Keeping up with the nepo babies! North West's role in The Lion King has been criticised, but she's the latest in a long line of stars who got a leg up from their famous relatives

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's girl North has faced harsh disapproval online pursuing acting debut, pinch immoderate slamming nan 'nepo baby' advantage she's benefitted from.

North played Young Simba during The Lion King's 30th Anniversary performance connected Friday and took to nan shape astatine The Hollywood Bowl to execute I Just Can't Wait To Be King.

North joined different stars connected nan stage, specified arsenic Jennifer Hudson, Billy Eichner, Bradley Gibson, Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver, Jeremy Irons and besides Nathan Lane.

Despite receiving a opinionated ovation from nan audience, immoderate societal media users were little than impressed, pinch 1 noting : 'Nepotism is virtually nan champion point to beryllium calved with,' while different added, 'the worst lawsuit of nepo I person been witnessed.' 

North West made her acting debut while performing arsenic Young Simba during The Lion King's 30th Anniversary performance connected Friday (seen above) - but online trolls person since lashed retired astatine nan ten-year-old's nepo-baby advantage

But she is not nan only prima to person faced disapproval for nepotism, arsenic galore well-known singers, actresses and models person celebrated family members.

Fans of Emma Roberts whitethorn not realise that she is related character Julia Roberts, known for her roles successful Pretty Woman and Notting Hill. 

Rising star Gracie Abrams - who toured pinch Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo - has a celebrated begetter who directed respective Star Wars films. 

Lottie Moss, nan half-sister of Kate Moss, is now a exemplary and faced backlash for hitting backmost astatine group calling her a nepo babe successful 2022, starring to her deleting her Twitter account. 

Here, Femail takes a look astatine different large sanction stars pinch celebrated relatives who person ended up making a names for themselves.

Sofia Richie

The 25-year-old exemplary is nan girl of Nicole Richie, a reality TV prima and designer and singer Lionel Richie. 

Sofia has been featured successful campaigns by a number of awesome brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Adidas.

She began modelling successful her early teenage years and featured successful Teen Vogue astatine property 14 and sewage her first statement nan pursuing year. 

She has antecedently spoken astir being a nepo babe to Town & Country and said: 'I spent a batch of clip conscionable trying to find my spot successful nan world. 

Sofia, who now useful arsenic a model, is nan girl of celebrated singer Lionel Richie

Sofia has been featured successful campaigns by a number of awesome brands including Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors, and Adidas. Above: The begetter and girl duo snapped successful 2020

The 25-year-old exemplary is nan girl of Nicole Richie , a reality TV prima and designer and Lionel Richie. Above: Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie, Sofia Richie and Miles Richie are pictured successful 2018

'I deliberation everyone wants to beryllium for illustration their parents erstwhile they're increasing up, and I admired my dada truthful much, and that drove maine down a euphony way for a moment. But it didn't consciousness correct for me.

'And past everyone told me, 'You should beryllium an actor!' I tried that for a period, but that wasn't maine either.

'I didn't person nan experience, and I didn't want to beryllium 1 of those kid celebrities that sewage nan domiciled because my dada is who he is.'

She continued: 'So I was like, 'You cognize what? I cognize I'm not trim retired for this. Let maine conscionable beryllium myself'.'

Gracie Abrams

The 24-year-old American singer-songwriter is nan girl of J.J. Abrams, a filmmaker who is champion known for directing immoderate of nan Star Trek and Star Wars films, including The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

Gracie started her philharmonic travel successful 2019, posting covers and original songs connected her YouTube channel. 

She past signed pinch Interscope Records and released her debut EP, Minor successful July 2020 done nan company. 

Singer Gracie Abrams is nan girl of f J.J. Abrams, a celebrated filmmaker progressive successful immoderate of nan Star Wars films (both pictured successful 2016)

Taylor Swift was spotted heading retired to meal pinch her pal Gracie Abrams successful New York City, aft returning from her three-day circuit extremity successful Argentina past year

Gracie was pictured chatting to Kendall Jenner astatine nan 2024 Met Gala

Her 2nd EP, This Is What It Feels Like, was released successful November 2021, pinch singles 'Feels Like' and 'Rockland'.

Since past Gracie's profession has really picked up, arsenic she opened for for Taylor Swift connected nan Eras Tour successful 2023 and Olivia Rodrigo connected her 2022 Sour Tour.

Two weeks ago, Gracie revealed nan way database for her upcoming medium 'The Secret Of Us'  connected societal media.

It comes retired connected June 21 and Swifties lovers will apt beryllium tuning in, arsenic 1 of nan songs, labelled 'Us', features Taylor. 

Nicolas Cage 

The 60-year-old character has been successful galore films specified arsenic Gone successful 60 Seconds, Kick Ass and Ghost Rider. 

He is nan boy of August Coppola, whose relative is head Francis Ford Coppola. 

Francis is considered 1 of nan starring figures of Hollywood films successful nan 1980s and directed iconic movies specified arsenic nan Godfather and The Great Gatsby (1974). 

Nicolas Cage is nan nephew of Francis Ford Coppola, who directed nan Godfather films (both pictured successful 2003)

Nicolas Cage, Sofia Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola are pictured astatine an events ceremonial successful 2004

Nicolas initially studied theatre astatine Beverly Hills High School earlier dropping retired astatine 17 years old.

He soon aft sewage a portion successful Fast Times astatine Ridgemont High successful 1982, but astir of his scenes were cut.

The prima past sewage a job reading lines pinch actors auditioning for his uncle's movie Rumble Fish successful 1983 which landed him a domiciled successful that film.

He past bagged different domiciled successful Valley Girl nan aforesaid year, which helped Nicolas motorboat his career. 

He is besides related to Sofia Coppola, an American movie head and screenwriter, who is besides a nepo babe because of her begetter Francis. 

She has worked connected films specified arsenic Priscilla, Lost successful Translation and Marie Antoinette.

Matty Healy 

The lead vocalist of nan band, The 1975 is known for his grungy style and rockstar-esque behaviour. 

But what galore fans whitethorn not cognize is that nan 35-year-old is really a nepo baby, arsenic he is nan boy of character and TV personality Denise Welch and actor Tim Healy. 

 Louis Healy, Denise Welch and Matty Healy, are pictured astatine Octagon Theatre, Bolton, successful 2015

Matty Healy is nan boy of Denise Welch and character Tim Healy (the family are pictured present pinch Matty arsenic a kid successful 1994)

Denise is simply a regular look connected nan show Loose Women and played Natalie Barnes successful Coronation Street.

Tim is known for his domiciled arsenic Les and Lesley Conroy successful Benidorm and Dennis Patterson successful nan comedy-drama bid Auf Wiedersehen.

Last twelvemonth nan vocalist of nan indie set was rumoured to beryllium making love nary different than Taylor Swift.

But their alleged emotion soon fizzled retired aft lasting only 2 months from April to June past year. 

Lottie Moss

The 26-year-old has surgery into nan aforesaid manufacture arsenic her half-sister, world-famous British exemplary Kate Moss.

Growing up successful Haywards Heath successful England, Lottie was scouted astatine conscionable 13 years aged aft pictures emerged of her astatine Kate's wedding to Jamie Hince were published successful magazines.

She said it sounded for illustration a 'fun' and 'exciting' occupation and truthful took nan opportunity because she wanted to 'make money for myself and for my parents'.

Writing for Newsweek , Lottie said: 'I deliberation a communal misconception is that because Kate, who is 24 years older than me, is rich | and famous, truthful were my family.

Kate Moss and Lottie Moss be nan Topshop Unique show astatine London Fashion Week astatine Tate Modern successful 2014

The 26-year-old has surgery into nan aforesaid manufacture arsenic her half-sister, world-famous British exemplary Kate Moss

'But obviously, that was her money and her fame, not ours.

'I honestly deliberation nan full 'nepo baby' conception is truthful weird; location are truthful galore group successful nan world that person had evident advantages successful their profession because of who they cognize aliases who personification successful their family is, not conscionable celebrated people.'

In 2022, nan exemplary deleted her Twitter relationship aft she was criticised for a bid of tweets astir nepotism.

At nan time, she wrote: 'I'm truthful sick of group blaming nepotism for why they aren't rich | and celebrated aliases successful – evidently it's not adjacent that group who travel from celebrated families are getting a limb up because of that but conjecture what?

'Life isn't adjacent – if you put your mind to thing you tin execute anything! So alternatively of being antagonistic astir different people's occurrence spell and effort and create your own!'

In nan outlet, she besides claimed that she ne'er sewage 'much emotion aliases attention' from her older sister Kate which 'upset' her.

Lottie added: 'How do I opportunity to group that I don't cognize her and that she doesn't reply to my texts?'

Emma Roberts

The 33-year-old character was a acquainted look successful galore films successful nan early noughties and 2010s, starring successful romanticist comedies specified arsenic Wild Child and Aquamarine. 

But galore whitethorn not cognize that she is nan niece of Hollywood superstar Julia Roberts and girl of American character Eric Roberts, who appeared successful Suits. 

Emma Roberts utilized to watch her aunt Julie Roberts connected movie sets erstwhile she was younger. Above: The brace pictured successful 2010 

Emma is nan girl of Eric Roberts an character who appeared successful who appeared successful Suits. Above: Emma pictured pinch begetter Eric and mother Eliza successful 2004 

Born successful New York, Emma spent her puerility connected sets of movies pinch Julia, which initially sparked her liking successful acting.

Her first movie domiciled came successful 2001, wherever she played nan girl of Johnny Depp's characteristic successful Blow.

She has since gone connected to prima successful respective films and bid specified arsenic Scream Queens, American Horror Story, We're nan Millers and Nerve. 

In 2011, she began studying English Literature at Sarah Lawrence College successful New York but soon put her studies connected clasp owed to activity commitments. 

Emma gave commencement to her son Rhodes Robert Hedlund pinch her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund successful December 2020.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict has built up a sanction for himself arsenic 1 of nan astir esteemed British movie actors, earning a domiciled arsenic Dr Strange successful nan Marvel franchise.

He besides secured a domiciled arsenic nan famed detective Sherlock Holmes successful a BBC bid and featured successful nan award-winning occidental The Power of nan Dog.

However, what galore group do not cognize is that his parents are besides immense names successful nan intermezo industry.

His mother Wanda Ventham carved retired a successful tv profession for herself aft rising to fame successful nan 1950s, while his begetter Timothy Carlton is an actor.

Pictured L-R: Wanda Ventham, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tracie Bennett and Timothy Carlton successful 2012 

Wanda, who joined Timothy backmost successful 1976, trained astatine nan Central School of Speech and Drama earlier going connected to prima successful a big of deed tv shows.

The character is champion known for portraying Colonel Virginia Lake successful nan 1970s, while she besides secured roles successful nan original Doctor Who bid and Emmerdale Farm.

Despite her agelong database of acting credits, she is very well-recognised for her supporting domiciled successful Only Fools and Horses arsenic Del Boy's mother-in-law Pamela Parry.

Parents: However, what galore group do not cognize is that his parents Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton (pictured) are besides immense names successful nan intermezo industry

Meanwhile, Timothy, now 83, was champion known for his roles successful 1968's mini bid Cold Comfort Farm and 1998's Parting Shots.

Career: Previously speaking astir his upbringing, Benedict said his parents didn't want him to travel successful their acting footsteps

Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton (pictured) are besides immense names successful nan intermezo industry

Timothy, was champion known for his roles successful 1968's mini bid Cold Comfort Farm and 1998's Parting Shots

Timothy and Wanda moreover made an quality successful Benedict's smash deed bid Sherlock arsenic their son's on-screen parents.

Previously speaking astir his upbringing, Benedict, 46, said his parents didn't want him to travel successful their acting footsteps .

He told The Lady mag successful 2019 that his parents 'scrimped and saved' to nonstop him to a prestigious £12,000-a-term Harrow schoolhouse truthful he could go 'a expert aliases a lawyer'.

He explained: 'They scrimped and saved to get their only boy nan very champion acquisition possible.

'And I took that acquisition threw it each successful their look and became an character anyway.'

Timothée Chalamet

The 28-year-old Wonka star's mother is Nicole Flender, a erstwhile Broadway character and dancer.

His uncle Rodman Flender directed Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, The Office and 10 Things I Hate About You.

Timothée Chalamet poses pinch his mother Nicole Flender, a erstwhile Broadway character and dancer, successful 2018

Timothée pinch his uncle Rodman Flender, who directed Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, The Office and 10 Things I Hate About You

Timothée appeared successful commercials from a young property and attended nan LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and Performing Arts and his classmate included character Ansel Elgort.

He made his acting debut in 2014, arsenic a precocious schoolhouse student successful Jason Reitman's Men, Women & Children and Matthew McConaughey's character's teenage boy successful Interstellar.

But 2017 is where Timothée's profession really started taking off. He played Elio successful Call Me by Your Name and his capacity received significant captious acclaim.

He was nominated for nan Academy Award for Best Actor, and nan Golden Globe Award for Best Actor successful nan Drama segement.

Jennifer Aniston

Many whitethorn not realise that 1 of nan astir well-known actresses successful nan world is successful truth a nepo baby. 

Jennifer, 55, is nan girl of John Aniston, an character who was champion known for his domiciled as Victor Kiriakis successful nan NBC drama Days of Our Lives.

Jennifer, champion known for her domiciled arsenic Rachel Green successful nan deed bid Friends, started her acting travel aged 11 erstwhile she joined nan Rudolf Steiner School's play club.

Jennifer Aniston is nan girl of John Aniston, an character who was champion known for his domiciled arsenic Victor Kiriakis successful nan NBC play Days of Our Lives. Above: The brace pictured successful New York successful 1997 

Nancy Dow and John Aniston are snapped pinch their daughter Jennifer Aniston successful 1975

Jennifer Aniston, who was honoured pinch a prima nan the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, poses pinch her begetter John Aniston successful 2012

She past joined the New York's School of Performing Arts and aft graduating, appeared arsenic a regular successful nan bid Molloy successful 1990 and had a recurring portion connected Herman's Head nan pursuing year.

In 1994, she past auditioned for Friends. Her co-star Courteney Cox was primitively offered nan portion of Rachel but she turned it down and ended up playing her roommate, Monica.

During a nighttime retired successful Hollywood, David Crane who is 1 of nan co-creators of nan series, stumbled across Jennifer and knew they recovered nan cleanable Rachel.

But she was unavailable and signed onto different CBS sitcom Muddling Through.

However it each worked retired successful nan end, and Jennifer roseate to fame aft her iconic capacity arsenic Rachel and went connected to prima successful respective films specified arsenic Murder Mystery, Horrible Bosses, Bounty Hunter and Marley & Me.

Hailey Bieber

The 27-year-old American exemplary and socialite is joined to Justin Bieber and nan brace precocious announced that they are expecting a baby. 

Hailey is nan girl of character Stephen Baldwin - who starred successful nan Usual Suspects, Fled and 8 Seconds - and schematic designer Kennya Baldwin.

She included successful an article listing nepo babies successful 2022. But it didn't look to shape her and she wore nan title pinch pride, arsenic she sported a achromatic t-shirt pinch nan motto 'Nepo baby' successful January 2023.

In July past year, Hailey revealed why she decided to deterioration a 'nepo baby' harvest apical that caused headlines.

Hailey Baldwin is pictured pinch her now-husband Justin Bieber and begetter Stephen Baldwin  in  New York successful 2011

After she was called a nepo baby, Hailey sported a achromatic t-shirt pinch nan motto 'Nepo baby' successful January 2023

Hailey is nan girl of character Stephen Baldwin - who starred successful nan Usual Suspects, Fled and 8 Seconds 

 'The nepo babe T-shirt was conscionable meant to beryllium my small remark connected nan full sermon that had been going around,' she said successful an question and reply pinch Bloomberg connected Thursday.

'And, you know, my constituent to having worn nan T-shirt was not to flick nosy astatine it aliases beryllium like, "Yeah, I'm a nepo baby" and ha ha type of thing.'

'It was much truthful to beryllium for illustration this is what everyone is saying, and I want you to cognize this is my measurement of responding to it and my measurement of acknowledging it.

'In a measurement that is truthful overly literal that it's like, "I'm conscionable going to telephone myself a nepo babe because I americium 1 and I clasp that I am," she said.

Hailey revealed she enjoyed wearing nan arguable piece, since she had 'mixed' reactions to it.

'I'm like, "So you're going to beryllium location and telephone maine a nepo babe each time agelong but past I admit it and past I'm not capable of a nepo baby?"

'So, it's like, location is ne'er immoderate winning pinch nan internet.'


Mabel is without a uncertainty a successful creator and will nary uncertainty proceed to excel to awesome heights, but astatine an early shape successful her career, she hasn't rather matched her mother's awards furniture yet

Mabel's mother is Neneh Cherry, a Swedish vocalist who has released six workplace albums and has won 2 Brit awards

Mabel Alabama-Pearl McVey's profession is still successful its infancy and her prima will surely only proceed to rise. However, arsenic yet, she hasn't rather achieved nan aforesaid number of accolades arsenic her celebrated mother.

Neneh Cherry is simply a Swedish vocalist who has released six workplace albums; nan first of which, Raw Like Sushi, reached number 3 successful nan UK Albums floor plan - conscionable for illustration her daughter's.

She has been nominated for a Grammy Award and has 2 Brit Awards nether her loop - and while her girl Mabel is surely catching up to her mother, nan young vocalist hasn't rather reached Neneh's heights yet.

Neneh Cherry's first album, Raw Like Sushi, reached number 3 successful nan floor plan - conscionable for illustration her girl Mabel

Her debut azygous Finders Keepers, released successful 2017, reached number 8 connected nan UK Singles Chart.

This was followed up 2 years later pinch nan merchandise of her medium High Expectations astatine number 3 successful nan Albums Chart - which later went platinum.

In 2020, conscionable 3 years aft bursting onto nan scene, she won a Brit Award for British Female Solo Artist.

As Mabel's fame continues to soar, she will nary uncertainty overtake her mother - but she has a very successful enactment to follow.

Willow Smith

Willow Smith's singing profession has earnt her thousands of fans among younger euphony lovers, but she hasn't rather reached her father's stratospheric fame

Will Smith, who is known for some acting and music, has won respective awards during his career, including an Oscar successful 2022 for King Richard

While she's had occurrence pinch singles, films and appearances connected Red Table Talk, Willow Smith (who goes by Willow) has yet to scope nan heights of her father's fame.

Perhaps a difficult task, springiness her begetter Will Smith, 55, is 1 of nan astir celebrated men live and arguably nan astir successful rapper and character of a generation.

The 23-year-old started early. She deed number 2 successful nan UK charts pinch her debut Whip My Hair, erstwhile she was conscionable ten.

She's besides starred alongside her dada in I Am Legend arsenic good arsenic a sound domiciled alongside her mother Jada Pinkett Smith, in Merry Madagascar.

Keeping it successful nan family, Willow besides regularly joins her her mother and grandmother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, connected their hugely successful Facebook Watch show, Red Table Talk. 

Lola Lennox

Lola Lennox released her debut azygous Wild successful 2020 and has performed onstage pinch her mother connected a fewer occasions

When she was 18 years old, Lola Lennox won a spot astatine nan prestigious Royal Academy of Music.

'Classical singing is different from popular and I cognize much astir it than my mother,' Lola told nan Daily Mail successful 2009 aft being accepted into nan school.

'I commencement astatine nan academy successful September and I've sewage location connected my own. It was a reliable audition and I'm really looking guardant to nan course.' 

As she stressed nan constituent she had attained her spot done her ain abilities, she was possibly referring to nan truth her popular singing mother, Annie Lennox, is very successful and good connected successful nan euphony industry.

First uncovering fame successful Eurythmics successful nan 1980s, Annie released a drawstring of apical 10 hits passim nan decade including Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart).

Lola Lennox's mother Annie Lennox achieved immense occurrence successful Eurythmics and arsenic a solo artist

After taking a break from Eurythmics successful nan early 1990s, she besides enjoyed a number 1 solo album, Diva.

Alongside her euphony career, Annie has go a salient sound successful nan run to eliminate AIDS done her activity connected Live Aid and Live 8.

Lola has surely enjoyed occurrence successful nan euphony industry, but her profession hasn't rather matched nan stratospheric heights of her mother's.

She released her debut azygous In nan Wild successful 2020 and has performed connected shape pinch her mother a fistful of times. 

Last year, speaking to Amazing magazine, she addressed nan 'nepo baby' statement that scrutinised nan careers of children successful nan intermezo manufacture who person celebrated parents.

'When you're looking astatine nan euphony I consciousness really fortunate to person been capable to witnesser specified a beardown female domiciled exemplary successful action and besides spot really overmuch intent it gave her,' she said, referring to her mother. 

Dhani Harrison

George Harrison's boy Dhani has dabbled successful nan euphony manufacture arsenic a guitarist, pursuing successful nan footsteps of his father

Another personnel of The Beatles offspring is Dhani Harrison, boy of guitarist George. 

Although he's a dormant ringer for his stone and rotation father, pinch agelong hippy hairsbreadth and a goatee beard which harks backmost to George's 1970s look, his euphony profession hasn't rather managed to emulate nan occurrence of nan astir celebrated British set of each time.

He has struggled to make a occurrence of his profession successful music, contempt appearing alongside nan likes of Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney astatine a tribute performance for George astatine nan Albert Hall a twelvemonth aft his decease from crab successful 2001. 

In 2006, he formed a set called thnewno2 successful 2006. Four years later, he started different band, Fist afloat of Mercy. 

The guitarist has covered his father's songs, played connected shape pinch Eric Clapton and Paul McCartney and joined respective bands but ne'er rather matched nan occurrence of The Beatles

In 2013, he joined forces with Alexa Ray Joel, girl of singer-songwriter Billy Joel to execute immoderate of their father's apical hits for a Gap advert.

While Alexa Ray performed Just nan Way You Are, Dhani gave a rendition of For You Blue.

Speaking to nan Daily Mail successful 2012, Dhani revealed nan nepo babe disapproval was thing he was acutely alert of.

He said: 'Everyone's looking astatine maine thinking, 'he's sewage it handed to him connected a plate; he sewage that because of his dad.'

However, contempt having a very celebrated father, Dhani's profession hasn't followed nan aforesaid trajectory.

This mightiness beryllium down to nan truth he turned down tons of offers successful his younger years, holding retired for opportunities that meant thing to him.

He said: 'I've had each offer. But you've sewage to inquire yourself, 'Why? What's this for'?' 

Kelly Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne's girl Kelly Osbourne changeable to fame successful The Osbournes and is now hugely successful arsenic a presenter, but her singing profession didn't rather return off

There's nary 1 successful nan manufacture much stone and rotation than Ozzy Osbourne.

As nan beforehand man of Black Sabbath, he became wide known for his onstage stunts moreover much than for his euphony - having erstwhile beheaded a dove arsenic good arsenic biting nan caput disconnected a bat during a performance.

Although he was blighted by addiction for overmuch of his euphony career, Ozzy managed to execute tremendous occurrence successful nan manufacture some pinch Black Sabbath and arsenic a prima successful his ain right.

In 2013 nan set deed nan milestone of trading 70 cardinal records worldwide meaning they are 1 of nan astir commercially successful dense metallic bands of each time.

After making a sanction for himself successful nan euphony industry, Ozzy later became a prima of nan mini surface arsenic he and his family were followed successful 1 of nan earliest reality TV shows, The Osbournes.

The show followed Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly (but not oldest girl Aimee) successful expletive-laden episodes that showed their life astatine home.

It paved nan measurement for Kelly to go a prima conscionable for illustration her begetter - but while she has achieved tremendous occurrence successful nan US arsenic a presenter, Kelly Osbourne's euphony profession hasn't rather panned retired successful nan aforesaid way.

She released her first workplace album, Shut Up, successful 2002 - nan aforesaid twelvemonth The Osbournes premiered. 

The album's income were humble and reviews were mixed - nevertheless a duet pinch her begetter Ozzy, Black Sabbath screen Changes, released successful 2003, drew successful importantly much occurrence and reached number 1 successful nan UK charts.

Norah Jones

Norah Jones, who has 9 Grammys nether her belt, antecedently said she didn't want group to deliberation of her successful relation pinch her celebrated father

Jazz creator Norah Jones's profession has reached specified heights that astir group don't cognize she technically counts arsenic a 'nepo baby'.

As of 2023, she has sold much than 50 cardinal records worldwide and has a whopping 9 Grammy awards nether her belt. 

She burst onto nan segment successful 2002 pinch nan merchandise of Come Away With Me, which reached gem position and sold 27 cardinal copies.

It bagged her 5 Grammy awards unsocial including Best Album and Best New Artist.

Norah's afloat sanction is Geethali Norah Jones Shankar. She is nan girl of Indian sitarist and composer, Ravi Shankar.

Ravi Shankar died successful 2012 aft a successful euphony profession that began successful India and later saw him circuit Europe and nan Americas

Ravi, who died successful 2012, began his profession successful India wherever he was euphony head of All India Radio successful New Delhi from 1949 until 1956.

From location he started touring Europe and nan Americas playing Indian classical music. Through touring, he became gradually much celebrated and met Beatles personnel George Harrison.

Harrison's relationship pinch Shankar led to an summation of Indian instruments successful Western popular euphony passim nan 1960s.

Speaking to nan Daily Mail astir her begetter successful 2012 soon earlier his death, Jones said: 'I garbage to beryllium defined by my celebrated dad. I hardly knew him erstwhile I was increasing up and we only started a due narration erstwhile I was successful my precocious teens.'

However she added they now shared a 'close, very loving relationship' and added group don't thin to deliberation of her successful relation pinch him.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus changeable to fame connected Disney bid Hannah Montana and has since surgery respective records and won respective awards

Miley's begetter is Billy Ray Cyrus, a state vocalist who has besides achieved patient occurrence successful his genre, but hasn't rather reached superstar position for illustration his daughter

Miley Cyrus mightiness person had a leg-up successful her profession by being calved into a state euphony family, but she has acold exceeded nan occurrence of her begetter Billy Ray.

Born Destiny Hope Cyrus, her sanction was chosen because her parents Billy and Tish hoped for her to win successful life and execute awesome things aft she was calved pinch an abnormal resting bosom complaint - and arsenic 1 of nan biggest popular stars successful nan world, she has surely fulfilled their wishes.

Miley's early occurrence came astatine 13 years aged erstwhile she was formed arsenic nan eponymous characteristic successful Disney's Hannah Montana, a hugely celebrated show astir a schoolgirl surviving a double life arsenic a popular star.

The fame of nan show paved measurement for her ain euphony career, first performing arsenic Hannah Montana earlier embarking upon euphony released arsenic Miley Cyrus. 

By nan property of 16 she has go nan youngest creator successful history to person 4 albums connected nan Billboard 200 floor plan successful nan US.

She has 2 Grammy Awards, 1 Brit Award and holds 8 Guinness World Records for her success.

Meanwhile her begetter Billy Ray, while a successful state artist, ne'er reached nan occurrence his girl Miley has managed to achieve.

In 1992 his state medium Some Gave All became nan best-selling grounds of nan twelvemonth successful nan US, but arsenic he became a begetter and his children embarked upon their ain careers successful nan intermezo industry, his euphony exploits took a backmost seat.

He starred alongside his girl Miley arsenic her begetter successful Hannah Montana, which introduced him a overmuch younger procreation of fans - although, to them, he will apt ever beryllium known arsenic 'Miley Cyrus's dad'.

Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson's stepfather is Mick Jones, nan guitarist successful stone set Foreigner who penned I Want to Know What Love Is, thought to beryllium astir Ronson's mother Ann

Mark Ronson was calved into a able family, pinch his begetter Laurence moving successful existent property and his mother Ann Dexter-Jones successful nan TV industry.

However, it's done his stepfather Mick Jones that Ronson became connected pinch nan euphony industry.

Jones was nan guitarist successful stone set Foreigner and has penned immoderate of nan group's biggest hits.

Among them is I Want to Know what Love Is, which is thought to person been written astir his narration pinch Ronson's mother.

Although he was calved successful northbound westbound London, Ronson spent astir of his life successful nan US, and his DJ profession began successful New York City erstwhile he was a student astatine New York University.

He has enjoyed tremendous occurrence arsenic a DJ, shaper and songwriter since becoming progressive successful nan euphony industry, moving connected tracks for illustration Amy Winehouse's Valerie (which became much wide known than The Zutons's original) and Bruno Mars's Uptown Funk.

While his stepfather has penned 1 of nan top powerfulness ballads of each time, his occurrence falls conscionable awkward of Ronson's full 45 grant wins, including an Oscar, 7 Grammys - and a Guinness World Record.

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias's begetter Julio is 1 of nan astir successful Spanish artists of each time, but his occurrence ne'er transferred to English-speaking audiences

Enrique's profession has managed to transverse complete from nan Latin marketplace to English-speaking audiences 

Enrique Iglesias's euphony profession has seen him crowned 1 of nan best-selling Latin artists of each time, arsenic he spanned genres into creation euphony during his career.

He began making euphony successful nan 1990s pinch Mexican explanation Fonovisa and quickly became 1 of its astir successful artists. 

However, by 2000 he successfully crossed complete into nan English connection euphony marketplace and signed a grounds woody pinch Universal Music Group.

Since moving into nan world of popular and dance, he has released astir singles successful some English and Spanish, appealing to a wider assemblage - which has shown successful his income and success.

He is now dubbed nan King of Latin Pop and, successful 2016, was named by Billboard arsenic nan 14th astir successful antheral creation nine creator of each time.

Enrique's begetter is besides a reasonably successful fig successful Latin euphony - Julio Iglesias. 

Julio has besides achieved immense occurrence successful his profession - nevertheless he didn't move into mainstream and English-speaking genres arsenic his boy did.

He is recognised arsenic nan astir commercially successful Spanish vocalist successful nan world and 1 of nan apical sellers successful euphony history.

While he has outsold Enrique, he hasn't rather reached retired to nan aforesaid wide audience.

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston is 1 of nan top artists ever to person lived and won 8 Grammys during her career

The precocious Whitney Houston was nan girl of Cissy Houston, a Grammy Award victor for gospel music

The late, awesome Whitney Houston achieved awesome things during her profession earlier her tragic and untimely decease successful 2012.

Known for a once-in-a-generation sound pinch which she belted retired anthems for illustration Greatest Love of All and I Will Always Love You, she was 1 of nan biggest popular stars successful nan world astatine nan highest of her success.

Her accolades see 8 Grammy Awards, 22 American Music Awards, 2 Emmy Awards and an induction into respective euphony halls of fame.

In 2001, pursuing tremendous occurrence pinch her first fewer workplace albums, she renewed her grounds statement pinch Arista Records for $100 million, which to this time remains 1 of nan biggest signaling deals of each time.

After becoming 1 of nan biggest popular stars successful history, nan truth that Whitney Houston was technically a 'nepo baby' is somewhat forgotten.

Not only was her mother Emily 'Cissy' Houston a singer, she besides had 2 Grammy Awards to her sanction - though compared to her daughter's 8 Grammys, it isn't rather truthful striking an accolade.

Cissy was a personnel of The Drinkard Singers and nan laminitis of The Sweet Inspirations, a vocal group that recorded inheritance vocals for Aretha Franklin and Elvis Presley.

After leaving The Sweet Inspirations, she embarked upon a solo career, for which she earnt her Grammys. 

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