Luxury $1million yacht sinks off Florida beach after driver 'hit something in the water'

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  • The $1 cardinal 80-footer sunk aft hitting an chartless entity retired successful nan water
  • The Coast Guard and section authorities rescued some group connected committee nan vessel
  • One of nan passengers sustained insignificant injuries and was taken to nan hospital

By James Cirrone For Dailymail.Com

Published: 13:59 EDT, 27 May 2024 | Updated: 14:09 EDT, 27 May 2024

Two group were rescued connected Saturday from an 80-foot yacht that sank 3 miles disconnected nan seashore of St. Augustine Beach successful Jacksonville, Florida.

The personification driving nan $1 cardinal vessel told nan Coast Guard complete nan power that their alloy 'struck an entity successful nan h2o and was taking connected water,' according to a press release. 

The power mayday was made astatine 11:37 a.m. The Coast Guard coordinated pinch region authorities and 'nearby bully Samaritans' to assistance successful nan rescue.

A marine portion from St. John's County Fire and Rescue reached nan sinking vessel first and sewage some group retired safely. One of nan boat's passengers sustained insignificant injuries and was transported to a hospital, Boat International reported.

'We widen our heartfelt gratitude to St. John's County Fire and Rescue for their invaluable assistance during this case,' said Senior Chief Petty Officer Ricardo Santacana, a Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville bid work officer. 

The yacht is seen tipping complete to its starboard side, aliases nan correct side. Rescue boats situation nan $1 cardinal vessel

The vessel is astir to spell vertical moments earlier it wholly sinks disconnected nan seashore of St. Augustine Beach

The yacht has clear signs of harm arsenic it's astir to capsize. The origin of nan sinking is still being investigated and nan proprietor will person to put salvaging plans for nan wreckage

Santacana continued: 'With nan upwind improving and mariners heading retired onto nan water, it's imperative for everyone to verify nan beingness of each basal information instrumentality aboard their vessel. 

'This ensures that responders, arsenic demonstrated successful this case, tin swiftly find you and render assistance erstwhile an emergency arises.' 

Additional photos from rescue teams show that nan vessel took connected h2o and yet went vertical earlier slipping beneath nan water.

The vessel that sank, called 'Atlantis,' and has a apical velocity of 45 knots, aliases astir 51 miles per hour.

It's unclear what 'object' nan yacht hit, but location are astatine slightest 7 reefs disconnected nan coast of St. Augustine Beach, wherever nan alloy yet sunk.

The proprietor of nan capsized alloy will put to person it salvaged arsenic authorities analyse what caused nan crash. has approached nan Coast Guard and St. John's County Fire and Rescue for comment. 

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