Judge reveals why he released Julian Wood's killer back on the streets just days before she stabbed toddler in parking lot

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An Ohio judge has defended his determination to merchandise nan female accused of sidesplitting three-year-old Julian Wood backmost connected nan streets conscionable days earlier nan fatal stabbing --- contempt a referral for a intelligence wellness evaluation.

Records obtained by Fox 8 shows a magistrate astatine nan Rocky River Municipal Court referred Bionca Ellis, 32, for a intelligence wellness information aft she seemingly became unresponsive astatine a proceeding pursuing her apprehension for a parole usurpation connected May 29.

But Judge Brian Hagan said nan statement handling intelligence wellness evaluations had cipher available, and he thought it would beryllium cruel for Ellis to beryllium successful jailhouse for days connected a insignificant charge.

'There wasn't immoderate reddish flags shooting up that pole,' Hagan said, explaining that location were 'no signs of intelligence distress, nary signs of previous, convulsive acts.'

He would not person done thing differently, he said, moreover now --- knowing that Ellis is charged pinch aggravated execution for nan decease of nan toddler.

Judge Brian Hagan released Bionca Ellis, 32, from custody conscionable days earlier she allegedly killed a three-year-old boy and injured his mother

A magistrate had requested Ellis beryllium held for a intelligence wellness evaluation

'I'm assured successful nan measurement nan tribunal handled nan matter,' he told Fox 8.

'We did it by nan missive of nan law, location was thing location to nonstop up alarms.'

But it has since been revealed that Ellis had a criminal grounds going backmost respective months successful 3 different states --- and she erstwhile moreover confessed to cops that she had murdered personification and wanted to termination again.

In January, Ellis was arrested successful Bakersfield, California connected 3 counts of 'battery connected person' for allegedly assaulting 3 people, Fox 8 reports.

The pursuing month, she reportedly told constabulary successful Cleveland she killed a female successful California and she wanted to termination again.

The section constabulary past transported Ellis to a infirmary for a intelligence wellness evaluation, arsenic cops successful Bakersfield wished her confession was not reliable because it was inconsistent pinch immoderate unsolved cases.

Ellis was arrested connected May 29 erstwhile constabulary discovered a warrant retired for her arrest

By March, Ellis was arrested successful Florida aft she booked a edifice room successful Kissimmee but did not person nan money to salary for it. 

She spent 1 period successful jailhouse for trespassing.

Then, connected May 29 --- conscionable 4 days earlier she allegedly followed Julian and his mother retired of nan Giant Eagle market shop successful North Olmstead, Ohio and slashed nan young boy successful nan look and cervix --- constabulary recovered her trundling to nan autobus extremity successful a wheelchair and discovered location was a warrant retired for her arrest.

She had been charged pinch shoplifting $69 worthy of merchandise from a Walmart past May and pleaded blameworthy to nan lesser crime of unauthorized usage of property.

Ellis escaped pinch six months' probation, but grounded to do nan required theft acquisition programme and an apprehension warrant was issued. 

As she was taken into custody, constabulary assemblage camera footage showed her almost dancing arsenic she excitedly proclaimed, 'I'm getting a free ride!'

Ellis is accused of sidesplitting three-year-old Julian Wood conscionable 3 days aft she was released 

When she appeared successful tribunal to look nan parole violation, though, Magistrate Gregory Sponseller seemed concerned astir her intelligence status.

He could beryllium heard successful tribunal audio from nan proceeding wondering whether Ellis was paying attraction aliases if she was falling asleep, many times asking nan fishy whether she could perceive him until he decided she needed to get a intelligence wellness evaluation.

'Let's clasp her for an information from Recovery Resources,' he ordered.

'I'm not judge she afloat understands nan elemental requirements nan tribunal has imposed connected her,' he noted.

Ellis' mother, Yolanda Eggleton, now says she believes some nan tribunal strategy and nan intelligence wellness strategy grounded her daughter.

She said Ellis had been suffering from intelligence wellness issues for years, and suggested she whitethorn person been 'hallucinating' erstwhile she allegedly killed Wood and stabbed his mother, Margot, connected June 2.

'Bionca has been connected respective medications that did not activity retired for her,' Eggleton told Fox 8. 'The hallucinations and nan voices conscionable sewage nan champion of her.'

She added that she believes nan constabulary should person done much to cheque connected Ellis' intelligence position pursuing her alleged confession and proclamation that she wanted to termination again.

'This won't beryllium nan past time,' Eggleton warned.

'And it's truthful sad, and truthful tragic that a babe had to suffer their life --- an guiltless baby.'

Eggleton went connected to definitive her condolences to nan Wood family for nan slashing, and said she was shocked erstwhile she heard nan news.

'When I recovered out, I was devastated, I'm devastated,' she said. 'No kid should ever person to suffer their life.

'She was astir my grandkids,' Eggleton added. 'It could've been 1 of my grandkids.' 

Police opportunity Ellis followed Julian and his mother, Margot, retired of nan Giant Eagle market shop while brandishing a stolen knife

Police opportunity Ellis first encountered Julian and his mother, Margot, 37,  arsenic they were exiting nan Giant Eagle market shop and followed them extracurricular to their car --- brandishing a weapon she had allegedly stolen from a adjacent Volunteers of America Thrift Store.

She past allegedly stabbed nan toddler successful nan look and nan backmost arsenic he sat successful nan shopping cart, past slashed his mother arsenic she tried to propulsion her kid to safety, according to Cleveland 19.

Ellis was recovered conscionable a fewer minutes later stepping down a adjacent broadside street, still holding a bloodied knife, constabulary said.

She had nary erstwhile relationship pinch nan Wood family, authorities say, calling nan onslaught 'entirely a random enactment of violence.'

Ellis is now facing charges including murder, aggravated murder, attempted murder, felonious assault, endangering children, tampering pinch grounds and misdemeanor theft.

Ellis' defense lawyer suggested successful tribunal that she has 'notable intelligence wellness issues'

As she faced those charges successful tribunal connected Monday, her defense lawyer suggested that she has 'notable intelligence wellness issues.'

She noted that the fishy initially appeared via video provender pinch her caput down and refused to reply immoderate of nan judge's questions astir whether aliases not she had publication nan indictment.

It was only aft a judge ordered an lawyer pinch nan pubic defender's agency to spell to nan Cuyahoga County Jail and publication nan indictment to Ellis that nan fishy appeared successful tribunal and pleaded not blameworthy to nan charges.

She was past seen smiling and almost laughing arsenic nan judge publication retired nan charges against her, and moreover turned straight towards nan camera and grinned.

The judge past proceeded to group Ellis' enslaved astatine $5 million, and ordered nan fishy to return to tribunal adjacent Monday.

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