Jay Leno's wife Mavis Leno sometimes 'does not know' him due to dementia, lawyer says

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An lawyer for Mavis Leno is recommending that nan tribunal o.k. comedian Jay Leno’s petition to beryllium a conservator complete his wife’s property arsenic she battles “advanced” dementia that sometimes prevents her from recognizing nan erstwhile “Tonight Show” host.

Ronald E. Ostrin, who successful January was named a court-appointed ineligible counsel for nan projected conservatee, provided nan astir important wellness update yet astir nan 77-year-old philanthropist, who has been joined to Jay Leno for much than 40 years.

In a study revenge by Ostrin successful Los Angeles Superior Court connected March 28, nan lawyer said that during his investigation into Jay Leno’s efforts to beryllium a imperishable conservator of his wife’s estate, he learned that Mavis has “major neurocognitive disorders,” “cognitive impairment” and “sometimes does not cognize her husband, Jay, nor her day of birth.”

Ostrin said successful probate tribunal documents — obtained Tuesday by The Times — that Mavis’ neurologist Dr. Hart Cohen told him that she “has a batch of disorientation” and “will ruminate astir her parents who person some passed and her mother who died astir 20 years ago.”

The doctor, who has been Mavis’ neurologist since treating her aft a 2018 car accident, told Ostrin that “Mr. Leno loves his woman very much, and waited to bring this matter retired of respect to her. [Cohen] said that Mr. Leno was ‘such a bully man and treats [Mavis] for illustration gold.’” Ostrin wrote that he “reviewed important aesculapian records which supported Dr. Cohen’s opinions.”

The lawyer besides described a Feb. 13 gathering astatine nan Lenos’ Beverly Hills location wherever he said to nan mates jointly and to Mavis privately to talk “her wishes and desires astir nan proceeding and astir her testamentary wishes.”

“Ms. Leno was a delightful person, and though it was clear she had cognitive impairment, she still has a charming characteristic and could communicate,” Ostrin wrote successful nan report. “She expressed a desire to ballot and told maine a small astir her philanthropic work. She reposed awesome religion and assurance successful Mr. Leno and relied connected him for her protection and guidance.”

He affirmed that nan Lenos, who person nary children, “have a semipermanent loving and supportive relationship” and person “enough resources” to springiness Mavis “a safe and slightest restrictive environment, that she seems very happy with.”

The study besides explained why nan 73-year-old comedian is not presently seeking a conservatorship complete Mavis’ person, a abstracted ineligible guardianship that would put nan two-time Emmy Award victor successful complaint of aesculapian and individual decisions for his wife. In speaking pinch Jay Leno’s attorneys and Mavis’ neurologist, Ostrin said he learned that Mavis “is already being prescribed medications for nan attraction and curen of awesome neurocognitive disorders (including dementia), and that those tin proceed to beryllium prescribed without an bid aliases individual conservatorship astatine this time.”

The intent of Jay Leno’s petition is to hole an property plan, Ostrin said. And, if thing were to hap to nan comic, a petition “would promptly beryllium revenge according to nan plans to beryllium made” and a conservator of nan personification would beryllium “appointed promptly,” Ostin wrote.

“Ms. Leno seemed very happy successful their cozy environment,” he said. “However, nary 1 lives forever, and nan actions taken by Mr. Leno are basal for his and Mavis’ protection.”

The court-appointed lawyer said that “estate readying is thing that astir everyone needs, but by nan clip you request it, if you don’t person it, it is excessively precocious to get it.” He explained that Jay Leno’s petition to beryllium a conservator of his wife’s property is “designed to springiness Mavis that protection pinch nan protection of tribunal supervision,” confirming that she does not object.

“She consents to it and wants that. Mr. Leno is her protector and she trusts him,” Ostrin wrote. “Based connected my relationship pinch Mr. Leno, positive immoderate investigation I person done, he seems to beryllium a standup feline and his backstage persona matches nan nationalist persona he projects.” (Ostrin footnoted “standup guy” to opportunity “Pun not primitively intended.”)

Jay Leno revenge family tribunal documents successful January seeking a conservatorship truthful he tin building a surviving spot and different property plans to make judge that his woman has “managed assets capable to supply for her care” should he dice earlier her, according to a transcript of nan petition.

At nan time, nan petition said that Mavis “has been progressively losing capacity and predisposition to abstraction and clip for respective years” and that her hubby “is afloat tin of continuing support” for her beingness and financial needs, “as he has passim their marriage.”

The comedian’s original filing said Mavis’ “current information renders her incapable of executing nan property plan” and that she is nether curen for “dementia and temper disorder.”

It is still unclear erstwhile when Mavis was diagnosed, but a doctor’s study from November, revenge arsenic portion of nan tribunal proceedings, said she suffered from impairments to her memory, expertise to ore and usage of reason.

The documents said a conservatorship was needed to let Jay Leno to execute property plans that “will supply for Mavis and Mavis’s relative [who is] her sole surviving heir speech from Jay.”

“Jay Leno has ever handled nan couple’s finances done nan word of their 43-year marriage, and will proceed to do truthful until his passing,” nan petition said.

The former late-night TV host told nan Daily Mail later successful January that he “just group up a will, successful lawsuit thing happens.”

Times unit writer Meg James contributed to this report.

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