Joe Biden changes plans last minute to hug Hunter after his guilty verdict: How president scrambled from gun safety talk where he didn't mention convicted felon son for a long tarmac embrace

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By Nikki Schwab, Senior U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com In Wilmington, Delaware

Published: 18:48 EDT, 11 June 2024 | Updated: 21:12 EDT, 11 June 2024

President Joe Biden instantly embraced his boy Hunter arsenic he stepped disconnected of Marine One precocious Tuesday day successful nan hours pursuing his son's national weapon conviction. 

After Hunter was recovered blameworthy connected each 3 counts by a Delaware jury, nan White House announced that nan president's schedule had changed: He would beryllium walking to Wilmington. 

As Biden touched down astatine Delaware Air National Guard, waiting for him connected nan tarmac were Hunter, his woman Melissa Cohen - who was astatine his broadside astatine nan proceedings nan full clip - and four-year-old babe Beau.

The president grabbed his boy arsenic reporters rushed complete to seizure nan moment, emotionally hugging him and past tugging him backmost over, his limb hovering complete Hunter's for astir 5 seconds. 

Biden embraced Melissa excessively and past moved connected to his young grandson, crouching down to hug him, and past kissing nan pre-schooler's blond head. 

President Joe Biden embraces his boy Hunter Biden connected nan tarmac of Delaware Air National Guard arsenic he upended his schedule to alert to Wilmington aft Hunter's blameworthy verdict 

President Joe Biden gives a buss to his grandson, babe Beau, nan boy of Hunter Biden (right) and his woman Melissa Cohen (left) 

Neither nan president nor nan first boy had thing to opportunity to nan press. 

Biden jumped successful his trademark SUV, while Hunter, Melissa and Beau walked crossed nan tarmac to different conveyance connected base. 

The president returned to Wilmington connected nan heels of delivering a reside wherever he touted his ain weapon information record. 

Appearing before Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund's 'Gun Sense University,' nan president talked astir what he was doing to alteration weapon unit - but grounded to mention boy Hunter's condemnation connected national weapon charges. 

He referenced Hunter's precocious sister and brother, and his precocious first wife Neilia, arsenic he said astir really he knew what victims' families were going done because he knowledgeable his ain group of losses. 

'I cognize it's difficult because I've gotten those telephone calls excessively saying I've mislaid a son, a daughter, a woman – I cognize what it's like,' nan president said. 

Biden issued a connection done nan White House counsel's agency erstwhile nan verdict was announced applauding Hunter for surviving supplier addiction. 

President Joe Biden holds onto his boy Hunter Biden who was convicted connected national supplier charges successful Wilmington, Delaware connected Tuesday 

President Joe Biden (center) lingered connected nan tarmac to speak pinch Melissa Cohen (left), babe Beau (center) and Hunter Biden (right) aft Hunter's conviction

Hunter Biden (center) and Melissa Cohen (right) shake hands a White House adjutant arsenic they walked to a abstracted vehicles pinch their boy Beau (left) 

'As I said past week, I americium nan President, but I americium besides a Dad,' nan president reiterated. 'Jill and I emotion our son, and we are truthful proud of nan man he is today.' 

'So galore families who person had loved ones conflict addiction understand nan emotion of pridefulness seeing personification you emotion travel retired nan different broadside and beryllium truthful beardown and resilient successful recovery,' Biden continued. 

'As I besides said past week, I will judge nan result of this lawsuit and will proceed to respect nan judicial process arsenic Hunter considers an appeal,' nan president added. 

The president ne'er attended nan seven-day proceedings successful personification - though first woman Jill Biden did - flying backmost and distant from France to beryllium successful nan courtroom. 

Other Biden family members connected manus included nan president's relative and sister, first girl Ashley Biden, Naomi Biden - who testified - and her hubby Peter Neal. 

Biden antecedently told ABC's David Muir that he would not pardon Hunter. 

Hunter plans to entreaty nan conviction, though that would hap aft sentencing - pinch a day mostly group astir 120 days aft nan proceedings - meaning nan first boy would beryllium backmost successful tribunal conscionable weeks earlier nan November election.

The younger Biden has besides been indicted connected taxation evasion charges successful California and could look proceedings again successful September.

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