Junior Rodeo stars rally for recovery of Spencer Wright's son Levi after toy tractor river accident

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Junior rodeo stars gathered this play to rally for nan betterment of Spencer Wright's three-year-old son, who is fighting for his life aft a catastrophic artifact tractor stream accident.

Levi was recovered astir a mile downstream and was unresponsive erstwhile first responders pulled him retired of nan fast-moving creek adjacent his location connected Tuesday. He was airlifted to Primary Children's Hospital successful Salt Lake City.

The small cowboy was initially considered brain-dead but miraculously woke up from a coma. His devastated parents, Kallie and Spencer are praying for a miracle. 

Many successful nan organization person been organizing fundraisers for Levi. On Saturday, nan Junior Roughstock World Finals, Desert Region Rodeo, posted that each of nan kids 'rode a small other beardown for Levi Wright.'

Heartbreaking pictures showed nan young riders connected 1 knee, bowing their heads pinch cowboy hats successful manus for a moments soundlessness for small Levi.  

The young cowboys are pictured holding their chapeau and kneeling connected nan ungraded successful dream for Levi

Levi Wright, 3, nan boy of rodeo prima Spencer Wright, has been fighting for his life, since his artifact tractor dove into a creek successful Utah and he was recovered unresponsive 

'Each of nan kids wore bluish rode for Levi,' nan station read. 'They opportunity this is nan first rodeo of nan full play that each and everyone of nan kids young roughstock riders had a small other grit and try.'

On nan time of nan ordeal, Kallie was extracurricular watching her boy playing connected his tractor trailer, and ran into nan location to cheque connected her 9-month-old. 

Within that divided 2nd Levi had vanished from sight. The frantic mother dove into nan creek to look for her boy successful nan raging river. 

Levi's devastated parents were preparing for nan worst and said they planned to 'stop attraction and clasp him adjacent until his past activity connected earth.' 

But, miraculously Levi woke from nan coma connected Thursday night, 2 days aft he was initially expected not to survive. 

'LEVI WOKE UP! I americium shook, we don't cognize overmuch but nan expert said it was okay for maine to get excited astir that and I AM! My babe is truthful tough!' she said.

'He sewage a small chaotic truthful we had to settee him down again but my heart!'

On Friday, they received nan devastating news that an MRI gave a mediocre prognosis for nan youngster.

At nan proposal of a caller doctor, nan parents were told to springiness their boy immoderate time.

'We person clip for a miracle!' nan family wrote connected their Facebook aft their boy woke up. 

'Levi's bosom is beating connected its own, he has a will to respire but his saccharine small encephalon was without oxygen excessively agelong and location is nary coming backmost from that,' an earlier update read.

Heartbreaking pictures showed nan young riders connected 1 knee, bowing their heads pinch cowboy hats successful manus for a moments soundlessness for small Levi

Young cowboys are seen placing a integrative dinosaur connected a tube astatine nan fundraiser for Levi

Kids placed small artifact dinosaurs connected nan contained during nan rodeo final 

T-Rex Strong Like Levi - nan precious illustration was made by a family friend

Photos connected societal media show Kallie successful her son's infirmary furniture cradling him successful her arms, arsenic his begetter stands nearby. 

On Sunday she wrote: 'This is an experience, I believe heavy successful my psyche you ne'er person to cognize nan measurement I americium opening to.

'This is simply a roller coaster that you spell connected unwillingly & blindfolded, you do not cognize what's coming next. You conscionable get to hold & thrust it out. We are taking it time by day.'

She shared nan type of encephalon wounded her boy whitethorn sustain, and nan unknowns that are ahead. 

'The word 'Brain Injury' is very broad, location are ranges and different severities. No 2 encephalon injuries are alike, moreover if nan mishap is similar. No 2 brains retrieve aliases don't retrieve nan same. 

'There is simply a batch Medical Professionals don't know, but what they do show you is based disconnected morganatic aesculapian lit and history.' 

Kallie Wright dived successful to prevention her three-year-old boy erstwhile he drove his artifact tractor into nan raging river

Levi miraculously showed signs of encephalon usability connected Friday, but now his mother, Kallie Wright (left) is informing nan hardest portion of their travel has yet to come

Kallie expressed really grateful she is for nan guidance from her doctor, she said 'has provided america nan astir precious gift of time. Something we almost did not have.'

'Our expert is thing short of outstanding and I judge pinch each of maine that her bosom is invested into him.

'Whether that is clip to spot if God provides a occurrence to america aliases whether it's clip for america to research, study and process this each successful bid to make nan astir informed decisions. 

In nan heartbreaking post, she continued to inquire for prayers and 'for years to come.' She said, arsenic 'I fearfulness we haven't moreover reached nan hardest portion of this.'

'Every determination that Levi's Dad and I will make will beryllium made based connected what, we nan 2 group who cognize him champion judge he would want. In each this, he comes first.

'We are exploring nan therapies that person been mentioned, engaging pinch those we consciousness tin beryllium of support for america & getting arsenic galore master eyes connected this arsenic possible.'

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