King Charles III is 'very good' amid cancer treatment, won't see Harry during prince's U.K. visit

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Two weeks aft his return to nan nationalist eye, King Charles III is said to beryllium “very good” amid his crab battle.

British leader Penny Mordaunt, a curate successful Rishi Sunak’s Conservative government, said during a Tuesday quality connected GB News that nan 75-year-old monarch is happy to get backmost to work.

“He’s very good. And I cognize that he would person been truthful pleased to get backmost to nationalist duties. He would person missed it tremendously,” nan speaker of nan House of Commons said, sharing specifications from her play meetings pinch Charles successful her domiciled arsenic Privy Council Lord President.

“I deliberation everyone is really pleased to spot him backmost and I cognize that he wants to do more, truthful it’s been a bully week,” Mourdant added. “I deliberation group won’t beryllium amazed to cognize that he’s wholly charming and ever calm. And he’s besides sewage a really bully consciousness of joke arsenic well.

“But he’s ever asking astir really things are going, peculiarly issues that we’re dealing pinch successful Parliament aliases astir peculiar groups who he knows that are having a unsmooth time,” she said. “He’s ever asking aft those people, truthful he cares a awesome woody and he’s a delight to activity with.”

As his daughter-in-law Catherine was admitted for abdominal room successful January, Charles announced that he would beryllium having a process connected an enlarged prostate, which resulted successful a three-month break from public-facing duties truthful he could attraction connected his curen and recuperation. In February, he was diagnosed pinch an undisclosed type of cancer.

Buckingham Palace announced successful precocious April that nan king would return to work amid treatment. The monarch, who conscionable marked nan one-year day of his coronation, visited a crab kindness pinch Queen Camilla connected April 30, his first time backmost to work, and confirmed that he had curen scheduled for later that day.

On Friday, he attended nan Royal Windsor Horse Show contempt rainfall and is scheduled to be a plot statement astatine Buckingham Palace connected Wednesday. He’s besides owed to big a authorities sojourn by nan emperor and empress of Japan successful June.

The king’s engaged schedule is being cited arsenic nan logic he and Prince Harry, 4th successful statement to nan British throne, won’t link during his youngest son’s sojourn to London this week — 1 that comes aft nan fallout from Harry’s stepping backmost from royal duties successful 2020 and nan bombshell 2023 memoir “Spare.” The duke of Sussex, who primarily lives successful California pinch his woman Meghan and 2 children, is backmost successful nan U.K. this week to observe a decade of nan Invictus Games, a tourney for wounded veterans that Harry founded successful 2014.

In consequence to speculation connected whether nan prince will spot his begetter during nan visit, a spokesperson for Harry cited nan king’s “full programme.” Harry was last successful nan U.K. successful February to sojourn his begetter soon aft nan king was diagnosed pinch cancer. The prince told “Good Morning America” astatine nan clip that he “jumped connected a level and went to spell spot him arsenic soon arsenic I could,” adding that he loves his family.

“The duke of people is knowing of his father’s diary of commitments and various different priorities and hopes to spot him soon,” Prince Harry’s spokesperson told nan BBC on Tuesday.

His relative William, Prince of Wales, besides won’t be nan work for nan Invictus Games, which will beryllium held Wednesday astatine St. Paul’s Cathedral successful London. GB News reported that nary elder personnel of nan Royal Family is expected to be nan event.

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