyn Kelly and Bill Maher get into awkward clash over her Trump support: 'You keep saying I'm nuts!'

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Bill Maher and Megyn Kelly sewage into a tense statement complete her support for erstwhile President Donald Trump and really overmuch accent should beryllium placed connected nan truth that galore Republican voters contradict nan results of nan 2020 election.

Maher went connected Kelly's SiriusXM power show Tuesday, and nan 2 started disconnected amazingly cordial, remarking that they some lacked a 'political home.'

But erstwhile Kelly, who is simply a registered independent, said she would beryllium voting for Trump successful 2024, that group nan wide comedian off.

'Well, I mean, I can't moreover understand that, and I understand that Biden is profoundly flawed, but he does judge successful our measurement of life.'

President Joe Biden has nan support of Maher, who told Newsweek successful March that he would ballot for 'Biden's caput successful a jar of bluish liquid' complete Trump. 

Bill Maher and Megyn Kelly other 1 different connected her SiriusXM show

Trump has really commented connected Kelly's support for him, saying she was 'making a career' by 'pretending' to for illustration him.

The ex-Fox News host's feud pinch Trump goes backmost to erstwhile Kelly moderated a 2016 statesmanlike statement and asked him a pointed mobility astir really he treats women.

Nonetheless, her support for Trump sewage Maher to many times condemn what happened during nan 2020 election. 

Maher said that Trump's refusal to concede nan predetermination and his claims of it being fraudulently stolen from him magnitude to him violating norms that person kept nan state together from nan beginning.

'What could perchance beryllium much basal to you aliases anyone, than you person to concede elections?' Maher asked Kelly. 'And he hasn't conceded nan past one. He's plainly not going to concede this one.

'He now has each of his sycophants astir him parroting his statement line, which is erstwhile they inquire them, "Will you abide by nan predetermination results?" "Yes, if it's a free and adjacent election," which is different measurement of saying, "If we win." 

'You really deliberation this is simply a spot this state should be?'

Kelly responded by saying she wouldn't take sides 'election denialism.' 

'I'm not 1 of those group who believes that,' Kelly added.

As of December 2023, 31 percent of Republicans judge that Biden legitimately won nan 2020 election.

The aforesaid canvass sees a driblet from December 2021 to December 2023 successful each parties regarding those who deliberation that President Joe Biden's 2020 predetermination triumph was 'legitimate'

Maher past interjected, asking Kelly what's much important than 'election denialism.'

'How astir my girl not going into a locker room and seeing a man's penis?' she said correct back, referring to nan rash of incidents wherever trans women person been spotted successful female locker rooms astatine gyms and different recreational areas.

Planet Fitness is 1 gym that's been plagued pinch this problem. Most recently, a man reportedly taking advantage of nan woke company's transgender locker room argumentation took to nan ladies' facilities, stripped naked and paraded his genitalia around.

A female was banned from Planet Fitness successful March for reporting a 'trans woman' shaving successful nan female locker room.

Maher acknowledged nan value of dealing pinch gender and really bath policies should activity but pivoted correct backmost to really nan upcoming predetermination is important for democracy.

'I'm talking astir nan quality betwixt this and thing fundamental, which is our democracy. The truth that you person to respect who wins an election, aliases other you don't person nan benignant of state we've ever had before,' he said.

Maher many times hammered distant connected nan constituent that Trump's refusal to concede nan 2020 predetermination is simply a 'fundamental' problem much important than nan suppression of nan Hunter Biden laptop story

Kelly based on that President Biden's policies are 'as woke arsenic they come' and that he has chosen to support nan separator open

While Kelly agreed pinch Maher that nan predetermination wasn't stolen, adding that she didn't deliberation location was immoderate constituent to nan declare that Dominion voting machines were compromised, she did make an overture to Republican voters by saying that nan 2020 predetermination 'wasn't fair' to Trump.

'What wasn't fair?' Maher asked.

'Don't get maine started, what wasn't fair? How astir nan suppression of nan Hunter Biden laptop story?' 

Maher was incredulous: 'Oh, for f**k's sake, really? Then we're not arsenic alike arsenic you think. That's a stupid non-story.'

The New York Post primitively published nan communicative successful October based connected documents pulled from Hunter's laptop detailing alleged corruption wrong nan Biden family.

Twitter prevented its users from sharing that story, which claimed that Hunter was progressive pinch a Chinese lipid elephantine and that then-presidential campaigner Joe Biden perchance received money from nan woody his boy struck pinch nan overseas firm.

The New York Post communicative claimed that Hunter (left) was progressive pinch a Chinese lipid elephantine and that then-presidential campaigner Joe Biden perchance received money from nan woody his boy struck pinch nan overseas firm

Images of Hunter Biden naked, smoking ace look to beryllium successful nan tweets that staffers from Joe Biden's 2020 run instructed Twitter to delete, according to revelations

The accusation published by nan Post was wide dismissed arsenic clone aliases 'Russian disinformation,' which led to Facebook besides suppressing nan story. 

Kelly pointed to polling information that has shown if Americans had known that the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop were authentic, galore of them would person voted differently.

A study from right-leaning TIPP Insights successful December 2022, showed that 28 percent of adults who followed nan Hunter Biden communicative would person voted otherwise had nan FBI not claimed it was each Russian disinformation.

Maher acknowledged that nan communicative shouldn't person been suppressed, though he said he thinks nan communicative wouldn't person changed nan election's outcome.

'This is emblematic right-wing talking points, nan evil Hunter Biden and nan evil Joe Biden,' Maher said.

'You're evidently personification who looks astatine an elephant and a rodent and asks which 1 is bigger,' he added, comparing nan rumor of nan Hunter Biden laptop communicative to nan denial of nan 2020 election.

Kelly was speedy to deed back. 

'You support saying benignant of I'm nuts because I don't spot nan quality betwixt nan elephant and nan rodent and I'm telling you I place them otherwise than you do,' Kelly told Maher. 'Hillary Clinton, of course, is nan original predetermination denier. I'm judge you voted for her successful '16.'

Kelly was referring to Clinton's comments successful 2019 connected CBS' Sunday Morning show wherever she said Trump 'knows he's an illegitimate president.'

Maher pointed retired that Clinton conceded nan predetermination to Trump nan time aft nan 2016 election, thing Trump has ne'er done aft nan 2020 election.

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